Eating in Florence with Kids: Our Tips & Kid-Friendly Restaurants

A boy smiling while drinking a mug of hot chocolate while looking at another boy seated at the same table just out of focus

Deciding where to go and what to eat as a family can be tricky even in your hometown. When traveling in Florence with kids, making those same decisions can be just plain overwhelming.  But never fear! This guide will help you navigate eating in Florence with kids. Keep reading for our recommendations of what to […]

Sustainable Travel in Florence: The Complete Guide

A man in a black winter coat taking a photo of Florence, Italy's red cathedral dome

When we talk about sustainable travel, the assumption is usually that we’re talking about eco-friendly travel—and that’s true. But sustainability also means making sure the travel experiences we get to have today are still available for future generations. In a city like Florence, with so many world-class sights, that’s especially important.  What if we expanded […]

Our Favorite Florence Restaurants by Neighborhood: Duomo and Old City

Close up of a red cathedral dome with the city of Florence, Italy in the background

Finding the best restaurants near the Duomo in Florence is tricky. In the city center, tourist traps hide on every corner.  And even learning to behave as a perfect Florentine may not get you the authenticity you’re looking for. Sometimes it’s just too hard to tell the good places from the bad ones.  You don’t […]

7 Trendy Restaurants in Florence You Need to Try

Modern presentation of meat and green vegetables in sauce on an oblong white plate

As opposed to what you might think, eating out in Florence doesn’t have to be all pasta al ragu, Fiorentina steak, and ribollita. Florentine cuisine on its own can be quite diverse, but sometimes you might just get a craving for something a little non-traditional. Staying in this beautiful historic city doesn’t mean you always […]

Outdoor Dining in Florence: 7 Spots to Try

Wooden tables and chairs at a sidewalk cafe in Italy

There’s something romantic and glamorous about outdoor dining in Florence. We’ve all seen the Golden Age movies with well-dressed stars in their sunglasses and headscarves sipping cocktails al fresco. Why not embrace your own main character energy when you enjoy a drink or a meal outside in Florence?  You’ll notice tables outside in nearly every […]

Where to Find Luggage Storage in Florence

A person in a red jacket riding a bike on a pedestrian street in Florence

Let’s be honest: hotel check-ins and check-outs are the worst. And they’re super impractical if you’re thinking of starting to explore the city right away… or if you still want to explore a little before leaving. Even if you’ve respected the backpacker rules, your luggage may still be too heavy to carry around the city.   […]

Where to Stay in Florence: Neighborhood Guide & Top Hotel Picks

Narrow pedestrian street in the historic center of Florence, Italy

Can’t decide where to stay in Florence? From essential neighborhoods to hand-picked hotels, we’ve got you covered!  Don’t let appearances deceive you: Florence isn’t a big metropolis, but it’s still tricky to understand where the right place to stay is. That’s why we’ve selected the best accommodation for your holiday by neighborhood! Read on to […]

17 Florence Hidden Gems You Won’t Want to Miss

Two stone statues framing a panoramic view over the city of Florence, Italy

Florence has been a popular tourist destination not just for decades, but for centuries. The Renaissance jewel is positively packed with world-class attractions, drawing countless visitors from all over the world. It was a required stop on any Grand Tour, and it’s the city where Stendhal syndrome (that overwhelming feeling from almost unbearable beauty) was […]

3 Fascinating Historical Cafes in Florence

Interior of a historical cafe in Florence, Italy with a wraparound bar, dark wood details and a 1920s light fixture

For centuries, cafes and eateries have been gathering places for families, friends, artists, writers, philosophers, and revolutionaries. While people come and go, some cafes stay put and continue to serve hungry (and thirsty) customers to this day. In fact, there are several historical cafes in Florence that you should add to your list when you […]

Florence Nightlife: Your Guide to Going Out

Group of men toasting with brown cocktails

You may know Florence for a little thing called the Renaissance. Well, something’s about to change, because you’ll begin to think: Florence = nightlife.  It’s also natural: Florence has one of the most ancient universities in Italy. And university means college students, and college students mean college nightlife.  Read on to have all your Florence […]

Florence in the Rain: 5 Ways to Enjoy the City

View of Florence, Italy's cathedral dome as seen from above a black umbrella on a rainy day

Don’t let a little rain ruin your trip to Florence! There is so much to explore in this beautiful Italian city. No matter the weather, you’ll be able to experience the rich history that Florence has to offer—so here’s what to do in Florence in the rain!  You can easily find shelter in one of […]

The Ultimate Self Guided Walking Tour of Florence

Pedestrian street lined with multi-story buildings leading to a large red-domed cathedral

With so much to see in the great Renaissance capital, where should you even begin? The great thing about Florence is that you can see a lot just by taking a walk through the city center. Without even hopping on a bus or grabbing a taxi, you can experience a beautiful open-air museum.   Discover the beauty […]

Top Vegan Restaurants in Florence (& What to Order)

Overhead shot of one large and one small bowl of Tuscan bread salad with vegetables

You certainly know that Florence is renowned for its Florentine steak. So, it may come to as a surprise to you that Florence is also one of the most vegan-friendly big cities in Italy!   Okay, we’ll give you a second to recover from the shock. But now, let’s move on! We’re so excited to […]

Florence with Kids: Your Guide to Planning the Perfect Family Vacation

Colorful kids' carousel in Florence, Italy

With its many museums, ornate palaces, beautiful parks, and kid-friendly foods, visiting Florence with kids is a bucket list trip your family will never forget. This comprehensive guide will help you plan every aspect of your family getaway in the birthplace of the Renaissance.  It can feel overwhelming visiting a new country on your own, […]

Where to Find the Absolute Best Panini in Florence

Close up of a person holding a small sandwich with prosciutto and broccoli

Can you really have a trip to Florence without snacking on a panini at least once? Probably not—just like a cheese platter filled with chunks of pecorino drizzled with honey, or a glass of Chianti, panini (panino in the singular) are an essential cultural element. But where can you find the best panini in Florence?  […]

Best Brunch in Florence: 6 Places You Can’t Miss

Overhead shot of eggs Benedict, pancakes, and other brunch items

If an Italian nonna sees her grandchild waking up at midday after a late night, she’s going to be pretty disappointed when they skip breakfast and go directly to lunch.   And she won’t miss the chance to say sarcastically, “Having spaghetti first thing in the morning isn’t good for your health.”  But no need for […]

8 Cooking Classes in Florence to Bring the Flavors of Italy Home

A woman and a young girl making a pizza at a white countertop

Sure, you can Instagram all the amazing dishes you’ll eat when visiting Florence. But why not bring the flavors of Italy home with you by taking one of these cooking classes in Florence?  We’ve found the best cooking classes in Florence that strike the sweet spot of being wholly authentic but in English instruction. Bring […]

6 Romantic Restaurants in Florence for a Perfect Date

Sunset over the Arno River in Florence with a bridge in the background

Art, wine, history… everything speaks to your romantic side here in Florence. And the same can be said for the food! Head to one of these romantic restaurants in Florence to see exactly what we mean. Ready to enrich your sensory experience with some great food and a wonderful view? Here’s our list of the […]

5 Essential Cocktail Bars in Florence

Brown cocktail in a short glass atop a woven black surface.

Italy may be known as a wine destination, but even we locals love to taste a creative cocktail or two. And these cocktail bars in Florence are the best places in Tuscany to do just that.   With the endless possibilities mixologists offer us nowadays, who wouldn’t love to try out a craft cocktail now and […]

Tuscan Culinary History: A Complete Deep Dive

Tuscan bread sliced into thick chunks and served in a ceramic bowl

It’s impossible to dig into the history of Italian cuisine without seeing the influence of Tuscany in every era. And while a thorough review of Tuscan culinary history would be a heavy tome, there are a few particularly important points on the timeline that are worth highlighting—both because they demonstrate Tuscany’s delicious reach and because […]

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