Top 10 Things To Do in Seville

This blog post was originally posted on June 12, 2015, and was updated on April 25, 2017.

In a vibrant city like Seville that has so much history, so much to do, and so many things to eat, where are you supposed to start?

We appreciate that planning a trip to any city takes time and effort. The list of things worth experiencing in Seville is endless, so to make life easier we have compiled an ultimate list of our top 10 things to do in Seville!

Devour Seville's top 10 things to do in Seville. It was hard for us to only pick ten, there's so much to do here! But we tried our best and here's our recommendation list.

Photo credit: Franek N, Text overlay: Devour Spain.

1. Visit the Alcazar

No trip to Seville is complete without paying a visit to Seville’s Alcazar, one of the “big three” Moorish monuments that visitors flock to Andalusia to visit. But while the Mezquita in Cordoba largely retains its original Moorish form, and parts of Granada’s Alhambra were little more than rubble before restoration, the Alcazar in Seville has been continuously used and developed over time, with building continuing until the 19th century. It’s also where they’ve filmed key parts of Game of Thrones– cool, huh?

Today the Alcazar is the oldest Royal residence still in use in Europe and providing that you go on a day when the King isn’t in town, you can visit the upper levels – the apartment used to this day by the Royal family – for an extra cost of €4.50. There can be long queues, so booking in advance is recommended!

In a city with so much life and history and so many sights, where should you start? Check out our ultimate list of the top 10 things to do in Seville! Wandering through the grounds of the Alcázar is an essential afternoon activity in Seville
Wandering through the grounds of the Alcázar is an essential afternoon activity in Seville – Photo Credit: Wolfgang Manousek

2. Eat tapas

Whether you are looking for some traditional tapas or something more modern and experimental, Seville is the place to be. The tapas culture in Seville is one of the strongest and most celebrated in the country, and with over 3,000 bars to choose from you will never be short of a bite to eat. Don’t be afraid of the crowded bars — squeeze in, stand at the bar, and order dish by dish rather than lots of dishes at once, in order to have a truly local experience!

Take a tapas tour in Seville! If there is one local tour to take, it’s a tapas tour. In a city with over 3,000 tapas bars, you do not want to choose the wrong ones! Here are some options for having the best tapas experience in town:

3. Visit Plaza de España

One of our personal favorites is the large building that takes over one side of Parque Maria Luisa, one of the most popular parks in Seville. Originally built for the 1929 Ibero-American Exhibition, Plaza de España now houses council offices, but it’s not the inside that you come to see. The exterior of this building which is spread over 50,000 square meters is magnificent and deserves a good amount of time to walk around to see the alcoves, each representing one of the 48 provinces in Spain and decorated with colorful tiles.

Don't miss a stroll through beautiful Plaza España during your two days in Seville!
Breathtaking Plaza España.

4. See a flamenco show

A trip to Seville wouldn’t be a trip to Seville without a good dose of flamenco. Seville’s flamenco options range from venues offering a show and dinner at a fixed price, to bars crammed with people hoping to catch an up close and personal show in the most local way possible. A flamenco show truly captures the passion that is the essence of life in Seville and is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture for a night. Why not check out a traditional professional show then head to a local bar afterward and see the best of both worlds!

Don’t miss it: Join our Seville Tapas & Flamenco Tour to not only see an incredible show but to also learn about this wonderful Spanish art. And of course, we’ll feed you the best tapas in town (as usual!). Also, check out how to pick out an authentic show with this video from our expert guide, Sara.

5. Drink a glass of sherry

With the Jerez wine region so close by and the hot temperatures that take over Seville in the summer, it’s no surprise that a cold glass of a dry Manzanilla sherry is the drink of choice for many locals in Seville. Sherry is on the drink menu at almost every bar around the city but in order to feel like a true Sevillano perch yourself on the corner of a bar in a traditional tavern and join the locals for this refreshing tipple.

Insider tip: Casa Morales (Calle García de Vinuesa, 11) and El Rinconcillo (Calle Gerona, 40) are two of the oldest bars in the city, perfect to get a truly authentic sherry experience! Visit them on our Tapas & History Tour!

6. Explore the Triana neighborhood

When you get tired of the touristic area around the Cathedral and Santa Cruz, escape to the “other side of the river” and visit the neighborhood of Triana, a neighborhood synonymous with flamenco, ceramics, and passion. Get lost in the streets, cool down with an icy cold Cruzcampo, head to Ceramica Ruiz (Calle San Jorge, 27) and get yourself a souvenir, or pay a late night visit to Casa Anselma (Calle Pagés del Corro, 49) for the experience of stumbling across flamenco in a local bar.

Why not explore Triana in the company of one of our passionate experts? Our Tapas Like a Local Tour is the perfect way to experience the foodie scene of the neighborhood in an authentic way!

7. Explore the local markets

Spain still has a thriving food market culture, and a visit to the neighborhood food market is a great experience to see a slice of local life. It’s also a good opportunity to pick up some high-quality produce, such as local ham and cheese, and make yourself a picnic which can be enjoyed while relaxing in the park that lines the river.

8. Visit Las Setas at night

Metropol Parasol — or Las Setas, as it is fondly called by the locals — is a must to visit for great views out over the city. Our personal favorite, however, is visiting Las Setas by night. At night Seville’s grand monuments are lit up, giving the whole city a wonderful orange glow. In the evening the temperature also cools down, making the top of Las Setas a wonderful spot to enjoy the evening breeze.

In a city with so much life and history and so many sights, where should you start? Check out our ultimate list of the top 10 things to do in Seville! Seeing the Metropol Parasol at night is an unforgettable sight!
Seeing the Metropol Parasol at night is an unforgettable sight! Photo Credit: Light+Shade

9. Visit the Cathedral

Seville’s Gothic Cathedral is the third largest in the world, but despite the fact, there are so many churches in Seville and Spain, it really is something that can’t be missed. The sheer size of this monument has to be seen to be believed! The 12th-century Moorish bell tower known as La Giralda and the Patio de Naranjos, both left behind from the Mosque that previously occupied the site, give this Cathedral something special. It is worth the climb up the ramps of La Giralda for great views across Seville.

10. Take a food tour!

Join us on our Tastes, Tapas, and Traditions of Seville tour in the mornings from 10:30 am. More of a night owl? Come along to our evening Tapas, Taverns & History tour to see the city by night, explore some of its most fascinating neighborhoods and indulge in a feast of local, traditional food. See all of our Seville tours for more options!

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