What Winter’s Like in Seville

Considering a winter trip to Seville? It’s a lovely time of year to visit, especially if you prefer cooler weather and smaller crowds. Let us tell you a little about what winter’s like in Seville!

Winter in Seville is not really like winter in other places. While it is considerably cooler than our summer months, we still have gorgeous sunshine most days and it’s usually pretty warm. Post-Christmas, the city tends to quieten down somewhat, so it’s the ideal time to visit if you’d rather explore the city in a more leisurely manner. Here are some things to give you an idea of what winter’s like in Seville.

Ever wondered what winter's like in Seville! Don't worry, we've got your back!

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Plenty to Do

Winter is actually a really good time to do some sightseeing. Many of Seville’s landmarks, such as Plaza de España and the gardens of the Alcázar, are outside. During the summer, the heat can be overwhelming at times, making these stunning monuments difficult to visit. With temperatures of around 52°F (11°C) it’s arguably the best time to explore!

What winter's like in Seville - it's a great time to visit Plaza de España!
Plaza de España, Seville

Beat the Crowds

Seville is quietest during the winter months, so it’s a great time to visit if you don’t like crowds. Again, this makes it easier to visit the many beautiful landmarks and also makes wandering around town a bit more enjoyable.

What winter's like in Seville - perfect for walking around the city!
Perfect for a trip to the top of Las Setas! Photo credit: Jose Alemañ Asensi

Enjoy the Sunshine

We are blessed with year round sunshine here in Andalusia (lucky us!) and winter is no exception. Although you will still experience the occasional rainy day, we mostly have bright, sunny days. Bring your sunglasses and a raincoat, just in case!

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What winter's like in Seville - lovely sunshine usually!
How about a riverside stroll to Torre de Oro in the winter sunshine? Photo credit: Martijn Booister



You may already be aware that Seville is famous for its oranges – typically used to make marmalade as they’re much too bitter to eat on their own. December and January are usually when the oranges are out in full force, but there are still many on the trees until Spring. They make everything so nice and colorful!

What winter's like in Seville - covered in oranges!
Glorious Seville oranges! Photo credit: Fr Maxim Massalitin

Eat Some Hearty Food

There’s no end to the number of delicious, hearty Spanish dishes you can eat in the winter. Whether it’s a warming pork and bean stew or some tasty espinacas con garbanzos, winter food in Seville is definitely a reason to consider visiting!

What winter's like in Seville - delicious, hearty comfort food!
Delicious, hearty winter dishes! Photo credit: San Pascual’s Kitchen


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