44 Small Businesses in Seville You Can Support Right Now

The heart and soul of Seville lies in its small businesses.

It’s in the bustling tapas bars (around 3,000 of them, last we checked) where locals sip sherry and share lively conversation. It’s in the colorful market stalls where the vendors greet you with a smile and, once you go often enough, develop a sixth sense for what you’re going to order.

This is the Seville we’ve fallen in love with, and we want it to be around for a long time.

But 2020 has been tough on many Seville small businesses. A few of our beloved locally owned bars and restaurants have already had to close up shop during the pandemic, and we don’t want that to happen to any more of them.

Here, we’ve rounded up more than 40 of our favorite Seville small businesses that could use your support right now. Some of these options are only available locally, while others offer shipping and delivery throughout the world.

No matter where you are, there’s sure to be a small business in Seville on this list that will appreciate your support!

The best Seville small businesses to support


1. Lama La Uva

Lama La Uva wine bar specializing in wines from southern Spain
Lama La Uva is our favorite place to sip on Andalusian wines.

Wine lovers can’t miss a pit stop at Lama La Uva. Owner Ana’s passion for wine and supporting small boutique wineries has made this wine store a point of reference for those who love to seek out unique and interesting wines in Seville. 

You can buy a bottle, sip on a glass, or sit down to a tasting of a range of different wines! And if you prefer to stay in the comfort of your home, you can order wine directly from the website and they’ll be on your doorstep in no time at all. 

We visit La Mala Uva on our Gourmet Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour.

2. Salsamento

Bartender pouring oloroso sherry
Salsamento is the perfect blend of an old-school abacería and a 21st century tapas bar.

Since the day Salsamento opened, it’s been a favorite of the Devour Seville team in our spare time. And as of 2019, we also visit them on tour! 

Luis opened the bar in 2016 and has become popular for his selection of wines and sherry wines; simple tapas of cheese, tinned fish and seafood; and delicious montaditos. We are partial to their cheese boards and sherry selection!

We visit Salsamento on our Gourmet Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour.

3. Corta y Cata

Ham stall at a Seville market
Gema and her team at Corta y Cata are among Seville’s foremost ham experts.

Corta y Cata is the best spot for everything ham in the Mercado de Encarnación! Owner Gema has been working in her family’s ham business since she was 19. All of the pork products come from nearby Huelva, where some of the best hams in Spain are produced—here, you get great value for money.

We visit Corta y Cata on our Tastes, Tapas & Traditions of Seville Food Tour.

4. Bodega El Picadero

If you’re looking for a good, cheap, and cheerful sevillano style breakfast, you can’t beat Bodega El Picadero. They’re known for their authentic homemade pringá, which when spread on toast makes for a delicious breakfast option. 

We love the location by Las Setas, but they have a few bars across the city.

5. Maestro Marcelino

Maestro Marcelino bar and shop in Seville
Santi shows us some of Maestro Marcelino’s selection of gourmet Spanish canned goods.

A newer version of a traditional “abacería” (part shop, part bar), Maestro Marcelino is a culinary Aladdin’s cave where you can try some of Spain’s most delicious traditional products. It’s a great stop for a vermouth poured from the barrel and a spread of Iberian cold cuts, cheese, and tinned fish. 

Note: Closed at the time of writing, September 2020

We visit Maestro Marcelino on our Seville Tapas & Flamenco Tour.

6. Casa Morales

Group at Casa Morales Spanish tapas bar
Casa Morales retains its old-school charm, but it just as lively as ever even today.

The second-oldest bar in Seville, opened in 1850 and still run by the same family today, Casa Morales originally opened as a wine store, where customers would fill up their own containers from the clay vats that you still see there today. 

Come here for their selection of tapas of different cheese and charcuterie, best paired with delicious sherry wines. They also have nice sweet vermouth!

We visit Casa Morales on our Tapas, Taverns and History Tour.

7. Bar El Comercio

Churros and chocolate on a bar
Churros con chocolate at Bar El Comercio is one of the essential Seville experiences!

Open since 1904 and in the same family ever since, Bar El Comercio is today owned by Paco, the grandson of the original owners. This is the place to come for freshly fried churros in Seville. You can sit in and enjoy them with a coffee or grab them to take away!

We visit Bar El Comercio on our Tastes, Tapas & Traditions of Seville Food Tour.

8. El Atún 

One of the best places to come for home-cooked tapas by the cathedral, El Atún is super popular for casual lunches among locals. Open since 1983, it’s a totally family-run bar specializing in local sevillano cuisine.

We visit El Atún on our Tastes, Tapas & Traditions of Seville Food Tour.

9. Piaceri Italiani

If you’re missing your travels to Italy and want to cook up an Italian feast at home, this small store specializing in Italian products is the best place to buy your ingredients. Freshly made pesto… buffalo mozzarella… all your Italian favorites are there.

10. Sal Gorda

Terrace outside Sal Gorda tapas bar
Sal Gorda is at the forefront of Seville’s modern tapas scene.

Sal Gorda is one of our go-to places for modern-style tapas, with a great seasonal menu and twists on typical tapas. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but we love the shrimp and mushroom risotto or carrillada (stewed pork cheek) with creamed potatoes.

We visit Sal Gorda on our Gourmet Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour.

Still hungry? Find more food-focused small businesses in our Seville eating guide.

11. La Campana

Exterior of La Campana pastry shop in Seville
Satisfy your sweet tooth at La Campana!

Open since 1885, La Campana is the oldest pastry store in Seville and a total local institution! Don’t miss their selection of mini cakes—they are the perfect excuse to stop by for a coffee and treat while you are wandering around the city center. Our pick? The pionono!

We visit La Campana on our Tastes, Tapas & Traditions of Seville Food Tour.

12. Bar Encarnación

While doing your shopping in the Mercado de Encarnación, stop by Bar Encarnación and visit friendly owners Paco and Nani for your morning coffee and breakfast tostada.

We visit Bar Encarnación on our Tastes, Tapas & Traditions of Seville Food Tour.

Santa Cruz

13. Taberna Álvaro Peregil

Bartender and owner at Alvaro Peregil bar in Seville
Álvaro Peregil himself: one of our favorite people in Seville!

A tiny, tiny bar with a big personality! Opened in 1904 by the Peregil family, this is a Seville institution with a long history, and the family who owns it are local heroes. Come here for their famous orange wine.

Note: At the time of writing, the original bar is currently closed due to construction in the street, but they hope to be up and running again soon. However, they are open at their other bar, Quitapesares—we love both spots!

We visit Taberna Álvaro Peregil on our Tapas, Taverns and History Tour.

14. Sevilla Vinos

Sevilla Vinos is one of our favorite wine bars in Seville for their dedication to the smaller producers around Andalusia. Expect to find a wide variety with a focus on local wines and sherry wines including a selection available “a granel” (purchased by the liter), all sold at very reasonable prices.

You can also order directly from the website, although in-store shopping tends to have a wider selection.

15. Más Que Lechugas 

This is a fantastic option for your weekly organic food box, especially when you’re looking for more than just vegetables. As the name might suggest, there is much more than just lettuce in these boxes! 

Aside from the vegetable boxes (regular €18 or family size €24), you can add on a whole host of other organic fruits and vegetables, as well as things like pasta, rice, honey, eggs and more. Orders are made online and the boxes can be picked up midweek from a variety of pickup points around the city and surrounding areas. There’s sure to be one close to you!

16. Vinería San Telmo

From their fabulous wine list to their unbelievably delicious home-cooked tapas, Vinería San Telmo is easily one of the best bars in Seville.
We could go for some mouthwatering secreto at Vinería San Telmo right about now!

Vinería San Telmo was opened in 2004 by Juan Manuel and his wife, and it has been a reference point for modern-style tapas in Seville ever since!

Come here for new twists on classic dishes inspired by other parts of the world, or completely new dishes inspired by traditional ingredients. We love some of their more interesting choices, such as the crepe with morcilla and red pepper sauce… yum!

We visit Vineria San Telmo on our Seville Tapas & Flamenco Tour.

17. Los Claveles 

Los Claveles bar terrace
Los Claveles has a great terrace, too!

Dating back to 1841 when it opened as a wine store for the local neighborhood, selling sweet wines and dry sherries straight from the cask, Los Claveles is still a neighborhood favorite. We love stopping by in the early evening to sip on their sweet vermouth.

We visit Los Claveles on our Gourmet Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour.

18. La Fresquita

Holy Week bar in Seville, La Fresquita
Pepe’s enthusiasm for Semana Santa is enthusiastic!

Opened over 25 years ago by Pepe and still run by him today, this bar (Calle Mateos Gago, 29) is dedicated to everything Semana Santa! Stop by for a cold beer and a montadito and marvel at the collection of Semana Santa relics adorning the walls. The TV is always playing replays of processions and the incense is always burning. 

Note: at the time of writing (September 2020) they are currently closed due to local road work, but hope to open their doors again soon. 

We visit La Fresquita on our Tastes, Tapas & Traditions of Seville Food Tour.

19. El Rinconcillo

Carlos, owner of the oldest bar in Seville, El Rinconcillo
Carlos and his family carry on centuries of tradition at El Rinconcillo.

Seville’s oldest tapas bar, and still one of its most iconic. El Rinconcillo has been open since 1670 and in the hands of the Rueda family since 1858, up until today. We love this place to go and prop up at the bar with a cool glass of sherry wine and a plate of mouthwatering Iberian ham.

We visit El Rinconcillo on our Tapas, Taverns and History Tour.


20. La Vermutera de Sevilla 

Glass of Spanish vermouth
Nothing beats sipping good vermouth in good company at La Vermutera. Photo credit: Sophie Picard

La Vermutera is a cozy bar owned by two friendly vermouth lovers, Luis and Miriam. With over 80 Spanish varieties on offer, there’s something to suit all tastebuds. 

Get in the mood with a Florum (a well-balanced Seville brand), then follow up with a Petroni Vermut Blanco—a white vermouth made from albariño grapes. And if you like bitter notes, my personal favorite, Padró & Co Dorado Amargo Suave, always hits the spot.

Thanks to Sophie Picard for sharing La Vermutera de Sevilla’s story with us.

21. Freiduría La Isla

Interior of fried-fish shop Freiduría La Isla in Seville
A no-frills freiduría like La Isla is as authentic as it gets.

La Isla is another favorite of the Devour Seville team for their warm, friendly service just as much as their delicious food! Family-run since 1938 and now co-owned by father-son team Casimiro and José Luis, this is the best option for fried fish in the city center. 

Don’t miss their delicious adobo (marinated and fried dog dish), which we love to wash down with a glass of cold manzanilla sherry.

We visit Freiduría La Isla on our Tastes, Tapas & Traditions of Seville Food Tour.


22. Las Golondrinas

Pepe, owner of Las Golondrinas bar, with wine
Pepe is the third generation of his family to run Las Golondrinas.

This bar has been open since 1962 and is an absolute Triana institution. It’s owned and operated by the Acras family, and Pepe—the youngest of the three brothers—still does things today just like his father Paco did before him. 

Las Golondrinas has barely changed the menu in 50 years, except for one addition in 1992—they really know how to do what they do well! People come here for the punta de solomillo (grilled Iberian pork), and we also love the grilled mushrooms topped with parsley aioli.

We visit Las Golondrinas on our Tapas Like A Local: Triana Neighborhood Tapas Tour.

23. Manu Jara 

My go-to for pastries is Manu Jara, owned by a French pastry chef. The best are their bocasus, tiny profiterole-like choux beauties, iced and filled with cream in flavors like saffron, mango and passion fruit, and violet.

Thanks to Fiona Flores Watson from Scribbler in Seville for sharing Manu Jara’s story with us.

24. La Estrellita

The heart of the Barrio de Triana is Calle San Jacinto, a place for shopping, meeting or having a tipple. At the very end of the thoroughfare lies Bar La Estrellita, a small bar known for its breakfast fare.

Desayuno, the first meal of the day, is important in Seville, and La Estrellita’s heaping entera de pringá with a cafe con leche will tide you over until a late lunch (or, at the very least, your aperitivo!). 

Thanks to Cat Gaa from Spain travel and culture blog Sunshine and Siestas for sharing La Estrellita’s story with us. 

25. Velarde y Borromeo

This old-school churros stand is a literal hole in the wall, and one only locals know about. Most visitors make the mistake of hitting up the churros stand right at the beginning of the Triana bridge, or one of the city’s best-known chains just after crossing the bridge. But if you make the five-minute detour to this little hidden gem, you will not be disappointed. 

You order churros (or calentitos, as they’re known here!) by the amount of money you’d like to spend. My husband and I generally go with €2 (€2.50 if we’re really hungry!). 

If you have a spot to sit down and enjoy them, great. If not, you won’t be disappointed if you dive right into them then and there.

As for what to order, go with calentitos de rueda, the fluffiest, most perfectly fried churros you will ever try. On the weekends, you can expect a line of sleepy locals waiting for breakfast, but don’t worry; it moves fast.

Thanks to Katie Stearns from Always Olives for sharing Velarde y Borromeo’s story with us.

26. Mercado de San Gonzalo

Not too far from the glitz of the Mercado de la Lonja del Barranco or the high-traffic Mercado de Triana is a true local’s market: the Mercado de San Gonzalo. It’s home to a dozen stands with fresh produce, meats and seafood. 

We get our fruit and veg from José Antonio (who brought my purchases back home for me when I was heavily pregnant and peddles his homegrown citrus fruits for cheap), and fish from Fali, who carefully prepares my boquerones for frying or finds me the best cut of salmon. We feel fortunate to have a market just across the plaza from our home and do our best to get our fresh goods from their stalls, many of which have been passed down through families. 

Thanks to Cat Gaa from Spain travel and culture blog Sunshine and Siestas for sharing Mercado de San Gonzalo’s story with us. 

27. Casa Remesal

If you are looking for traditional sevillano tapas in Triana, this family-run tapas bar is a local’s favorite, first opened in 1951 by the current owner’s parents. We love their delicious stews such as spinach and chickpea or bull’s tail (cola de toro). 

We visit Casa Remsal on our Tapas Like A Local: Triana Neighborhood Tapas Tour.

28. La Antigua Abacería

Carlos, owner of La Antigua Abacería shop in Seville
We love swinging by Carlos’ shop!

Carlos, the owner of La Antigua Abacería, comes from a food-loving family. He opened La Antigua over 30 years ago as a place for locals and visitors to buy and try the best of the best: gourmet Spanish charcuterie, cured cheeses, the highest quality canned seafood products in town, and sherry wines served straight from the barrel. This is a favorite of ours in Triana!

We visit La Antigua on our Tapas Like A Local: Triana Neighborhood Tapas Tour.

29. Cervecería La Grande

Terrace at La Grande bar in Seville
La Grande is as old-school as it gets—and that’s why we love it.

You will never see this Triana tapas bar not packed with locals. La Grande is a Triana classic—a no-frills bar that is the essence of tapas: quick and simple but incredibly delicious! 

Come here for ice cold draft beer and a free tapa of gamba blanca (white shrimp) from Huelva. They also have a menu with other great seafood tapas.

We visit Cervecería La Grande on our Tapas Like A Local: Triana Neighborhood Tapas Tour.


30. Condendê

Condendê opened a few years back, offering different delicious things such as arepas, focaccias and other fun international offerings in the Mercado de Feria. A firm favorite of the Devour Seville team, we come here for the great food and wine, friendly faces, and excellent ever-changing specials menu. 

You can still head to the market to enjoy their food as before, but they are now offering delivery at home, too! 

31. Freskura

Italian style gelato at Freskura
You don’t need to go all the way to Rome for great gelato! Photo credit: Megan Lloyd

Say what you will about your favorite ice cream shop, but Freskura is hands-down the best ice cream in the city. Their Italian-style gelato is made fresh daily, which you can see happening from the side window. Don’t leave without tasting the pistachio or nocciola

Thanks to Megan Lloyd for sharing Freskura’s story with us.

32. Red Verde

A true neighborhood store with an eco-friendly twist, Red Verde is one of the best places to go in Seville if you’re looking for fresh organic vegetables and fruits. They also have a good selection of other hard to find organic and vegan products. Owner Conchi is passionate about animal rights, and all the products in the store are 100 percent vegan.

33. Parcería Café

Tucked down beside the Mercado de Feria, this cafe is a great option for breakfast, with options varying depending on the season. You can also grab a coffee while out and about, or buy freshly ground coffee to enjoy at home! 

A friendly, locally run coffee shop that focuses on supporting local producers and independent businesses, Parcería Café is located around the corner from the first Devour Tours HQ in Seville—so they’ve become a favorite of our team, too!

34. Pitacasso

As the name suggests, Pitacasso (Plaza Calderón de la Barca, 10) is known for its pitas, stuffed with a range of different options. But they also have a delicious range of tapas with great vegetarian options, too! 

We love the pitapica (pita stuffed with spicy chicken, bacon, lettuce and mayonnaise, with feta cheese as an optional extra). If you’re in the mood to tapear, the beetroot hummus is always a great option.

35. Bodega Casa Mateo Ruiz

Run by a deaf family, this traditional tapas bar (Calle Palacios Malaver, 33)  is over 100 years old and is the place to come in Seville for tapas of bacalao (salt cod). Fried bacalao, bacalao with olive oil and almonds, bacalao tortilla… we can’t pick which is our favorite! And with house wine from Valdapenas at €1 a glass, it’s the perfect choice for a tapas crawl around the Calle Feria area.

36. Cafe Otto

Another long term favorite of the Devour Seville team, Cafe Otto is one of the best breakfast spots in Seville. With traditional tostas on freshly made bread topped with a variety of ingredients at excellent prices, or different options such as fruit, yogurt and even scrambled eggs with bacon, there is something for everyone! As a bonus, owner Serena makes all the bread fresh daily.

37. Santa Piada

A little bit of Italian just a stone’s throw from the Alameda de Hercules, grabbing a piadina—bread filled with a variety of vegetables, cheese and Italian cured meats—from Santa Piada makes for the perfect snack on the go. Owners Giovanni and Dino are passionate about great food, and the secret to their success is high quality, delicious products.

38. Arepazo

It’s worth leaving the city center and exploring into the depths of the Macarena neighborhood to visit this authentic Venezuelan eatery. The plates of hearty, delicious food, array of arepas, and very reasonable prices make it a popular option for locals.

39. La Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo 

Spanish ham carver
This is one of our favorite spots for a glass of sherry and Spain’s famous ham! Photo credit: Manuel Agüera

Ramón Lopez originally opened up this neighborhood spot as a simple wine-and-snacks shop, or an abacería. Little by little, he and his family have expanded the restaurant into three floors of cozy, classic sevillano dining using the same top-notch local products they’ve had for years.

Thanks to Megan Lloyd for sharing La Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo’s story with us.

40. El Tremendo de Pio XII

Off the beaten track in the Macarena neighborhood, this buzzing local bar is popular for its cold draft beer, but also has surprisingly delicious and good-value tapas. We love their solomillo al whiskey, among other typical favorites.

41. Al Solito Posto

If you’re looking for a good meal around the Alameda de Hercules you can’t miss this Italian restaurant! Al Solito Posto offers a great selection of pizza, pasta and other traditional Italian dishes, as well as gluten free options—they even have a seperate gluten free kitchen. And if you’re out and about in the morning, they’re also open for breakfast—don’t miss their tostada italiana with tomato, Parmesan cheese and arugula.

42. La Despensa Ecológica

This is a wonderful place to visit for your weekly shopping. The store is filled with all types of organic food products, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables and other products such as cheese, ham, meat and vegan alternatives. 

43. Cervecería Pepe Cruz “Casa Pepito”

Good food is found all over Seville, including the neighborhoods outside the center. This local haunt is proof of that. Owner Pepe is known for his raciones of delicious seafood such as mussels, oysters, different types of shrimp and more.

Outside The City

44. Tapas 12

Located in the nearby pueblo of Castilleja de la Cuesta, Tapas 12 is definitely worth the short bus or taxi ride out to experience! Hands down the best restaurant in the Aljarafe, here they’re known for inventive, elaborate tapas with a focus on fish and seafood. 

Their menu is ever-changing but the chipirones con setas is a firm favorite—though here everything they create is a success!

Living in Seville? Want more insider information about the local food scene? Receive our Seville eating guide here, and be the first to know about upcoming food events with Devour Seville. ADD_THIS_TEXT

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