Warm Up With These Delicious Soups and Stews in Seville

In the depths of winter, finding things to keep you cozy is essential. We can’t think of a better way to warm up than with a hearty soup or stew! Here’s a selection of our favorites to keep you going.

When it’s a little on the cold side, getting warm can sometimes be a challenge. We know a nice hot meal can make all the difference, and what’s more warming than a soup or stew?

Spain has a broad selection when it comes to these types of dishes, which you may find surprising for such a generally hot country. Whether you favor fish, chicken or pork, we’ve covered all the bases with our list of delicious soups and stews to help keep you warm this winter.

Warm up with these delicious soups and stews in Seville - perfect for cold winter nights!

Photo credit: Alan Sheffield. Text overlay: Devour Spain.


Fabada is the Spanish equivalent of pork and beans, so it’s not hard to imagine how hearty this dish is. Usually made with Asturian fabada beans, we in Andalusia substitute these with pinto beans instead. Different bean, same steaming hot comfort food.

A tasty fabada stew - perfecting for warming you up in the cold winter months!
A delicious Spanish alternative to pork and beans – fabada! Photo credit: Spain Attractions


Not to be confused with gazpacho, which is a chilled tomato soup, gazpachuelo is a traditional fish soup originally served as a fisherman’s winter staple in Málaga. Its basic components are fish (hard to make fish soup without it…), stock, garlic, egg yolk and olive oil. Excellent for dipping bread in – delicious!

A delicious and warming soup from Málaga, gazpachuelo.
Traditional fisherman’s soup from Málaga, gazpachuelo. Photo credit: Hogar Mania

Guisaillo de Papas

This one is your essential meat and potato stew, Andalusian style. Usually made with veal, potatoes, and tons of sweet paprika and ground black pepper, it’s a great dish for if you feel like you might be coming down with something. Wholesome, filling and, most importantly, piping hot!

Delicious and warming Spanish potato stew!
A slight variation on the Spanish potato stew – this one has chorizo in it. Delicious either way! Photo credit: Good to Know


There are many different kinds of this chicken soup from all over the world and they all sound delicious. Andalusian picadillo soup, however, is charmingly simple in its composition. Chicken broth, boiled eggs, ham, and a type of short, thin noodle (fideo cabellín.) Perfect for those chilly winter evenings!

Picadillo soup, a traditional Andalusian chicken soup.
Nothing warms you up like a chicken soup! Photo credit: Fuerte

Lentejas con Chorizo

Last but not least, the eternally classic lentil and chorizo stew. Pairing this stew with a perfectly crusty piece of fresh bread is a match made in heaven. Guaranteed to warm you to the core and fill you up all in one go!

A classic winter stew in Seville, lentils with chorizo (lentejas con chorizo)
A hearty Spanish classic! Photo credit: San Pascual’s Kitchen

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