5 Ways to Warm Up in Barcelona This Winter

This blog post was originally posted on December 23, 2014, and was updated on November 23, 2017.

Winter in Barcelona is known to be pretty mild, as average temperatures rarely get into the single digits and the strong Mediterranean sun shines on a pretty regular basis.

Warm up this winter in Barcelona with our top guide on all things cosy and tasty! From chocolate to hot baths, we have something to keep you from feeling the cold all winter!

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All the same, thanks to the sea and high levels of humidity, it can, however, feel a lot chillier. Despite what the weather forecast may lead you to believe. So take heed and make sure to do whatever it takes to stay warm in Barcelona this winter! Even if it also means consuming copious amounts of hot chocolate!

Eat an Escudella

There is nothing as deliciously hearty and warming as the age-old Catalan stew. Escudella i carn d’olla. Although it’s a traditional Christmas meal, it is popular throughout the winter months. This is for obvious reasons as we don’t like to be cold here. Usually, it is served in two parts. First, you eat the broth with enormous macaroni noodles, or galets. Next, the second course consists of all the components that were used in making the broth. This includes a number of vegetables to an even larger number of meats. The protagonist is the pilota. A large, egg-shaped meatball. Check out our favorite places in Barcelona to eat escudella and other traditional Catalan dishes.

Visit the Arab Bath House

There’s a lot you can do for 30 euros in Barcelona! However, probably nothing quite as unique or luxurious as a two-hour visit to the baños arabes in the Born. The building is absolutely stunning too! It is underground, built in the restored ruins of an old bathhouse and a calm oasis right in the city center. The basic package includes leisurely taking dips in the several pools of different temperatures. Not to mention a 15-minute relaxing massage in between as well. If you want to warm up in winter in Barcelona, this is an ideal plan!

Indulge in a Suizo

Chocolate fans, come closer and listen carefully! Winter in Barcelona is the perfect time to enjoy it at its best! There exists no better hot chocolate in the world than the hot chocolate in Spain. Thick, decadent, dip-worthy suizos as they’re called, think fondue chocolate in a cup. Churros pair wonderfully with the stuff! Furthermore, after a day roaming around chilly Barcelona, make sure to head to one of the many granjas! Granja Viader (c/Xucla, 4-6) or Granja Dulcinea (c/Petritxol, 2) are the perfect places to indulge. Guaranteed to warm you up.

Warm up this winter in Barcelona with a delicious hot chocolate and of course something equally delicious to dunk right in it!
Rich and creamy Spanish-style hot chocolate.

Explore Barcelona’s Nightlife Scene

Whether it be a few strong craft beers or a crowded dance floor, there’s no doubt that Barcelona’s nightlife will warm you up. Find a great atmosphere out and about at the bars, pubs, clubs, and discos any day of the week. Of course, if you’re not in the mood to wander, check out Ben from Driftwood Journal’s fantastic guide to going out. If you’re still not sure, read our post about where to party in Barcelona.

Hole Up in a Cafe, or Sip on Hot Tea

Winter in Barcelona may not be Vienna, but nonetheless, the city boasts plenty of seriously cozy cafes that do just the trick of warming you up on a cold winter day. If you’re a big tea drinker, head to Call, Barcelona’s old Jewish quarter. Here you will find two very different teahouses just a few steps away from one another. The first you might come upon is Caj Chai (c/Sant Domenec del Call, 12), a lovely little teahouse that takes the art very seriously. Further down, you will find an even lovelier hidden spot, Salterio (c/Sant Domenec del Call, 4), which is an old Turkish cafe that will transport you in time.

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