Beautiful Places to Watch the Sunset in San Sebastian

San Sebastian seems to take on a different, almost magical air at sunset.

As day fades into night, locals take to the streets and the pintxos bars to eat, drink and be merry. While we definitely recommend joining them, be sure to take some time to watch the sunset beforehand! Here are our favorite spots to enjoy the sunset in San Sebastian before heading out for the night.

One of our favorite things to do in San Sebastian is watch the sunset over the water. There's really nothing like it! Follow our handy guide to sunset spots in San Sebastian and enjoy an unforgettable evening every night of your trip! #travelideas #traveltips #summertravel #beach #spain #europe

Miramar Palace

With its stately architecture and sprawling gardens, Miramar Palace looks as if someone plucked a charming cottage out of the English countryside and placed it right on the beach in San Sebastian. Once a summer home on the Basque coast for Spain’s royal family, the palace and its grounds are now a public space for all to enjoy. The beautiful park leading down to the shore is an especially lovely place to catch the sunset in San Sebastian. We recommend bringing a few picnic items fresh from the market to enjoy as you watch the sun go down!

AddressPaseo Miraconcha, 48

The gardens in front of Miramar Palace are a great place to watch the sunset in San Sebastian!
The lush gardens at Miramar Palace are the perfect place to relax any time of day. Photo credit: kyezitri

El Muro at Zurriola Beach

After you spend a day catching some incredible waves at Zurriola Beach (and even if you haven’t), stick around as the sun goes down! The wall (known as “el muro”) at the eastern end of the beach is one of the most low-key yet spectacular places to watch the sunset in San Sebastian. Locals love to congregate here with food and drinks as they watch the sun set over the waves. As a bonus, you’re also incredibly close to the Gros neighborhood—perfect for an alternative pintxos crawl!

"The Wall" at Zurriola Beach is a popular place to watch the sunset in San Sebastian among locals.
End your day on a high note by watching the sunset from Zurriola Beach. Photo credit: Urko Dorronsoro

Monte Igueldo

You could easily spend an entire day exploring Monte Igueldo. This charming hillside just west of the city center is home to a funicular railway, an amusement park bursting with old-world charm, an amazing lookout point and more. However, if you don’t have all day to spend checking out the various attractions on the mountain, be sure to at least make your way there before the sun goes down. Enjoy the easy hike up the hill (it takes about 30 minutes) and be rewarded at the top with one of the most stunning views of the sunset in San Sebastian.

A sunset in San Sebastian is unforgettable, especially when seen from the top of Monte Igueldo!
Monte Igueldo is home to some of the most iconic views of San Sebastian.

Monte Ulía

Feeling adventurous? Head east of the city center and hike up Monte Ulía to catch a seriously incredible sunset in San Sebastian. Most tourists don’t make it this far as it’s a little ways away from the main sights. However, locals love this spot for the natural beauty and calm atmosphere. If you’re visiting San Sebastian with that special someone, book a table at Mirador de Ulía (Ulia Pasealekua, 193) to enjoy an unforgettable sunset dinner.

Enjoy the sunset in San Sebastian from a unique perspective! Hike Monte Ulía for an incredibly rewarding view.
Monte Ulía is a haven of natural beauty within San Sebastian. Photo credit: Kent Wang

La Concha Beach

While this iconic beach might be a bit more crowded than nearby Zurriola, La Concha Beach is known as one of Europe’s best city beaches for good reason. And as home to one of the best places to catch the sunset in San Sebastian, it becomes even more magical in the evening light. The beautiful white promenade and elegant streetlights make for a great photo op as the sun goes down.

La Concha Beach isn't just a great place to swim and tan. It's also one of the best places to enjoy the sunset in San Sebastian!
We can’t get enough of those sunset views from La Concha Beach! Photo credit: Sara Ragusa

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