My Barcelona: Norah’s Must-Dos for 2017

Norah is a walking encyclopedia of all things Barcelona, from the city’s rich history to its incredible architecture and ever-evolving gastro-scene. So what are this local’s “Barcelona must-dos” for 2017? Born in Galicia on the northwestern coast of Spain, Norah grew up on the move and lived in 15 of Spain’s 17 different states throughout her childhood […]

My Barcelona: Silvia Garí

There’s no better way to get to know a city than through the eyes of a local. That’s why we started our series, My Barcelona, to take a glimpse into a local’s impression of this city, and all their secrets and recommendations that come along with it! This month we talk with Silvia, who works […]

My Barcelona: Rob Dobson

Rob Dobson, hailing from the UK, has been back and forth between Barcelona and London since 2010. See why he considers Barcelona “his kind of city”. When we were launching our first ever Gracia Neighborhood Food Tour, we reached out to many locals in hopes that they might help us with some constructive criticism, as […]

My Barcelona: David Sarrau Sanchez

There’s nothing like seeing a place through a local’s eyes, and that’s why we’ve started a new series, My Barcelona, where residents of the Catalan capital share their favorite foods, places and secrets– read on! We decided to get things started in the most authentic way possible, with a local barman who was born and raised […]