Off the Beaten Path: 5 Unique Tours in Barcelona

This blog post was originally posted on August 11, 2015, and was updated on December 12, 2017.

Coming to Barcelona and looking for a memorable experience? There are so many unique tours in Barcelona to create lasting memories of this wonderful city!

Barcelona is a wonderful city to explore with so many different experiences. Furthermore, let the experts show you a different and unforgettable side of the city with these unique tours in Barcelona.

Barcelona is a big city with a lot on offer. Get a truly memorable experience of the beautiful Catalan capital with unique tours in Barcelona.

Sidecar Tour

Admit it—a lifelong dream of yours has been to ride in a motorcycle sidecar! Did those dreams also include beautiful architecture and tree-lined boulevards? How about a local expert filling your mind with fascinating information about the most beautiful city in the world? Well, your dreams have come true! BCN Sidecar Tours recently launched this genius idea and will take you around the city in the most fashionable way possible.

Bike Tour

Barcelona is known to be one of the most bikeable cities in Europe. Though not entirely flat, the majority of the city center is on the easy scale, and if you combine this with its sunny and moderate Mediterranean climate, you can see why people love to cycle here. Seeing the city from the seat of a bike is a fun and unique way of visiting the sights. We recommend Steel Donkey Bike Tours for a truly off-the-beaten-path adventure.

Civil War Tour

When thinking of Barcelona, the Spanish Civil War is not the first thing that comes to most people’s minds. Nonetheless, it was a devastating time for the Catalan capital, and the city was greatly affected by it. Nick Lloyd is a fantastic story-teller and your number one expert on the subject, and has been guiding the Spanish Civil War Tour in Barcelona for several years now, shedding light on his adopted city’s dark history.

Our Gracia Neighborhood Food Tour takes guests off the beaten path and into one of Barcelona's most charming neighborhoods, the Village of Gracia. Between tasty food stops, we check out the small squares that make this area so lovely! A unique tour of Barcelona, indeed!
Our Gracia Neighborhood Food Tour is an exploration of Barcelona’s hidden gem, the Village of Gracia, pausing in its charming squares between delicious food stops!

Photography Tour

For all those photography buffs out there, yet another of the very unique tours in Barcelona is the Barcelona Photo Walk. Spend a morning or evening with a local, professional photographer, seeing some of Barcelona’s most charming and hidden corners while also taking tips and improving your photography skills. The best part? You’re making your own souvenirs!

Food Tour

Of all the things to do in Barcelona, what more could you want than a walking tour that involves stops at markets, pastry shops, bars, bodegas and tapas bars? And of course, with a bit of history and culture sprinkled in along the way. It’s without a doubt the best and most delicious way to get to know a city…with your mouth! Why not take a little tour now while you’re here? Let our co-founders Lauren Alouise and James Blick as they guide you through the Santa Caterina Market.

If you’ve never done a food tour before, stop what you’re doing right now, head to our online booking system and reserve a spot with us right away! We can’t wait to show you all that we love about this fascinating city. And of course, most importantly its wonderful food!

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