Our 8 Spots for the Best Food in San Francisco

Interior shot of the dining room of Californios, one of the best restaurants in San Francisco. Tables with white tablecloths line up along a long brown leather booth. The walls are painted black and colorful abstract artwork hangs on the walls.

San Francisco has some of the best food in the country, a reputation that began during the Gold Rush era when gold prospectors came to the city hungry and looking to strike it rich. The term “feast or famine” typified the mining experience. Good food was to be had but at a price. Thankfully, things […]

The 7 Best Places to Eat in San Francisco From a Local

Flatlay of a black table with three large bowls of seafood stew

There are many reasons to leave your heart in San Francisco. The city’s culinary offerings are one of them. The world is literally your taste bud’s oyster in the City by the Bay. However, the very best places to eat in San Francisco serve up dishes packed with flavor and style set in colorful neighborhoods. […]