The Most Delicious Kind of Team Building: Barcelona Tapas Challenge

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We’ve all been there. It’s 5 p.m. on Day 3 of a conference and no one can bear the thought of another moment inside those hotel walls. 

The blue skies and Mediterranean views beackon! After all, for most of the people attending these meetings it’s their first time in Barcelona. 

But after three days of formal dinners, which—let’s be real—are basically extensions of the day-long meetings except with filets of fish and steaks, people just want some time in the city. They want an opportunity to talk with their co-workers about anything but sales projections and quarterly goals. They want to try the famous local wine

It is Tapas Challenge time.

A tapas challenge is a great way to foster team building in Barcelona.
The Tapas Challenge: the most delicious team building in Barcelona!

Last month a group of 40 executives from a global company found themselves in just this situation. They reached out to our Devour Tours private tour specialists with this request: 

Put together a unique and memorable experience that includes a dinner featuring local specialties, allows people to experience the city and gives their executives an opportunity to mingle with and get to know the 20 or so invited clients. 

Goal: Unforgettable evening of great food, fun team building & seeing Barcelona!

Team building in Barcelona is truly a one of a kind experience!
How could you visit Barcelona and not wander the historic streets of the Born Neighborhood?

Enter our most popular team building in Barcelona, the Tapas Challenge. We created this experience to fulfill each part of the goal: 

  1. We designed the experience in the Born Neighborhood so guests could see just how beautiful Barcelona is! This is one of the most historic and emblematic areas in the city.
  2. We made sure the event was beyond interactive, ensuring that every guest was able to shake off that conference-room stupor. 
  3. We created smaller teams of 13 to 14 guests to obliterate the anonymity of a large group and facilitate easy conversation. 
  4. We added a competitive element with points and prizes to ignite that competitive spirit—after all, half of the guests worked in sales! 

We booked out the private back room of one of the neighborhood’s top restaurants so guests could enjoy an interruption-free dinner while tasting some of the best tapas in Barcelona.

By the time the group arrived in Plaça d’Antonio López, the groundwork was laid for three hours of unforgettable food, wine and conversation. 

There was a make-your-own tapa relay. 

There was a hilarious “Rules of Tapas” quiz. 

There was an interactive blind wine tasting. 

There was a txakoli pouring challenge.

One of the most fun parts of team building in Barcelona is taking part in fun challenges, like trying to pour hard cider the traditional way from up above!
Pouring hard apple cider like a local—one of the many challenges on our Tapas Challenge!

As the groups wove through the narrow streets of the Born, they discovered that the soul of Barcelona is hidden in its tapas bars. Devour’s expert guides Lior, Enrique and Luke introduced them to neighborhood’s favorite dishes, showed them how to squeeze into authentic bars like the locals do and how to pick out the perfect pintxo

At the beginning of our conversation, the organizer was concerned about breaking into smaller groups. After all, her goal with this experience was for her team to network with their clients! But after an hour and a half in these micro-networking teams, each guest had stories to swap and ice-breaking adventures to talk about once they joined the other groups for dinner and the award ceremony.

This was not your average Barcelona team building… 

No gimmicks. No predictable adrenaline rushes. No long drives out of the city.

Teams sipped on local wines and put their heads together to figure out what region they were made in. They sat beneath the vaulted brick ceilings of century-old buildings and tasted recipes dating back millennia. They learned the stories of Barcelona’s most famous dishes and tasted their modern iterations prepared by the neighborhood’s most famous chef. 

And then it was time for the prizes. The team that had out-tasted, out-poured and out-timed the others was awarded a bag of homemade sweets from the oldest candy shop in Barcelona!

By the end of the night, in the words of the group’s organizer:

“It was hard to get everyone to leave! In fact, I think some of our customers decided… to not get back on the bus.”

Another perk of team building in Barcelona: so much fabulous wine!
Cheers to another great team building in Barcelona!

Our Devour Tapas Challenge is a hugely customizable experience that can be adapted to just about any group’s schedule and interests. But at its core, the Tapas Challenge is about breaking down barriers and bringing people together over great food and wine. It tells the story of a city while also encouraging each guest to share their own story!

If you are looking for that “wow” experience in Barcelona, Madrid or Seville, get in touch! Our private tour specialists would love to create your ideal Tapas Challenge. Here’s how the organizer for this event described her experience:

“We had a FANTASTIC evening! The guides were a lot of fun and instantly became a member of each of our teams… It was a highlight of our trip—thanks again for everything!!”

To start planning your Tapas Challenge contact us at [email protected] or +34 919 041 456 or click the button below!

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