The Best Wine Bars in Seville

This blog post was originally posted on May 30, 2016, and was updated on January 19, 2018.

Spain is quickly gaining a name for itself as one of the best wine producing countries in the world. So, it’s only natural Seville would have a number of standout places to sip some delicious ‘vino’.

Admittedly, most of Spain’s iconic wines are produced in the north of the country. Think Rioja reds and Verdejo whites. However, here in Andalusia, we’re just as fanatical about wine as our northern counterparts. Nearly every bar in the city will have a house wine available. But, there are certain bars in Seville that pride themselves on providing unique and extremely delicious vino varieties for their customers.

For variety, delicious tapas pairings, and welcoming atmosphere check out these wine bars in Seville– salud!

One of our favorite things to do in Seville is a nightlife must: spend an evening in one of the city's wine bars! Whether you love Rioja or sherry, there's something for everyone in Andalusian wines. Make sure to make time for wine in your Spain itinerary. #travelmore #localtravel #foodie #spain #europe #wine #winedestinations

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La Barrica Dulce

This small bar just off Calle San Luis specializes in sweet wines from the Malaga winemaking region, supplied straight to the bar from a family-fun winery in the coastal city. Large barrels behind the bar contain six varieties of delicious vino dulce (sweet wine) that comes with a small, simple tapa.

If you are hungry, larger plates of things such as chorizo, ham or cheese can also be ordered to share. With inviting decor, friendly staff and delicious wine, La Barrica Dulce is easily one of our favorite wine bars in Seville. The perfect place to sample something other than your standard reds or whites.

Address: Calle Relator, 91

La Barrica Dulce is one of the best wine bars in Seville, and specializes in sweet wines from Malaga
Enjoying sweet wines from Malaga at La Barrica Dulce in Seville

Séptimo Wine Bar

The newest addition to the already thriving tapas scene in the Arenal neighborhood is Séptimo Wine Bar. One of the most upmarket wine bars in Seville, it has quickly made a name for itself for its quality food and exquisite wines. The wine list at this bar is not extensive. However, with the hard work and dedication of expert owner Florian, you can be guaranteed quality.

For the food, make sure you try the tuna marinated in ginger, basil, and lime but leave the wine to the experts. The friendly, knowledgeable staff recommend you the perfect wine pairing! This bar has great flavor combinations and delicious wine at reasonable prices. So, while it may not be exclusively a wine bar this is certainly one of our new favorite spots to sip a vino in Seville!

Address: Calle Pastor y Landera, 21

A selection of wine at Septimo, one of the best wine bars in Seville!
A selection of wine at Septimo, one of Seville’s newest openings!

Taberna Álvaro Peregil

Nestled in among touristy bars and restaurants on Calle Mateos Gagos is the ultimate hole in the wall bar,  Taberna Álvaro Peregil. This historic family-run establishment has always been one of our favorite wine bars in Seville. It’s been providing locals with delicious, sweet orange wine since 1904. Actually, it was the first bar to introduce vino de naranja to the city of Seville. In recent years, they’ve added strawberry wine to their menu. This fortified wine infused with strawberry flavors is interesting and super tasty.

Don’t expect a seat at this bar, as the small space offers mainly standing room. Also, any available chairs outside are quickly snapped up by the bar’s regulars. If you’re looking to live like a true local, the rustic interior, barely altered since the bar opened over 100 years ago, and the delicious orange wine make for an authentic experience you won’t soon forget!

Address: Calle Mateos Gagos, 22

Don't miss trying orange wine at the very traditional Taberna Álvaro Peregil, one of the most unique wine bars in Seville
‘Vino de narajna’ (orange wine) is just one of the specialities at Taberna Álvaro Peregil

Vinería San Telmo

Much like Séptimo, Vinería San Telmo is a restaurant with a fabulous menu that just happens to stock an extensive list of some of the best wines found in a tapas bar in Seville. Owner Juan Manuel, and his wife Reyes pride themselves on their exceptional knowledge of all things wine, including the local favorite— delicious sherries!

Aside from the delicious and great value tapas, the other amazing thing about this is the extensive wines available by the glass. This allows you to try a variety of tastes, and make sure not to overlook the wine of the month. The owners carefully choose their wines to pair with their amazing food. For food and wine lovers; this is one of your must-try wine bars in Seville!

Address: Paseo Catalina de Ribera, 4

What about if the best wine bars in Seville include great food too? That's certainly the case at Vinería San Telmo!
Wine is just half of the fun at Vinería San Telmo– look at just one of their delicious tapas!

La Azotea Vinos & Más

La Azotea has been one of the most successful wine bars in Seville in recent years, now boasting four separate locations. While the restaurants stock delicious wines to pair with your food (the Azotea brand was founded by a sevillano chef and a Californian sommelier), dedicated wine drinkers should head to the abacería turned wine bar, La Azotea Vinos & Más.

This sleek, spacious bar contains a huge variety of delicious wines from all over Spain. You can also choose from a wide selection of charcuterie, fresh seafood or delicious bread to pair. For the ultimate wine experience, though, head to one of the catas (wine tastings) held on site. There, you can try some of the bars best wines and even purchase your favorite ones to take home.

Address: Conde de Barajas, 12

Want some extra information on one of the most popular styles of wine in Seville? Check out this informative video on all things sherry from our local expert, Cyra!

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