The Most Unique Cafés in Seville: Our Picks for the Best Spots in Town

This blog post on the best cafés in Seville was originally posted on April 6, 2015, and was updated on August 5, 2019.

There is something we love about finding where the locals go for a good coffee.

Whenever we go traveling, our favorite find is a unique café. Whether it’s a charming coffee shop, a hole-in-the-wall espresso bar, or just a place filled with books and good vibes, we want to know about it. But, a good café is sometimes hard to come by. We usually wind up poring over blogs and asking locals where to find them. But for your next trip, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Here are our favorite cafés in Seville!

The are so many cafes to choose from, but here are some of the most unique cafes in Seville. We think you'll love them!

Photo credit: Martina, Text overlay: Devour Spain.

Torch Coffee Roasters

An international-yet-family-owned spot serving specialty coffee right along the Guadalquivir? You heard that right. Torch Coffee Roasters is committed to quality and sustainability every step of the way, from beans to cup. The cafe itself features a distinctly Scandinavian vibe with minimalist decor that will make you feel refreshed and recharged with every sip.

Here you’ll get to taste coffee beans roasted on-site, sustainably-sourced from a variety of origins. And don’t forget to pair that brew with one of their homemade cakes!

Address: Paseo de las Delicias, 3

coffee at torch coffee roasters in Seville.
A pour-over coffee at Torch Coffee Roasters. Source: Everyday Food Blog.

Virgin Coffee

Virgin Coffee is another place that reminds us more of New York or London than Seville. It’s a relatively recent addition to the city’s coffee scene, but is already making its mark. This is a coffee lover’s dream, run by a passionate, local coffee fanatic. The coffee comes from all over the world, and is all roasted on-site. If you’re a person that loves having your own fresh coffee beans at home, a range of coffee is also available for purchase. The coffee is served in takeaway cups, but we like to do it in true Sevillano style and relax at one of the few tables out the front in the sun.

Address: Calle Regina, 1

Parcería Café

If you’re checking out Seville’s trendy Feria neighborhood, then Parcería Café is a must-visit coffee shop. Just across the road from the quirky Feria Food Market, this is one of our favorite caffeine havens. Here you’ll find beans from a local roaster, Alquimista Coffee Lab, and a selection of tasty baked treats, too!

And if you’re after a tasty breakfast to go with your craft coffee, don’t miss out on their range of funky tostadas. Parcería is run by a couple of enigmatic Colombian coffee fiends, so make sure to ask for their recommendations!

Address: Calderón de la Barca, 9.

The trendy interior of Parcería Café. Source: Parcería Café.

La Cacharrería de Sevilla

La Cacharrería is, hands down, one of the best places for breakfast in Seville. They make their own cakes and offer lots of different brunch options. If you’re tired of the same toast and churros, La Cacharrería has some different things on the menu including fruit salad, granola, and yogurt.  Aside from breakfast, it’s also one of the best cafés in Sevilla for an afternoon snack or an evening drink. The homemade cakes are worth trying, as are the mojitos, and at 2.50 euros, who could blame you!

Just bear in mind that you might have to wait for a table. As it’s well-loved among locals and visitors alike, there is often a line out the door, especially on weekends!

Address: Calle Regina, 14

Gigante Bar

Gigante Bar is one of those cafés in Seville that you can come to at any time. Breakfast, a mid-morning coffee, an afternoon snack or a drink after dinner – you name it! Known for their delicious homemade cakes, Gigante Bar also serves special coffees like the mocha chocolate and the mocha caramelo. This cafe’s location on the Alameda de Hércules and the fact that it’s a great place to stop no matter the time of day are what make it a favorite. It also has a good Wi-Fi connection so it’s a good place to settle in if you need to get some work done.

Address: Alameda de Hércules, 17

Naima Café Jazz

Naima Café Jazz is a welcoming space that instantly makes you feel at home and is one of the best cafés in Seville to listen to jazz or just relax. You can come in the afternoon and enjoy one of the delicious desserts along with your coffee, or later on in the evening, it becomes busy with locals who are there to enjoy a drink and the live jazz. If you need somewhere to have a chat after a night at the movies, it happens to be located right next to one Seville’s movie theaters, Cervantes. We love movies, coffee, sweets, and jazz, so for us, Naima Café Jazz is very near perfection!

Address: Calle Trajano, 47

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  1. April 9, 2016 at 2:56 pm

    In La Creme de la Creme have a goog coffe.
    It si a beautiful place.

  2. Margaret says
    November 3, 2017 at 2:00 am

    There really is nothing better than taking a nice stroll and finding where a good group of coffee lovers are congregating. It’s a great time to meet some new people and enjoy a good steaming hot cup of coffee. I love it! La Cacharrería de Sevilla sounds like a fun place.

    1. Jaimie Keating says
      November 7, 2017 at 3:37 pm

      Hi, Margaret. You’re so right, cafes are an amazing place to hang out and you should definitely check out La Cacharrería, it’s wonderful!

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