Where to Eat on Holidays in San Sebastian: Restaurants That Are Always Open

We get it: on most Mondays, some Tuesdays and public holidays it can seem like mission impossible to find a nice place to have dinner in San Sebastian. But no need to panic! We’ve got you covered. 

Holiday season can be tricky in a small city like San Sebastian: many family-run bars and restaurants close their doors temporarily. But no matter which day of the week or what time of the year it is, there are some sure places that we can always count on. Here are some of our favorite spots in San Sebastian that are open seven days a week––all year long!

List of some restaurants in San Sebastian that are usually open on holidays


Gandarias is one of the classics in San Sebastian, and good news––it’s also one of our most trusted places when it comes to opening hours. The restaurant is located on Calle 31 de Agosto, the oldest street of the historic Old Town. 

Gandarias, similar to many other restaurants in San Sebastian, has both a pintxos bar where you can sample different delicacies standing up, and tables for a proper dinner if you’re looking to have a traditional Basque meal. Make sure to book your table in advance—this place is really popular and considered one of the busiest bars in town. 

Insider’s tip: Don’t miss their famous pintxo de solomillo, or sirloin steak—it’s to die for! For vegetarians, a risotto pintxo is a must.

Sirloin steak tapas at Gandarias, San Sebastian
The legendary pintxos de solomillo at Gandarias.

Atari Gastroteka

Another great option that’s available seven days a week and keeps its kitchen open all day is Atari Gastroteka. This hip place features the best-quality local ingredients on its menu, with a nice modern twist. If you’re a seafood lover you’ve got to try their pulpo

Besides the amazing food, Atari Gastroteka is known for a wide selection of good quality wines and some of the best cocktails in town. If you want to try a local specialty, ask for a marianito, a vermouth-based drink that’s very typical in northern Spain. 

Insider’s tip: Want to act like a local? Take your drink and pintxos outside and find a spot on the steps of the adjacent basilica of Santa María del Coro. This is where you’ll find all the locals enjoying their drinks and socializing—if it’s not raining! 

When eating gluten free in San sebastian, it's good to know you can visit places like Atari Gastroteka adn be guaranteed good food, like the egg cooked at low temperature - a gluten free gem!
The intricate hueva a baja temperatura is not to missed if you visit Atari Gastroteka. Photo Credit: Atari Gastroteka

Bar Goiz-Argi

Even if it’s holiday season and many bars have restricted opening hours, no worries! La Parte Vieja, the Old Town of San Sebastian, is famous for its hundreds of pintxos bars—so there are always some places that’ll keep their doors open. 

One of our favorites, and a classic pintxos place, is Bar Goiz-Argi. They’re famous for their gambas, a grilled prawn skewer, that’s always prepared right in front of your eyes. For those that are looking for something more adventurous, we’d recommend their morcilla, black pudding.

Goiz Argi is one of our favorite bars in San Sebastian for many reasons, but their fabulous shrimp skewers are definitely one of them.
Perfectly grilled brochetas de gambas at Goiz Argi.


For a full three-course meal—or a tasting menu—our recommendation is Kaskazuri on Salamanca Pasealekua. This is also one of our top picks for vegetarians, as they’ve designed a special menu without any meat or seafood—something that’s not always easy to find in Spain. 

Insider’s tip: Try to book a table next to the window: Kaskazuri is known for some of the most beautiful sea views in town, making it the perfect place for a romantic dinner. 

Casa Galicia 

If you’re in the Gros area, and in search of a place with guaranteed quality that’s always open, head to Casa Galicia. The place has been there for decades, making it the hangout for many local abuelos and abuelas, and that’s a great sign—they always know where the best food in town is!

Find many Spanish classics on their menu: green padrón peppers, chorizo, octopus, steamed mussels… all equally recommended! For those with bigger appetites, there’s txuleta, or Basque T-bone steak—you cannot miss this one if you want to experience the essence of Basque cuisine.

Insider’s tip: You’ll never leave Casa Galicia feeling hungry, so once you’re done, take a post-dinner walk along the nearby Zurriola beach and admire one of the most beautiful sunsets in northern Spain.

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