Unforgettable Evenings: Top Things to Do in Seville at Night

Once the sun goes down, Seville takes on an even more magical air.

From the glowing streetlights illuminating winding cobblestone paths to the scent of orange blossoms permeating the evening air, nighttime in Seville brings out the city’s undeniable passion in full force. Whereas residents of most cities would be winding down for the day, sevillanos are still going strong as the sun dips below the western bank of the Guadalquivir. If you can help it, don’t just eat an early dinner and head back to the hotel to call it a day. These things to do in Seville at night are calling your name.

From tapas to drinks to unbeatable nightlife, there's no shortage of fun and exciting things to do in Seville at night. Here's how to make the most of the Andalusian capital after sunset! #Seville #Spain #nightlife #flamenco #tapas #drinks #travelgoals

Head out for tapas

First things first: dinnertime in Spain is quite late compared to that of many other Western countries, and things are no different here in Seville. After a hearty midday lunch, consider something lighter and more casual for dinner. A sevillano-style tapas crawl is just what the doctor ordered.

It probably comes as no surprise that eating out is one of our favorite things to do in Seville at night, but stroll through any of the Andalusian capital’s buzzing neighborhoods after sunset and you’ll see that the vibe of an evening tapas crawl is unrivaled. From Alfalfa to Triana and everywhere in between, locals spill out of bars and out onto the streets, Cruzcampo cañas in hand, chatting in rapid-fire Spanish to friends and colleagues. Make your way through the crowd and up to the bar. Once you’ve staked out your spot, ordered, and eaten, it’s on to the next bar to do it all over again.

One of the most delicious things to do in Seville at night is to head out on a tapas crawl.
Tapas isn’t just a style of food—it’s a way of life!

Indulge in post-dinner drinks

So you’ve eaten your fill of tapas, but why stop there? Sevillanos certainly won’t be heading home anytime soon. Keep the fun going by heading out for drinks after your meal. Check out a favorite local craft beer bar like Gigante Bar, where you can take in the sights and sounds of the rejuvenated Alameda de Hercules out on the terrace. Or check out Seville’s up-and-coming cocktail scene at a bar like Le XIX, a modern gastropub with a personality all its own.

After dinner, keep the fun going by heading out for drinks at one of the city's top bars. It's one of our favorite things to do in Seville at night!
The fun is just getting started!

Take in unbeatable views

Don’t get us wrong—Seville is gorgeous at any time of day, but there’s something especially magical about how the city looks all lit up at night. And of course, checking out the breathtaking views of a new city from up above is a must no matter where you are in the world. Luckily, Seville offers quite a few options when it comes to jaw-dropping panoramic vistas. Head up to the top of Las Setas, the wooden “mushrooms” that tower over Plaza de la Encarnación, which stays open until 11 p.m. on weekdays and 11:30 on Fridays and Saturdays. Another excellent option is the rooftop bar at the EME Hotel, where you can enjoy drinks with a once-in-a-lifetime view of the cathedral that would not look out of place on a postcard.

Prefer to stay on solid ground rather than seeing Seville from up above? No worries—there are still plenty of spectacular views just waiting to be discovered at ground level. The gorgeous views from Calle Betis along the riverfront in Triana are classic, and Plaza de España looks especially magical at night (and as a bonus, it’s practically empty!).

One of the most incredible things to do in Seville at night is to take in the views of the city at night, preferably from up above!
We challenge you to think of a more magical view than what you can see from the top of the Setas at night—it’s impossible! Photo credit: Michael MacKenzie

Experience nightlife

The late-night drinks and dining scene is just the beginning when it comes to things to do in Seville at night. The fun-loving local culture welcomes late-night partying with open arms. In fact, don’t be surprised if you show up at your nearest discoteca at midnight and find the place empty—locals probably won’t start showing up for at least an hour, and it’s not unheard of for nightclubs to stay open until seven in the morning! Needless to say, this is one of the things to do in Seville at night that is definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you can stay on your feet and dance until the sun comes up, you’re bound to have an unforgettable time.

Catch a flamenco show

Not into the nightclub scene, but not ready to head back to the hotel just yet, either? Lucky for you, Seville is home to a host of world-class entertainment options. Without a doubt, the one experience that’s at the top of most visitors’ lists is to catch an authentic flamenco show here in the city where the passionate blend of music and dance has its roots. Just remember that not all flamenco venues are created equal, and the popularity of these beautiful performances has resulted in quite a few touristy joints all over the city. We talked to a few flamenco professionals to find out how they spot a legit show, and our handpicked list of our favorite flamenco venues in Seville reflects the best of the best.

One of our favorite things to do in Seville at night is to catch a flamenco show!
The passion of flamenco will stay with you for long after the show has finished.

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