Complete Vegetarian Guide to Granada

This blog post was originally posted on November 3, 2017, and was updated on April 17, 2019. 

Finding vegetarian food in Granada is easier than ever!

While some older granadinos may be curious as to why you don’t eat jamón, more and more Spanish dining establishments are working to adapt their menus to accommodate guests who don’t eat meat or animal products. Nowadays it’s a piece of cake to enjoy some of the best traditional dishes and tapas without the meat! If you’re hungry for vegetarian food in Granada, this handy guide is where to start.

Plant-based? No problem. Our vegan and vegetarian guide to Granada will show you what to eat, where to eat it, and how to order.

Key words and phrases

It can be overwhelming to try and communicate dietary needs in an unfamiliar language. When ordering vegetarian food in Granada, here are some handy words and phrases to communicate your dietary restrictions in Spanish:

Yo soy vegano/a. I am vegan.

Yo soy vegetariano/a. I am vegetarian.

Yo no como ni carne, ni pescado, ni huevos, ni productos lacteos. I don’t eat meat, fish, eggs or dairy products.

¿Me recomiendas algo rico por favor? Can you recommend me something tasty please?

Yo no puedo comer… I can’t eat…

Carne: Meat

Cerdo: Pork

Pescado: Fish

Marisco: Seafood

Leche: Milk

Queso: Cheese

Mantequilla: Butter  

Nata: Cream

Huevo: Egg  

Miel: Honey

Yo puedo comer… I can eat…

Verduras: Vegetables

Ensalada: Salad

Judías/Habichuelas/Alubias: Beans

Lentejas: Lentils

Soja: Soy

Leche de soja: Soy milk

Almendras: Almonds

Nueces: Nuts

Arroz: Rice

Aceite: Oil

Pan: Bread

Champiñones/Setas: Mushrooms

Espinaca: Spinach

Fruta: Fruit

Vegetarian food in Granada is easier to find than ever! The region's delicious vegetables are perfect for making yummy salads.
A refreshing tomato salad is sure to please both vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Insider’s Tip: The good news is that in Granada, the tapas that accompany your drink are usually on the house. The bad news is that this means you usually can’t choose which tapa you want. But don’t worry! Restaurants always have a vegetarian (and sometimes even vegan) choice. Just make sure you tell them about your dietary requirements when you order the drink. If not, they’ll serve whatever tapa they want!

Typical vegetarian tapas in Granada

Whether you adhere to a meatless diet or are simply craving some veggies, vegetarian food in Granada is healthy, delicious and easy to find. Here are some of our favorite vegetarian-friendly tapas!

  • Pimientos del Padrón: A great way to start any meal! Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, these tasty green peppers are a local favorite. They’re vegan, too!
Pimientos de padrón are a classic tapa in Spain and among the best vegetarian food in Granada.
Which of these pimientos de padrón is the hottest? Guess we’ll have to eat them and find out!
  • Pisto or grilled vegetables: This typical Spanish dish is similar to ratatouille. It features a delicious and colorful array of zucchini, eggplant, onion, tomato and peppers. Vegetarians who eat eggs can try it with a huevo frito on top!
Similar to ratatouille, pisto is one of the best options for vegetarian food in Granada
The hearty vegetables in pisto make it a great healthy choice!
  • Veggie montaditos: These yummy mini sandwiches are definitely a favorite throughout Spain. The best part: the only mandatory ingredient is bread! The rest is highly customizable. When it comes to vegetarian food in Granada, your montadito in most restaurants will come with ingredients like tomato, avocado and asparagus.
  • Hummus: Bring some of Granada’s Moorish essence to the table! This isn’t your everyday grocery store hummus. This tasty mix of chickpeas, spices, sesame and cumin will take you back in time to Moorish Granada.
Hummus is a classic option for vegetarian food in Granada and a nod to the city's Moorish past.
You’ve never had hummus like this before!

Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Granada

Looking for more vegan and vegetarian food in Granada? Check out one of the city’s meatless restaurants. These tasty spots are the perfect place to refuel with plenty of green energy before hitting the town.

  • Hicuri: One of our favorite vegan restaurants in Granada! The eclectic artwork and tasty dishes (such as vegan desserts) at fair prices make this a must.
  • Al-laurel: Located in the heart of Granada’s historic center, this beautifully decorated restaurant is committed to providing fresh, healthy food. They use seasonal, all-natural ingredients to prepare everything—including the best veggie burger in town!
The veggie burgers at Al-laurel are some of our favorites when it comes to vegetarian food in Granada!
Who says you need meat to create a delicious burger?
  • Raíces: The aptly named Raíces, which translates to “roots,” undoubtedly has the claim to fame of being Granada’s first vegetarian restaurant. Although it’s located in a more suburban area, it’s well worth the trek. Try the chef’s special patatas—they’re undeniably delicious!
  • La Goma: What this place lacks in size, it makes up for in quality. Tucked away in a quiet corner of the city center, they offer a lovely wine menu in addition to meatless food.
La Goma is home to some of the best vegetarian food in Granada as well as an interesting wine menu.
Treat yourself to a glass of delicious wine at La Goma.

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