The Best Cocktail Bars in NYC: 11 Places with Unforgettable Drinks

A full counter of bottles of spirits in front of a window looking out at the Manhattan skyline

New York City is a drinking town. There are bars of every stripe here: dive bars, generic Irish pubs, wine bars, craft breweries, sake bars, and drinking dens that specialize in specific spirits such as mezcal, gin, or absinthe. But what about the best cocktail bars in NYC? Indeed, New York has some of the […]

6 Classic Restaurants in NYC Not to Miss on Your Next Trip

A brick building housing one of the classic restaurants in New York City, P.J. Clarke's

There are certain New York City bars and restaurants that instantly transport you to a bygone era. Whether it’s through the architecture, decor, menu or all of the above, these classic restaurants in NYC harken back to past generations. Scattered throughout the city, this list of vintage beauties has stood the test of time and […]

The 12 Best Coffee Shops in NYC (By Neighborhood)

Deconstructed latte at Coffee Project NYC with water and wafer

The coffee scene in New York City is, you could say, fully brewed. There are organically grown hipster coffee spots, small companies from California and Australia, and iconic brands from Colombia—all serving freshly roasted, high-quality coffee that will put to shame any ubiquitous corporate coffee chains. Skip the blue-and-white Greek-themed paper cups of bodega coffee […]

Our Favorite NYC Restaurants by Neighborhood: Alphabet City

City street on a partly cloudy day

Alphabet City is a unique sub section of Manhattan’s East Village. The neighborhood that spans North of Houston to 14th Street gets its name from its alphabetically lettered, east-to-west avenues marked A through D.  Alphabet City is an artistic and cultural melting pot. Loisaida, Spanish word play on “Lower East Side,” is how many of […]

Best Bakeries in NYC: 13 Sweet Spots

Overhead shot of a dozen differently colored cupcakes in a white bakery box

The stereotype of police officers eating donuts with coffee inside their cars probably started in New York. After all, it’s hard to say no when you see the glaze on sweet fried goods, chocolate and pistachio filings in crispy croissants, and muffins topped with powdered sugar. Some of the best bakeries in the world are […]

Our Favorite NYC Restaurants by Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

View towards Manhattan from an urban street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

If there’s one patch of Brooklyn respected for a thriving culinary scene, it’s Williamsburg.   This hot neighborhood situated in the northern section of the borough wasn’t always a destination for some of the best restaurants in Brooklyn, though. In the 1970s and ‘80s, Williamsburg was an industrial site marked by factories and warehouses. Then, starting […]

Our Favorite NYC Restaurants by Neighborhood: South Street Seaport

Multi-story historic buildings lining a pedestrian street with several cafe tables in front of them

Many of the historic swaths of New York City, particularly in Manhattan, have been razed, replaced by soulless high-rise glass towers. But there’s one underrated neighborhood that still oozes with Big Apple historical ambience: the South Street Seaport.   Of course, like all those other erstwhile atmospheric districts that are now literally history, the South Street […]

Our Favorite NYC Restaurants by Neighborhood: the Lower East Side

Multi story brick apartment buildings on New York City's Lower East Side

The Lower East Side, today one of the best dining destinations in New York City, knows a thing or two about change. In the middle of the 19th century, so many German immigrants planted themselves on the Lower East Side that the area became known as Kleindeutschland, or Little Germany.   Around the turn of the […]

Top 12 Vietnamese Restaurants in NYC

Several plates of Vietnamese food on a black surface

When Vietnamese immigrants began arriving in the United States en masse after the war ended in 1975, they ended up in places like New Orleans, Orlando, San Jose, and Orange County, CA. It’s no surprise that these cities are some of the best places to eat Vietnamese food in the country.    New York City has […]

Romantic Restaurants in NYC: 14 Date-Night Spots

Modern presentation of food on a wooden board beside two glasses of wine

Those who claim that Paris and Venice are the most romantic cities in the world haven’t been to New York. Here you can find romance at its finest: raw poetry of music, art, and nature that become love songs and happily ever afters.   And for those of us who mingle and fall in love over […]

The 10 Best Spanish Restaurants in NYC

Person's hand holding a round clay dish of artichoke hearts sprinkled with diced cured ham.

Everyone’s heard of the New York neighborhoods Little Italy and Chinatown. Fewer may know Koreatown and Little Guyana. But very few know of Little Spain. That’s because much of it has vanished.  On West 14th Street (and a few blocks north and south on the Chelsea/West Village divide), “Little Spain” was home to New York’s […]

Where to Go for the Absolute Best Steak in NYC

Piece of steak sprinkled with coarse salt on a white plate with a serving of greens in the background

Despite the rise of plant-based restaurants hitting the mainstream dining landscape in New York City and elsewhere, new and big steakhouses are still firing up their burners for the first time. And hungry carnivores are lining up.   Chef Andrew Carmelini’s Italian-accented steakhouse, Carne Mare, as well as the British-import Hawksmoor and the knockout delicious Gage […]

Outer Boroughs Eating Excursion: Little Poland to Himalayan Heights

Pair of chopsticks poised above a Chinese dumpling dish in soy sauce

In some ways, New York City is the world in microcosm. There are reportedly 600 different languages spoken throughout the five boroughs. When you go to the ATM in, say, hyper-diverse Jackson Heights, Queens, you’re given the option of doing the transaction in one of 16 different languages.   Here are some other staggering statistics: […]

Best Breakfast in NYC: 15 Perfect Morning Spots

Overhead shot of breakfast items on a table including pancakes, eggs Benedict, toast, and two glasses of orange juice, with a pair of sunglasses in the center

Whoever claimed that breakfast was the most important meal of the day probably lived in New York. They probably didn’t even need energy but simply loved bagels with egg and cheese, pancakes with maple syrup drizzling from the edges, hot coffee, and pastries. The city indeed has some of the most substantial and flavorful breakfast […]

Our Favorite NYC Restaurants by Neighborhood: Harlem

Intersection in an urban area with a multi-story brick building in the background and the word "Harlem" painted onto the building in the foreground.

If you don’t already reside in Harlem, there’s always been a reason for hungry people to gravitate to this neighborhood across 110th Street in Manhattan. The district has long been the go-to neighborhood for Southern/soul food as well as West African and Ethiopian restaurants.   But it wasn’t until Ethiopia-born, Swedish-raised super chef Marcus Samuelsson opened […]

NYC Breweries: The Complete Guide By Borough

Two light colored beers on a white tabletop

The US brewery trend has surged in recent years, and that means big cities like New York have jumped on the beer-making bandwagon, following in smaller towns’ footsteps. From Manhattan to Staten Island, craft breweries are scattered all over NYC, not to mention the array of bars tapping locally produced beer.   In the mood for […]

Best Sushi in NYC: 10 Essential Spots

Small piece of pink sushi on a gray square plate.

In 1963, Craig Claiborne—the very first food/restaurant critic of The New York Times— reviewed two new Japanese restaurants, Nippon and Saito. The former was the very first sushi restaurant in New York. In the review he mentioned sushi, noting that it “may seem a trifle too ‘far out’ for many American palates.”  Raw fish has […]

The Best Michelin Restaurants in NYC

Brown sauce being poured over modernly presented halibut dish

In 2006, the venerable Michelin guide doled out its stars to NYC restaurants for the first time. And New Yorkers, more or less, gave a collective shrug. New York already had Zagat and the New York Times dining section. Did it need another ratings system?   In Europe, where Michelin is a foodies’ bible, the tire/restaurant […]

The 15 Absolute Best Burgers in NYC

Cheeseburger on a tray with a small container of white sauce in front of it.

A burger is perfection at its simplest. Take two buns, a patty, cheese, and some sauce, and you have the base for one of the most popular meals in the entire universe. On every corner of the Big Apple, you’ll find a new venue with a unique take on the burger—but where can you find […]

Our Favorite NYC Restaurants by Neighborhood: Tribeca

Cobblestone street lined by multi-story brick buildings on an overcast day

When one thinks about Tribeca—a portmanteau for Triangle Below Canal (Street)—a few things come to mind: cobblestone streets, fancy clothes shops, Robert De Niro. And oh yeah, there also happens to be a lot of nice restaurants in this handsome lower Manhattan neighborhood.   The Tribeca restaurant scene is mostly known for its splurge-worthy spots, some […]

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