Top 5 Boutique Hotels in Seville

Do you like hotels with stylish interior design? Hotels that are small and charming? Hotels that offer a personalized service? Then you might be interested in staying at one of these boutique hotels in Seville. Many people find that while on vacation their experience is greatly affected by the accommodation they stay in. In Seville […]

5 Places To Sample Vermouth in Seville

Sweet vermouth has long been a pillar of Spanish tradition and, whilst ‘abuelos’ throughout the country have never  abandoned their favorite aperitif, in recent years the drink has been enjoying a renaissance all over Spain! You’d be forgiven for immediately associating vermouth with a Dry Martini or Manhattan, but here in Spain this fortified wine is infused […]

Top 4 Budget (And Family Owned!) Hotels in Seville

Part of our mission at Devour Spain is to support entirely family run businesses, but it’s not just about the bars and restaurants, as in Seville there is a great selection of hotels which are family owned and operated too. These small hotels might not be 4 or 5 star, but they are charming, homely, and you are welcomed each […]

My Seville: Gema Alastuey

There’s nothing like seeing a place through the eyes of a local, so we’ve started a new series, My Seville, where locals from all walks of life share their favorite foods, places and stories about their city! We figured the best way to start this off was by speaking to a local jamón (ham) expert […]

Our 3 Favorite Boutique Hostels in Seville

Looking for good value, comfortable accommodation with a relaxed, social vibe? These boutique hostels might be just what you are after! Once upon a time the term “hostel” was associated with scruffy backpackers and bedbugs, and people scrambled to the luxury hotels or more charming boutique hotels in new cities. However, times have changed, and all across […]

How To Get To Seville by Bus, Train or Plane!

This post includes affiliate links. That means that if you purchase something we recommend, we may earn a small commission (which we’ll definitely spend on tapas). Rest assured that we only recommend a place or company if we honestly love it! Heading on vacation to a new destination is great, but with smaller cities like […]

5 Best Hotels With Swimming Pools in Seville

During the warm summer months there is one important feature that you can’t forget about when choosing a hotel in Seville… Choosing a suitable hotel is one of the hardest things while planning your vacation, and if you are traveling to Seville when the weather is warm, a pool is an important feature to consider! Here […]

Where to Eat In Seville: El Arenal Neighborhood

From decades old “abacerías” (grocery stores) to timeless bars, and of course, slick modern restaurants, the conveniently located central El Arenal neighborhood has it all when it comes to the food. El Arenal has come along way since the day when it was the sandy, swampy marshes alongside the River – hence its name El Arenal […]

How to Spend 48 Hours in Seville

Even with just a whirlwind 48 hour trip to Seville, it’s enough time to get a good idea of the city and what there is to see and do. While just 24 hours in the city gives you a taste of the wonders of Seville, the more time you have the better! Here is our […]

Our Guide to Seville for Foodies

Seville is slowly becoming recognized as a haven for food lovers. We have amazing tapas. We have great local wines. We have access to excellent local produce. What’s there not to love? So for you food lovers who are coming to discover everything about Andalusia’s capital, and more, here is our guide to Seville for […]

Where to Eat in Seville: Alameda Neighborhood

Once upon a time a no-go area in Seville, the Alameda de Hercules is a long boulevard that has evolved into a spot where Seville’s young and hip crowd, or those just looking for a relaxed atmosphere, come on any given night of the week to hang out over a ‘cerveza’ or two. However, it’s […]

The Best Views in Seville

Seville is famous for its stunning architecture and landmarks, but during your time in the city, seeing these sights on ground level is only half the fun! The stunning views available throughout Seville allow us to appreciate the city in an entirely new and special way so with a city skyline like Seville’s, you can’t confine yourself to just exploring on foot – check […]

Five Unique Walking Tours in Seville

There is no better way to discover a city than exploring it on foot, and what could be better than having a local show you the ropes and take you on a different type of walk around Seville! Here are five different walking tours in Seville that take you away from the typical monumental route and show […]

Where to Cool Off in Seville

Visiting Seville during the warm summer weather?  You will have to get creative in finding places to cool off. The last few weeks have seen Seville in the midst of a heat wave, thanks to hot air coming up over Europe from North Africa. Technically, it was two heatwaves, but for locals in Seville it […]

Coffee 101: How to Order Coffee in Seville

You probably already knew that Spain has a big wine and beer culture, but we also have a big coffee culture too! When most people think of drinks in Spain, they think of sipping on a glass of tempranillo red wine or perhaps a cool cerveza in a local square. But coffee is just as important in Spain, and […]

The Best Churches in Seville

The Cathedral is one of Seville’s most famous sights, but did you know there are more than 115 neighborhood churches in Seville, many of which are worth making the detour to visit. With styles ranging from Mudejar to Gothic, Renaissance to Baroque here are the best churches in Seville which are worth the visit. Basilica […]

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