Here’s Some Ideas For What To Do In Seville In The Rain

People generally think of clear skies and soaring temperatures when they think of Seville, and for most of the year they’d be right, but even the Andalusian capital gets its share of rain.

Between June and September, Seville may have one of the hottest climates in all of Europe, but we do still have the occasional day of rain. With so many people arriving expecting sunny weather, many tourists are left wondering what they can do when the rain appears. Wonder no more – here are some suggestions for what to do in Seville in the rain!

With so many days of sun in Seville, visitors to the city are not often prepared for rain! Here are our suggestions for what to do in Seville in the rain!

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Visit a Museum

The obvious choice to escape the rain in any city is to visit a museum, and Seville has a wide variety of fascinating museums to suit every taste. For contemporary art exhibits and various one-off events, catch the C1 or C2 bus from the center of the city and visit the Andalusian Contemporary Art Museum.

Another option is to head to Maria Luisa Park to see the Archaeological Museum and the Popular Arts Museum. Whether you planned to include a museum visit during your trip or not, it’s a great option for something to do in Seville during bad weather.

Have a Drink in a Historic Bar

Seville is a city full of history and tradition, and one of the most authentic places to experience that history is in one of the city’s amazing historic bars. We love the atmosphere in tiny, hole-in-the-wall bars like Taberna Peregil and no trip to Seville would be complete without a visit to the historic El Rinconcillo – the oldest bar in the city! If you ask us, there’s no better way to escape the rain than having a drink among locals.

These flamenco musicians, seen clapping, singing and plying the guitar, are the essence of the long-standing tradition of flamenco in the city. If you're looking for something to do in Seville in the rain, you can't go wrong with a flamenco show!
Seeing an authentic flamenco show is a must in Seville, and a great way to escape the rain.

See a Flamenco Show

Flamenco is a huge part of Seville’s culture and seeing an authentic flamenco show is essential when you visit the city. From the larger space of the Flamenco Museum to the more intimate shows at Casa de la Memoria, there is a flamenco show for everybody’s taste.

If you find yourself in the Triana neighborhood in search of authentic flamenco, head to Casa Anselma to see locals perform for free in a small bar with an electric atmosphere. The bar doesn’t open until midnight, but when the weather goes against us after dinner, getting cosy to some traditional flamenco is one of our favorite things to do.

Enjoy Some Comfort Food

Making your way to a local restaurant and enjoying some delicious, authentic food is a great way to take your mind off the bad weather outside. Whether it’s eating some of the city’s finest churros during the day or devouring a selection of Seville’s amazing traditional tapas at night, there is comfort food to suit every situation.

Insider Tip: A tapa of carrillada (pork cheek stew) has to be one of our favorite tapas to dig into on rainy days.

Tucking into a dlicious tapa of pork cheek stew (carrillada) is the perfect option if you're unsure what to do in Seville in the rain - so delicious!
Carrillada (pork cheek stew) is one of our favorite delicious tapas and the ultimate comfort food for a rainy day.

Take Shelter in a Church

Did you know that there are more than 115 churches in the city of Seville? Each church is special in its own way and among them are some stunning examples of Baroque, Mudejar and Gothic architecture. While we highly recommend planning a visit to Seville’s emblematic cathedral during your visit, regardless of the weather, taking shelter in a neighborhood church is a great idea if you get caught in the rain as you explore the city.

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