7 Flavorful and Famous San Francisco Restaurants

exterior shot of a small white building on a pier with a blue sky. Big red letters spell "Red's JAVA HOUSE" on a sign

It’s amazing how many famous San Francisco restaurants have flourished for decades and even generations. Their incredible staying power is due to any number of things. But the unique atmosphere they embody, the passion their staff have for good food and drinks, and the steps they take to be innovative have embedded them into San […]

The 7 Best Places to Eat in San Francisco From a Local

Flatlay of a black table with three large bowls of seafood stew

There are many reasons to leave your heart in San Francisco. The city’s culinary offerings are one of them. The world is literally your taste bud’s oyster in the City by the Bay. However, the very best places to eat in San Francisco serve up dishes packed with flavor and style set in colorful neighborhoods. […]

8 San Francisco Restaurants with a View You Have to See

A view of cable car on a sloping street in San Francisco with a bridge in the background peeking in between buildings

Striking San Francisco views are everywhere you look in the city—between buildings, over hilltop crests, and especially at the water’s edge. But discovering San Francisco restaurants with a view is a thrilling and delicious bonus. Experience the flavors of San Francisco while connecting with the spectacular sights and sounds around you. We’ve curated the ultimate […]

The 9 Best Vegan Restaurants in San Francisco

A white plate ready for service piled high with vegetables

San Francisco is known for many iconic foods—Mission District burritos, Fisherman’s Wharf sourdough bread, and Ghirardelli Square chocolate—and yes, even Haight Ashbury’s counterculture cuisine (the original hippie food). Recently, vegan food has expanded from raw and whole food that’s good for you to delicious and diverse food that just happens to be vegan. And though […]

The Best Mexican Food San Francisco: Our Top 9 Picks

a paper plate loaded with three tacos covered in guacamole

Mexican restaurants in San Francisco are as ubiquitous as wineries in Napa Valley. And that’s a good thing. Because no matter where you are in the city by the bay, you can have your pick of some of the best Mexican food San Francisco has to offer—at humble taquerias, hipster hotspots, and high-end establishments. Faced […]