The Ultimate Guide of Top Things to do in Pisa


If you are a curious traveler and would like to explore more about this charming city, discover our list of the top things to do in Pisa. City of art, history, and culture, Pisa is one of the must-see destinations in Tuscany and an essential stop when you spend a few days in Florence. Being home to […]

The Wine Windows of Florence and Where to Find Them

A woman in glasses smiling in front of a small arch-shaped opening in a stone wall

Ah, Florence. The city that makes you sigh with its art, gelato, and good food. But did you know this picturesque Tuscan town also hides a unique phenomenon? It’s called buchette del vino (wine windows).  Buchette del vino, or wine windows, are a peculiar feature of Florence. They are little windows with inscriptions on the walls of […]

Things to Do in Florence at Night: From Apericena to Live Music

old theater hall with wooden chairs

Nighttime is perfect to discover Florence like a true local. From a relaxed evening with a bite and a coppa to a bustling night of music and dancing, no matter your travel style there are plenty of things to do in Florence at night. So you finally made it to Florence. During the day you […]

All About Leather Markets in Florence


Italian excellence ensnares all the senses when you visit Florence. The stunning sites to see, the delicious local cuisine to taste, and the warm smell and smooth feel of Italian leather at the leather markets in Florence are just a few sensations you can expect to enjoy during your visit. Not only do leather goods […]

Uffizi Gallery Guide and Self-Led Tour

Visitors in an art museum take pictures of a painting of women in a forest

Would a trip to Florence really be complete without a stop at the Uffizi Museum? Probably not! This is one of the most visited museums in Europe, known for the great works of art it houses. But if you head there unprepared, it might feel a little overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve put together an Uffizi Gallery […]

Sun and Sand in Tuscany: Exploring Beaches Near Florence

Sandy beach filled with beach chairs with umbrella and a pathway leading to the water

The Arno River cuts through the middle of Florence, snaking its way through the countryside en route to the sea. The river makes a lovely backdrop for, say, watching a sunset. But, when the mercury climbs in the summer, you’d do well to follow its lead and head for one of the beaches near Florence. […]

Souvenirs From Florence: Beyond Duomo Magnets and David Keychains

Shop with clothes and accessories in many colors

We’ve been there: you just had a wonderful trip in the heart of Tuscany and the day before you head home you realize you didn’t pick up any souvenirs from Florence! While postcards and refrigerator magnets will work in a pinch, we have several ideas for unique souvenirs in Florence to help you remember the […]

Renting Bikes in Florence: Rental Services and Where to Ride

A man rides his bike by the Ponte Vecchio in the early morning in Florence

Tired of Florence’s city center? There’s only one solution – rent a bike! Yes, we know, there might be more than one solution… but what could be more adventurous, fun, and green than renting bikes in Florence? Considering bike rental in the center of Florence? Renting bikes in Florence is the perfect choice for adventurous […]

10 Parks in Florence That are Worth a Visit

A mountain view of Florence with green trees in the foreground with the Duomo in the background

Florence is known for elegant architecture, historic corners filled with mystery, and unbeatable art museums. But what about when you just need a breath of fresh air? Then it’s time to bring some of the city’s best panini and wine to one of the amazing parks in Florence. It might not be the first city […]

Art Galleries to Outdoor Markets: The Complete Guide to Shopping in Florence

Shoppers in Florence check out a busy outdoor flea market

Shopping in Florence offers plenty of options for every budget. From local products to expensive international brands, you can find every kind of good. Join us on this journey to discover the best places to go shopping in Florence! Unique experiences If you’re aiming for a unique shopping experience, Florence is the right place. There […]

17 Florence Hidden Gems You Won’t Want to Miss

Two stone statues framing a panoramic view over the city of Florence, Italy

Florence has been a popular tourist destination not just for decades, but for centuries. The Renaissance jewel is positively packed with world-class attractions, drawing countless visitors from all over the world. It was a required stop on any Grand Tour, and it’s the city where Stendhal syndrome (that overwhelming feeling from almost unbearable beauty) was […]

Florence Nightlife: Your Guide to Going Out

Group of men toasting with brown cocktails

You may know Florence for a little thing called the Renaissance. Well, something’s about to change, because you’ll begin to think: Florence = nightlife.  It’s also natural: Florence has one of the most ancient universities in Italy. And university means college students, and college students mean college nightlife.  Read on to have all your Florence […]

Florence in the Rain: 5 Ways to Enjoy the City

View of Florence, Italy's cathedral dome as seen from above a black umbrella on a rainy day

Don’t let a little rain ruin your trip to Florence! There is so much to explore in this beautiful Italian city. No matter the weather, you’ll be able to experience the rich history that Florence has to offer—so here’s what to do in Florence in the rain!  You can easily find shelter in one of […]

The Ultimate Self Guided Walking Tour of Florence

Pedestrian street lined with multi-story buildings leading to a large red-domed cathedral

With so much to see in the great Renaissance capital, where should you even begin? The great thing about Florence is that you can see a lot just by taking a walk through the city center. Without even hopping on a bus or grabbing a taxi, you can experience a beautiful open-air museum.   Discover the beauty […]

18 Essential Florence Museums You Need to Visit

Long hallway of the Uffizi Museum in Florence with black and white checkered floors lined by marble statues

Can you really visit Florence without wandering through the door of one of the city’s jaw-dropping museums? The birthplace of the Renaissance has plenty of museums to explore. On your trip, you’ll be able to come close with original works by Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, and many more masters of Italian history. These Florence museums are a […]

Truffles in Tuscany: History, Mystery, and Passion

Three white truffles positioned against a dark background

We here at Devour Tours love the kinds of stories that food can tell us about a place. So when there’s a food story that includes witchcraft, Marilyn Monroe, and the Roman god of thunder, we’re even more eager to share.  Few foodstuffs inspire devotion like the truffle—and we don’t mean the chocolate kind. We’re […]

2 Days in Florence for Every Kind of Traveler

View of a city along the riverbank taken through an archway with a bridge visible in the background

Only have 2 days in Florence and want to make the most of every second? We’ve got you covered! Read on to discover how to make the most of your time in the cradle of the Renaissance, including itineraries for all types of travelers.  If you’ve always thought that you need at least a full […]

Solo Travel in Florence: Everything You Need to Know

View over the city of Florence, Italy at sunset

Solo travel is the closest thing to complete freedom, and solo travel in Florence is as perfect as it gets. It’s the right destination for every kind of solo traveler—both experienced and first timers.   There’s nothing that shatters your comfort zone more than solo travel. You hop on the plane and leave everything behind. […]

Top 5 Day Trips from Florence You Can’t Miss

Children riding bikes in a wide pedestrian street in Italy on a sunny day

Have you ever wondered what else to do in Tuscany after you’ve already seen all of Florence? You’ve got plenty of options—these day trips from Florence will help you fall in love with this beautiful region even more!  If you’re running low on places to visit in Florence and you already know the Uffizi Gallery […]

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