What to Do in Barcelona in February 2020

This blog post was originally posted on January 9, 2015, and was updated on January 15, 2020.

February usually gets a bad rap: it’s short, cold, and there’s not much going on—unless you’re in Barcelona!

After all, there’s always something to do here in the thriving Catalan capital! Even one of the dreariest months of the year feels fun and exciting here, with plenty of festivals and unique cultural events taking place. Get ready to enjoy Barcelona in February like a local!

Barcelona in February is a time of authentic cultural events, fun concerts, and tasty seasonal food! Here's what's on our agenda this year. #Spain #Barcelona #foodie #music #culture #travel

Marvel at the lights at Llum

After the fun festivities of the holidays, the dreariness of winter really starts to set in. However, every year since 2012, the Llum festival has brought light and beauty to Barcelona in this humdrum time of year. Throughout the rejuvenated Poblenou neighborhood, you’ll be able to marvel at unique artwork produced using only light projected onto some of the area’s most gorgeous buildings, as well as one-of-a-kind light sculptures. This stunning intersection of art and technology is one of the most unique events taking place in Barcelona in February.

2020 dates: February 15–17

The Llum light festival is reason enough to visit Barcelona in February!
Just of the few of the colorful and whimsical installations at Llum! Photo credit: Toni Hermoso Pulido

Celebrate Barcelona’s patron saint

Or, more accurately, one of them. Celebrations in honor of the first, La Mercè, take over the city in late September. However, if you visit Barcelona in February, you’ll still be able to take part in another round of festivities honoring the second patron saint: Santa Eulalia. For several unforgettable days, you’ll be able to experience an authentic Catalan street party of epic proportions in and around Plaza Sant Jaume. Think folk dancers, fire runs, dragons, and the ever-present castellers (see them in action in the video below!).

2020 dates: February 7–12

Experience a delicious calçotada

Foodies, this one’s for you! Barcelona in February enjoys the peak of calçot season. What’s a calçot? We’re glad you asked! These tasty veggies are similar to a spring onion with just a touch of extra sweetness. They also happen to be one of Catalonia’s most prized regional crops.

Throughout the winter, locals devour these delicious savory treats at calçotadas, or special barbecues dedicated to the calçot harvest. If you can’t make it out to an actual calçotada, no worries! Any traditional Catalan restaurant worth its salt will have calçots on the menu this time of year.

A rustic Catalan feast wouldn't be complete without calçots—one of the main reasons to visit Barcelona in February!
Dig into calçots–a tasty Catalan tradition!

Check out the Festival de Guitarra

Last but not least, we didn’t forget about you music lovers! Barcelona’s annual guitar festival kicks off at the end of January and lasts throughout February and beyond. From flamenco to jazz to rock and so much more, you’ll find a never-ending variety of styles coming to life at venues throughout the city. Don’t miss your chance to experience the latest and greatest guitar music at this fun concert series taking place in Barcelona in February!

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