6 Great Places to Eat Early in Madrid

Meat in sauce and french fries on a white plate.

Part of living like a local is eating like a local, but that’s not always possible for every meal on your trip. Maybe you’re on a tight schedule, maybe it’s jet lag, or maybe you just haven’t gotten used to Spain’s unique mealtimes yet. And that’s okay—eating lunch at 2 and dinner after 9 definitely […]

Our Ultimate Guide to the Best Churros in Madrid

If there’s one sweet treat you can’t leave Madrid without trying, it’s churros con chocolate. We can’t think of anything better: crispy, fried-to-perfection churros lightly dusted with sugar and dipped in piping hot, sinfully delicious thick hot chocolate. Sounds amazing, right? If you want to find the best churros in Madrid, look no further. Here’s […]

Where to Eat the Best Bocadillos de Calamares in Madrid

Casa Rúa is home to one of the best bocadillos de calamares in Madrid!

If you want to eat something truly local while visiting Madrid, order a bocadillo de calamares. It doesn’t get much better than this: lightly fried squid rings placed in a nice roll of crusty bread and topped with a dollop of alioli or a squeeze of lemon. This simple pleasure, along with the city’s famous cocido, is about […]

Where to Buy Jamón Ibérico in Madrid (And Where to Eat It, Too!)

There are so many great places to buy jamón ibérico in Madrid. Pay attention to their professional slicing techniques!

If Spain had one national gastronomic treasure, it would undoubtedly be jamón ibérico. The country’s cured-to-perfection ham is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. When it comes from the pigs that are native to the Iberian peninsula, it’s even better. Of course, that probably means you’ll want to stock up! Here are our favorite places […]

Late Night Food in Madrid: 6 Can’t-Miss Spots

Exterior of a cafe in an arched passageway with people sitting at the terrace tables.

Most visitors to Spain quickly become familiar with locals’ much-later mealtimes. Madrileños don’t sit down for lunch until 2 p.m. at the earliest, and don’t even think about eating dinner until at least 9 or 10! But what if you’re looking to eat even later than the standard Spanish mealtime? Whether you’re getting into town late […]

Drink Up: 6 Great Places to Enjoy Craft Beer in Madrid

Fábrica Maravillas is one of our favorite spots for craft beer in Madrid. We love their homemade brews!

Modern influences from all over the world mean that it’s possible to enjoy all kinds of delicious craft beer in Madrid. Long gone are the days when your only options upon entering a bar were Mahou or Mahou Sin Alcohol. While we love Madrid’s classic, historic old man bars, sometimes we’re looking to try something […]

Best Cocido in Madrid: Where to Eat Cocido Madrileño

Large plate full of chickpeas, meats, and vegetables

Rustic, hearty and filling, Madrid’s most emblematic dish is a must-try whenever you’re in the city. Read on to discover where to find the best cocido in Madrid! Forget paella—the most typical food in Madrid is the city’s signature stew, cocido madrileño. All winter long, local families gather around the table for long weekend lunches […]

Where to Eat Near Plaza Mayor: Top 7 Spots

People walking around an arcaded plaza on a sunny day

Plaza Mayor is one of the most visited spots in Madrid—and for good reason. Its central location and awe-inspiring historic architecture make it the perfect place to marvel at Spain’s history, people watch, and take pictures with friends or family.  But when it comes to where to eat near Plaza Mayor, choose wisely. Its status […]

Broken Eggs: Where to Eat Huevos Rotos in Madrid!

You can't come to Madrid without trying this Spanish specialty. Here are the 5 best huevos rotos in Madrid/

Huevos rotos are a staple of the Madrid food scene—they’re that good. But not all huevos rotos are created equally! Luckily, we’ve done the taste testing for you, answering that all-important question—where to eat huevos rotos in Madrid! Translating to “broken eggs,” this typical Spanish dish is made by frying eggs in a healthy dose of […]

Wine Bars in Madrid: 10 Incredible Spots

Two glasses of red wine being poured

Spain is home to some of the best wine in the world, and there’s no better place than Madrid to try it. Whether you prefer Ribera, Rioja or anything in between, you’ll be able to find your vino of choice in Spain’s capital. Sipping wine among locals is an essential Madrid experience, but where exactly should you […]

Where to Eat in Madrid on Mondays: 7 Delicious Options

Despite being the buzzing capital of one of Europe’s most vibrant destinations, the pace of life in Madrid slows down a bit on Mondays. After the busy weekend, the pace of life returns to normal as madrileños head back to work and school. Many of the city’s main attractions close up shop on Monday, as do some […]

Salud! 5 Spectacular Wine Tastings in Madrid

One of our favorite wines to order in Madrid is Petit Verdot, a unique red variety typically ordered by the grape!

Spain is one of the best places in the world to drink and learn about wine! From full-bodied riojas to crisp, bubbly cavas and everything in between, there is so much to learn about Spanish wine. Since we love a good vino as much as the next person, we decided to round up some of our favorite […]

The 7 Best Bars & Restaurants Near Puerta del Sol

Plate of grilled mushrooms with chorizo next to a short glass of red wine.

Vibrant, bustling Puerta del Sol and the surrounding areas comprise one of Madrid’s most central touristic neighborhoods. When it comes to where to eat near Sol, you’d be forgiven for thinking that fast food and chain restaurants are your only option. But we’ll let you in on a little secret. It is still possible to […]

Cheers! Our Top 5 Picks for Wine Shops in Madrid

The wine tastings in Madrid offer unique opportunities to sample both popular and rare wines.

Spanish wine is among the best in the world, and there’s no better place to enjoy it than Madrid! From Ribera to Rioja and everything in between, Spanish wine is rich, varied and delicious. Whether you’re a budding sommelier or just a casual vino fan, there’s sure to be a variety you’ll love. But where to buy […]

Madrid’s Best Burgers

This burger is fully loaded with cheddar cheese and crispy fried bacon.

This blog post was originally posted on February 17, 2014, and was updated on December 11, 2017.  Nothing hits the spot like a well-seasoned burger with fries on the side. Even native Spaniards get that craving that only a burger can fix! The burger invasion has swept through Madrid, and the Madrileños are smitten. Succulent burgers […]

Best Brunch in Madrid: Bring on the Weekend!

The best of brunch: pancakes from Little Big Cafe, Toast Cafe and Mür Café

This blog post was originally posted on July 4, 2015  and was updated on December 11, 2017. After you’ve spent a few days exploring Madrid, nothing is better than sleeping in and enjoying a delicious brunch. From traditional dishes to gastronomic delights, Madrid has an endless selection of brunches. To aid you in your search, […]

Kid-Friendly Restaurants & Spanish Food in Madrid

A child and his mother eating churros and chocolate

When traveling with kids, mealtimes are one of the most important yet most complicated parts of the day. You might barely understand what everything is yourself, so just imagine how foreign all of this food must seem to a little one! Luckily, eating in Madrid with kids doesn’t have to be much of a hassle. […]

A Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Madrid

This blog post was originally posted on May 8, 2015 and was updated on October 16, 2017. Are you a chocolate lover? Then, believe it or not, Spain is the country for you! Though the Spanish are more known for their wine and amazing ham, there are numerous Spanish sweets that will help all chocolate […]

10 Delicious Ways to Cool off in Madrid

Friends clink their glasses of Spain's popular red wine spritzer, stirred with lemon soda and topped with an orange slice. Try our favorite Spanish drinks on one of our food tours!

This blog post was originally posted on July 17, 2013, and was updated on June 13, 2017. Spain has one of the hottest summer climates in all of Europe, so knowing great ways to cool off is essential! It’s mid June in Madrid and summer seems to have arrived a bit early! Temperatures reach above […]

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