Why You HAVE To Do a Teambuilding Activity in Madrid

From historic architecture to modern, cosmopolitan culture to peaceful green spaces, Madrid just about has it all.

And with the added touch of Spain’s famously friendly, personable culture, it becomes the perfect place for your team to get to know each other a little better. There are endless reasons why you should consider doing a teambuilding activity in Madrid. However, we’ve narrowed it down to just a few. We don’t think you’ll have any trouble convincing your group!

Why do you HAVE to do a teambuilding activity in Madrid? We can name a few reasons!

Rich cultural sites

Spain is full of fascinating historical and cultural landmarks. Madrid is home to some of the most iconic. Firstly, a visit to one of Madrid’s many incredible museums or a live performance at a historic theater are great ways to kick off your teambuilding activity in Madrid. Additionally, the city offers plenty of peaceful parks that are perfect for a group picnic. Make it a potluck and challenge everyone on your team to find the most authentic or unique Spanish dish to bring!

Consider going to a flamenco performance to kick off your teambuilding activity in Madrid!
Your team will love the opportunity to see flamenco up close and personal!

The great outdoors

Consider getting out of town for your teambuilding activity in Madrid! Despite the capital’s bustling central location right in the heart of Spain, some of the country’s natural wonders are just a stone’s throw away. Get your team out of their comfort zone with an adventurous activity in the beautiful natural landscapes surrounding Madrid. From hunting for treasure while geocaching as well as an unconventional wilderness survival challenge, the area is ripe with opportunities.

Consider heading to the wilderness just outside the city for a challenging teambuilding activity in Madrid!
The Sierra de Gredos mountains just outside of Madrid are perfect for a team hike! Photo credit: Frayle

Vibrant nightlife

After your teambuilding activity in Madrid, it’s practically a given that you and your group will want to relax and enjoy a night on the town. Luckily, Madrid’s famous nightlife scene won’t disappoint! Start off the evening with drinks and a killer view at one of the city’s best rooftop terraces. From there, head out to a group tapas dinner and check out some of Madrid’s most iconic bars and nightclubs.

After your teambuilding activity in Madrid, head out on the town! Try a local favorite like vermouth.
Drink like a local: try some vermouth!

Unique, delicious local food and wine

It’ll become clear to your team pretty quickly why Spain’s gastronomic scene is one of the most popular in the world. The unique cuisine provides the perfect opportunity for a delicious teambuilding activity in Madrid! In order to put your teamwork skills to the test, consider a group cooking class and work together to prepare (and eat, of course!) a Spanish meal from scratch. Another sure-to-be-popular option: sip on some of Spain’s best vino at a Madrid wine tasting!

A wine tasting is a popular team building activity in Madrid.
You love wine—now learn how to distinguish the best of the best!

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