Florence Travel Tips: Dos and Don’ts of Traveling to Florence

We hope you’ll take some of our Florence travel tips to heart when planning your visit.

Visiting Florence is a dream come true in every sense. Walking along the cobblestoned streets, admiring the towering Duomo, hearing playful accordion music drifting through alleyways… It’s easy to be swept up in your own daydreams of what your trip to the Tuscan capital will be like. However, it’s important to keep some Florence travel […]

How to Be a Good Tourist: Madrid Edition

Want to practice responsible travel in Madrid? Start by letting yourself get lost! Don't just limit yourself to a touristic itinerary.

Don’t miss the rest of our responsible tourism guides:BARCELONA | SEVILLE | SAN SEBASTIAN | LISBON | ROME | PARIS The night before your trip to Madrid has finally arrived. Goodbye work, meals on the go and dreary weather. Hello freedom, tapas and sun! You’ve packed your bag, dusted off your DSLR, retrieved your boarding […]