Escape to the Beach at These Fantastic Seafood Restaurants in Seville

Just over an hour inland from the Atlantic Ocean, Andalusia’s capital city is the perfect destination for seafood lovers.

From fresh to fried, baked or grilled, there’s an endless selection of seafood restaurants in Seville to choose from. So let’s dive right in and explore a few of our favorites!

A guide to the best seafood restaurants in Seville

1. La Cantina: A Hidden Gem

La Cantina (Calle Feria, 37b) is tucked inside Seville’s oldest local market alongside stalls piled high with fresh fish, meats, fruits and vegetables. This little eatery in the heart of Mercado de la Feria may be small, but it has a big reputation for serving up some of the best seafood in Seville. Do as the locals do and grab a drink and tabletop real estate before deciding what to order. La Cantina specializes in simple seafood tapas as well as daily specials with seasonal ingredients fresh from the market. 

Seafood at the market
You can’t beat market-fresh seafood!

2. La Trastienda: Where to Try It All

Lobsters and clams and crabs, oh my—our favorite place for seafood in Seville by the kilo is La Trastienda in the Alfalfa neighborhood. This popular restaurant is known for its extensive menu of fresh shellfish and mollusks, all of which are served by weight or unit so that you can try as much or as little as you like! 

Still hungry? They also serve an array of traditional tapas like seafood-filled montadito sandwiches or shrimp, potato and mayonnaise-laden Russian salad

Plate of boiled shrimp
There is no such thing as too many freshly boiled shrimp.

3. Blanco Cerrillo: Emblematic Aromas

If you find yourself shopping on Seville’s famous Calle Tetuan, you might notice a rather distinctive smell—and the sound of lots of chatty locals—coming from popular fried fish joint Blanco Cerrillo (Calle José de Velilla, 1). This nearly hundred-year-old hole-in-the-wall would be easy to miss if it weren’t for the legendary scent of their star tapa: adobo-marinated fried anchovies. 

Local’s Tip: Adobo marinade—a flavorful blend of white wine vinegar, cumin, garlic and lemon—is a nod to Seville’s Moorish past and can be found on menus across the city. 

Plate of fried anchovies
Not a fan of anchovies (yet)? The fried, adobo-marinated boquerones at Blanco Cerrillo would like to change your mind.

4. Cañabota: Upscale Seafood

Opened in 2016, Cañabota may be a relative newcomer on the seafood scene in Seville, but they’re already making waves. Their menu features a small variety of classics including clams, mussels, oysters and sardines, as well as a rotating selection of fresh fish you can choose yourself from the bar! 

If you’re feeling fancy, splurge on a seasonal tasting menu with local wine pairing or head around the corner to their sister restaurant, La Barra de Cañabota (Calle Orfila, 5), which offers many of the same menu items in tapa portions and pricing.

5. Any Freiduría: Where to Eat Like the Locals

While there’s amazing seafood to be found all around Seville, if you’re looking to eat like a true sevillano, look no further than your neighborhood freiduría, or fried fish shop. These popular establishments specialize in deep-fried delicacies like cod, calamari, hake and shrimp, just to name a few. Or order the frito variado, an assortment with a bit of everything!
Our top picks for fried fish: in the center, stop by Freiduría La Isla, and in Triana, we’d recommend Freiduría Reina Victoria.

Interior of fried-fish shop Freiduría La Isla in Seville
A no-frills freiduría like La Isla is as authentic as it gets.

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