18 Essential Florence Museums You Need to Visit

Long hallway of the Uffizi Museum in Florence with black and white checkered floors lined by marble statues

Can you really visit Florence without wandering through the door of one of the city’s jaw-dropping museums? The birthplace of the Renaissance has plenty of museums to explore. On your trip, you’ll be able to come close with original works by Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, and many more masters of Italian history. These Florence museums are a […]

The Surprising Truth About Tuscan Pasta Dishes

Wide pasta noodles with wild boar ragu on a black plate

The ubiquity of Italian restaurants around the world can be both a blessing and a curse. On the plus side, a very basic understanding of Italian food terms gives travelers something of a confidence boost before they visit Italy. The problem, however, is that this same basic understanding may also bring a false sense of […]

Best Seafood Restaurants in Florence for Every Budget

Seafood stew with shrimp, mussels, and fish in a tomato broth sprinkled with fresh herbs

So you want to try the best seafood restaurants in Florence? It may be tricky for a very specific, geographical reason—but if you know where to look, you can still find some great spots! You’re looking at the tiny boot on the map and you realize: that’s Italy! So small, yet so full of culture. […]

Street Food in Florence: 7 Grab-and-Go Eateries

Close up of a sandwich filled with deli meats and cold cuts.

With so much to see and do in Florence, there’s not always enough time in the day to sit down for every meal. Thankfully, a vibrant culture of street food in Florence won’t leave you hungry!   Whether grabbing a quick gelato to cool off or hunting down a more satisfying panino, Florence has an abundance […]

Where to Get the Best Coffee in Florence + Essential Coffee Vocab

Espresso being made at a cafe into a small glass cup

Imagine waking up, slipping on your shoes, and wandering down the cobblestone streets to enjoy your morning espresso surrounded by Renaissance and Medieval masterpieces. Sounds like a dream? Well, that’s exactly what you can experience in Florence. But not just any old bar will do—it’s time we show you the best coffee in Florence.  Although […]

Top Food Markets in Florence to Shop Like a Florentine

Interior of a large indoor food market with several restaurant stalls

There’s no better way to feel like a local in Italy than with a trip to the local market in the morning. Even today, the local food markets are an Italian staple, a tradition that shows just how important fresh ingredients and quality food are to Italians.  In Florence, the many food markets are a […]

Lampredotto in Florence: What It Is & Where to Eat It

Lampredotto (tripe sandwich) in paper wrapping on a wooden table with a person's hand holding a plastic cup of red wine above

Squishy, slushy, slimy: you’d never use these words to describe a refined delicacy, right? Well, prepare to change your mind! Lampredotto in Florence will prove you wrong in the best of ways.  Florentines have mastered the art of making every part of the animal edible—even delicious, we’d argue. And how can you prove us wrong, […]

Best Pizza in Florence: 5 Spots You Can’t Miss

Close up of Tuscan style focaccia topped with roasted cherry tomatoes

Pizza is the holy grail of Italian gastronomy. But watch out: the best pizza you can find in Florence may be very different from what you’ve imagined.  How much do you really know about pizza?  You’re surely familiar with Neapolitan pizza and its history: the round, thin dough with plenty of toppings and soft cheese. […]

5 Rooftop Bars in Florence That Locals Love

Woman holding a margarita at a rooftop bar overlooking Florence, Italy

These rooftop bars in Florence offer first-class tickets for the best views in town—and no, we didn’t forget the wine.   When in Florence, you’ll notice that Brunelleschi’s famous dome seems to follow you everywhere—a constant reminder that yes, this is the cradle of the Renaissance. So, after a long day pounding the pavement, get on top—of […]

5 Places for the Best Lunch in Florence & What to Know Before You Go

Group of people toasting with red wine around a table

Lunch in Italy is nothing less than a sacred affair. Learn how to do it like a local in the cradle of the Renaissance with our guide to the best lunch spots in Florence!  When you visit Florence, there’s a lot that draws your attention: the architecture, the Arno River, the vivacious locals, and the […]

6 Typical Tuscan Dishes (That Aren’t Bistecca alla Fiorentina!)

Close up of chunky Tuscan tomato soup in a blue and white bowl

So you’re headed to Florence?  We imagine your mouth is already watering just thinking about the famous bistecca alla fiorentina! Of course, the steak has reached world fame for its excellence. But while a delicious luxury, this dish is actually not the ideal representation of Florentine cuisine.  In fact, while the Medici and other nobles […]

Where to Eat the Best Pasta in Florence

Wide pasta noodles with wild boar ragu on a black plate

Be careful when asking a Florentine (or Italian) where the best pasta in Florence is. To any Italian, there’s no pasta like their Nonna’s—even when faced with a world-renowned chef.  Luckily, we have the ultimate list of the best places for pasta in Florence. Follow this list and you’ll never go wrong. So buckle up—we’ve […]

Gelato Dos and Don’ts: How & Where to Find the Best Gelato in Florence

Person's hand holding up a gelato cone in front of a building

Let’s face it—when you visit Florence during the spring and summer months it’s going to get hot. The powerful Mediterranean sun is no joke. Thankfully it’s easy (and delicious) to cool off the Italian way with a cold, sweet, flavorful gelato.  Gelato isn’t hard to find in Florence, but how do you know you’re getting […]

Secret Bakeries in Florence: Vocab, Tips & Locations

Tall rack of baking trays full of donuts

Come to the dark side of the Florentine streets: they’ve got much more than cookies. Stop by one of these secret bakeries in Florence to indulge your sweet tooth after dark.   During long midnight walks through the Tuscan capital, you might catch an angelic smell. Freshly baked bread, it seems, and melted butter, and… what […]

7 Places for Aperitivo in Florence (& How to Do It Like a Fiorentino!)

Brown cocktail in a martini glass at an outdoor terrace with a uniformed bartender in the background

Sometimes travel introduces you to flavor. Sometimes it’s history. And sometimes, in the case of Italy’s beloved aperitivo, it’s a little bit of both.  Dining in Italy is almost always an experience above and beyond the meal, and aperitivo is no exception. Aperitivo is about unwinding after work, having a light snack and a drink […]

Best Breakfast in Florence: 6 Can’t-Miss Spots

Three Italian-style croissants on a white plate in a person's hand

Wandering around Florence is a full-time job, what with the sightseeing and eating and drinking and “wow”ing around every corner. If you want to stay on schedule and not find yourself exhausted at the end of the day, starting your day with the best breakfast in Florence is essential.  As any true Florentine knows, a […]

Truffles in Tuscany: History, Mystery, and Passion

Three white truffles positioned against a dark background

We here at Devour Tours love the kinds of stories that food can tell us about a place. So when there’s a food story that includes witchcraft, Marilyn Monroe, and the Roman god of thunder, we’re even more eager to share.  Few foodstuffs inspire devotion like the truffle—and we don’t mean the chocolate kind. We’re […]

2 Days in Florence for Every Kind of Traveler

View of a city along the riverbank taken through an archway with a bridge visible in the background

Only have 2 days in Florence and want to make the most of every second? We’ve got you covered! Read on to discover how to make the most of your time in the cradle of the Renaissance, including itineraries for all types of travelers.  If you’ve always thought that you need at least a full […]

Solo Travel in Florence: Everything You Need to Know

View over the city of Florence, Italy at sunset

Solo travel is the closest thing to complete freedom, and solo travel in Florence is as perfect as it gets. It’s the right destination for every kind of solo traveler—both experienced and first timers.   There’s nothing that shatters your comfort zone more than solo travel. You hop on the plane and leave everything behind. […]

Top 5 Day Trips from Florence You Can’t Miss

Children riding bikes in a wide pedestrian street in Italy on a sunny day

Have you ever wondered what else to do in Tuscany after you’ve already seen all of Florence? You’ve got plenty of options—these day trips from Florence will help you fall in love with this beautiful region even more!  If you’re running low on places to visit in Florence and you already know the Uffizi like […]

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