Our Top Picks For Seville’s Best Convents for Cookies

Seville is the perfect city for those of us who love something sweet. But, what if we told you taming that sweet tooth could keep a century-old tradition alive? Read on to learn about Seville’s best convents for cookies you’ll never forget!

Originally solely a Christmas tradition, people have been buying delicious sweets from Seville’s convents for centuries. Nowadays, the sale of sweets and cookies is what keeps these convents open and is part of everyday life here. Finding Seville’s best convents for cookies is a truly local experience, and we’re sharing our top picks for the best convents for sweets in the city.

Indulge in one of Spain's sweetest traditions at Seville's best convents for cookies, where you can tame that sweet tooth in a unique, local way!

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Convento de Santa Paula

The Convento de Santa Paula is a unique and fascinating building in Seville. Dating back to the 15th Century, it is not just one of Seville’s best convents for cookies but also doubles as a sacred art museum. There’s nothing like strolling around the incredible art collection, taking in the building’s unique architecture and then treating yourself to one of the nun’s delicious sweets. Highlights at this convent include their tocino de cielo, a flan-style treat which is one of the most typical desserts in Seville, and their beautiful jams and jellies.

Address: Calle Santa Paula, 11

When looking for Seville's best convents for cookies, look out for ones that serve delicious tocino de cielo, it's always a good choice!
Digging into some delicious tocino de cielo is always a treat, but it’s extra special when bought from a convent

Convento de Santa Ana

Located in the San Lorenzo area of Seville, the Convento de Santa Ana is open every day selling its incredible dulces. This convent is especially popular during Seville’s iconic Holy Week celebration. Locals flock to the convento to buy some amazing torrijas, a typical treat enjoyed during Semana Santa. Other amazing treats include truffles, almond bites and their specialty carmelitas.

Address: Calle Santa Ana 34B

Convento Madre de Dios de la Piedad

The story of the Convento Madre de Dios de la Piedad is an especially fascinating one. Once a Synagogue at the edge of the Jewish Quarter of Seville, this convent is now home to an order of Dominican nuns. Finding the convent isn’t easy, but it is oh so worth it as their comprehensive menu doesn’t disappoint. Don’t miss their star sweet, their naranjitos. These orange bites are made of almond, flour, and sugar and coated in an amazing orange glaze.

Address: Calle San José, 4

When speaking about Seville's best convents for cookies, Madre Dios de la Piedad and their amazing naranjitos simply must be included
These naranjito bites are completely unmissable when in Seville – so unique and delicious

Monasterio de San Clemente

The oldest monastery in the city, San Clemente, is another amazing place to indulge your sweet tooth in Seville. The building dates all the way back to the 13th Century, to the time of King Fernando III, and still retains some of its original structure. Apart from sweets such as marzipan, cider filled empanadillas and lightly-fried, honey-glazed pestiños, they also make amazing jams and jellies.

Address: Calle Santa Clara, 91

Convento de San Leandro

Convento de San Leandro is not just one of Seville’s best convents for cookies, it is known country-wide as a must visit convent. Why? For their iconic yemas sweets. These specialty bites have a textured center made of egg yolk and orange peel and a thick sugar coating. Although super sweet, they are incredibly delicious and worth exploring the Old Town to find. Additionally, the way you purchase the sweets is an experience in itself. The nuns at San Leandro are completely cloistered, so you buy your sweets using a lazy Susan style turnstile and don’t once come into contact with the nuns inside – fascinating!

Address: Plaza de San Ildefonso

Want to see the unique ordering at El Convento de San Leandro in action? Check out Jaimie and Hayley’s mini-tour through Seville which includes a trip to this fascinating foodie spot.

Convento de Santa Inés

Founded in the 14th Century, the Santa Inés convent is famous in Seville for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is one of Seville’s best convents for cookies, with specialties like their amazing olive oil tarts, magdelenas and cortadillos, a typical puff pastry delight. Also, the Convento de Santa Inés is included in Sevillano poet Gustavo Becquer’s ‘Maese Perez: El Organista’. Local tradition, literary significance, and delicious sweets all in one building, what more could you want?

Address: Calle Doña María Coronel, 5

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