Our Favorite NYC Restaurants by Neighborhood: The Upper West Side

Three multi story buildings in New York City, with ivy covering the middle structure

Manhattan’s Upper West Side was, for a long time, a dining desert.   Sure, there are blocks and blocks of beautiful brownstones; leafy, relatively tranquil streets; hordes of Columbia University students; and plenty of museums in what some people still call “Seinfeldland.” But when the stomach started to rumble? You’d have to hop on the […]

Our Favorite NYC Restaurants by Neighborhood: The Upper East Side

Empty city street on the Upper East Side in NYC

Once considered a dining desert, the Upper East Side has flourished in recent years with fine restaurants of every stripe to go along with the neighborhood’s world-class museum scene. There is Michelin-starred dining for those with expense accounts or a reason to splurge, and there are no-frills spots where you can chow down for pocket […]

Our Favorite NYC Restaurants by Neighborhood: The East Village

Man wearing shorts and a black T-shirt riding a bike on a city street

The East Village has long been the punk rock sibling to the more posh and put-together West Village. Roughly stretching from the Bowery to the East River and from E. 14th Street and E. Houston Street, the neighborhood was largely occupied by German and Ukrainian immigrants in the 19th century and was considered the northern […]

Our Favorite NYC Restaurants by Neighborhood: Midtown Manhattan

Busy city street in Midtown Manhattan with a tall skyscraper in the background

New York is a compilation of different neighborhoods that unite to form the most famous city in the world. Each place you go has a specific culture, architecture, crowd, and vibe. Learning how to roam around each neighborhood—and more importantly, where to eat in each one—is essential for understanding the complexity of New York. So […]

Best Cookies in NYC: Our Top 12

Overhead shot of chocolate chip cookies on white parchment paper

The best cookies in the world are in NYC, where there are no limits to flavor, size, and imagination. Here, you’ll find some of the most delicious cookies you’ve ever tasted. Whether you’re looking for a mid-afternoon snack during the winter, a dessert after lunch, or a midnight after-hours treat, a cookie is the solution.    […]

Best Brunch in NYC: The Spots You Can’t Miss

Overhead shot of brunch items on a table including toast, omelets, cocktails and coffee

Brunch: you either love it or you hate it.  And for those who fall into the “love” category, it’s usually because brunch is bibulous, social, and fun. Food is an afterthought. But it need not be this way.   If you know where to look, you can go have all the trappings of a good brunch […]

15 Spots with the Best Outdoor Dining in NYC

Sidewalk terrace at a cafe with small black tables and chairs.

Outdoor dining in NYC has reached new heights in the past few years. With restaurant shutdowns followed by limited indoor service because of the pandemic, New Yorkers have been dining al fresco in sidewalk cafes, backyards, gardens, and decorated curbside sheds, thanks to New York’s Open Restaurant Program.   That said, most of the city’s eateries […]

Soho Restaurants: 9 Spots You Can’t Miss

Busy city street in SoHo, Manhattan

SoHo, an acronym for South of Houston (Street), is one of the most atmospheric neighborhoods in New York City. Its cobblestone streets are lined with stunning mid-19th-century cast-iron buildings that house design shops and upscale clothes stores, transforming SoHo’s sidewalks into ersatz catwalks, particularly on weekends.   The borders of the district aren’t cut and dry, […]

The Best Italian Restaurants in NYC

Three ravioli beside a fork on a white plate

There’s almost a symbiotic relationship between New York City and Italian cuisine. Some people jokingly refer to The Big Apple, or La Gran Mela, as the twenty-first state of Italy. After all, you can’t throw a meatball in the city without hitting a sign that says “Trattoria” or “Ristorante.”   Plus, there’s a huge amount of […]

Best Pizza in NYC: The Definitive Guide

Slice of New York-style pizza topped with fresh basil leaves

Society has long ago confirmed that New York has some of the best pizza in the world. The city, enormous as it is, has hundreds of spots where you can grab a good slice, swimming in an eternal ocean of tomato sauce. But where is the best pizza in NYC? And what makes it stand […]

West Village Restaurants: Our Top 10

Exterior of a restaurant on a city street corner with red paneling around the windows and black awnings

There once was a time when Greenwich Village was an actual village. That was before the grid street plan for Manhattan in the early 19th century was conceived and the city slowly crept north, building around the already existing curvy and diagonal streets of “The Village.”   City authorities who designed and instituted the grid plan […]

7 Best Wine Bars in NYC You Can’t Miss

A blond woman smelling a glass of red wine

Ask a New Yorker, and they’ll likely tell you that wine bars in New York City have exploded over the past decade. A flurry of spots to sip classics from Bordeaux, Tuscany, and Napa Valley, alongside juice from lesser-known regions like Languedoc, Douro, and the Finger Lakes, dot many of the city’s neighborhoods. Essentially, there’s […]

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