7 Places for Aperitivo in Florence (& How to Do It Like a Fiorentino!)

Brown cocktail in a martini glass at an outdoor terrace with a uniformed bartender in the background

Sometimes travel introduces you to flavor. Sometimes it’s history. And sometimes, in the case of Italy’s beloved aperitivo, it’s a little bit of both.  Dining in Italy is almost always an experience above and beyond the meal, and aperitivo is no exception. Aperitivo is about unwinding after work, having a light snack and a drink […]

Best Breakfast in Florence: 6 Can’t-Miss Spots

Three Italian-style croissants on a white plate in a person's hand

Wandering around Florence is a full-time job, what with the sightseeing and eating and drinking and “wow”ing around every corner. If you want to stay on schedule and not find yourself exhausted at the end of the day, starting your day with the best breakfast in Florence is essential.  As any true Florentine knows, a […]

Your Guide to Eating Alone in Florence: Tips and Recommended Places

Close up of a person's hands cutting food on a white plate

Sharing the joys of solo travel: a contradiction? Not here; not in Italy. Eating alone in Florence doesn’t have to be lonely after all!  Traveling around Italy is not an easy task for your stomach. There’s lots of food everywhere, and everything is so delicious.   Italians will never stop bragging about our incredible food, and […]

Best Wine Bars in Florence: Our Top 5

A bartender in a white shirt and tie pouring two glasses of white wine

We’ve got to be honest: No day in Florence would be complete without a glass of wine. Wine is a tradition, a ritual, true Tuscan heritage, and probably one of the main reasons Firenze was calling your name.   You’ve most likely heard of Chianti, but there’s much more waiting for you to discover in Florence’s […]

Best Steak in Florence: 8 Essential Bistecca Spots

Overhead shot of sliced rare steak on a wooden plate garnished with herbs

If you think you’ve had excellent steak dinners in your life, just wait until you experience bistecca alla fiorentina—the best steak in Florence.  With a juicy, rare center and blackened grill marks on the exterior, bistecca is a mouth-watering must try. Finding the best steak spots in Florence can feel overwhelming, so here’s our list […]

5 Vineyards Near Florence & How to Get There

Person's hand holding a glass of red wine with a vineyard in the background

You might have heard the one thing you must do while visiting Florence is a little wine tasting. And what could be better than wine tasting right at the source?  You don’t have to go far to find beautiful vineyards near Florence, and most of these family-run wineries are more than happy to welcome visitors […]

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