Guide to the Best Museums in NYC

Massive blue whale replica suspended over an indoor atrium of a museum.

New York City is the financial center of the United States. It’s the mecca for theater. It’s one of the best restaurant cities on the planet. It’s the cultural capital of the United States. And it is home to a large collection of the world’s greatest museums.   You could spend a year of weekends visiting […]

Vegan Restaurants in NYC: 15 Essential Spots

Two small bowls of white rice and two dishes with cauliflower in a brown sauce, all garnished with herbs

Remember when the very utterance of the word “vegan” would induce eyerolls and sighs among everyone at the table? Or when explicitly vegan and vegetarian restaurants were limited to words “Earth,” “Peace,” or “Buddha” in the name?    Being a vegan is no longer marginalizing. After all, New York City mayor Eric Adams is a proud […]

NYC Nightlife: The Ultimate Guide to Going Out

Martini garnished with a lemon peel on a bar top

New York is the city that never sleeps—what a cliche. But for a cliche to exist, there must be a lot of truth behind it! New York City has some of the best nightlife on this planet—to the point where it might even seem like a better idea to sleep during the day! Then, spend […]

The Absolute Best Rooftop Restaurants in NYC

Views over NYC from a rooftop bar on a partly cloudy day

It’s hard to believe in this city of skyscrapers, but there was a very recent time when it was nearly impossible to find a restaurant crowning any of the tall towers that define the landscape of New York City. The top floors of the city’s monumental towers were simply just that: rooftops. But something has […]

West Village Restaurants: Our Top 10

Exterior of a restaurant on a city street corner with red paneling around the windows and black awnings

There once was a time when Greenwich Village was an actual village. That was before the grid street plan for Manhattan in the early 19th century was conceived and the city slowly crept north, building around the already existing curvy and diagonal streets of “The Village.”   City authorities who designed and instituted the grid plan […]