Welcome Summer: What to Do in San Sebastian in June

Summer is here, and the sunny shores of San Sebastian are calling your name.

We’re kind of obsessed with the fabulous weather and great vibes present throughout San Sebastian in June, so it probably comes as no surprise that it’s one of the best times of year to visit. Yes, a lot of other people agree—that’s why it also tends to be one of the most crowded months—but can you blame them? Our guide to experiencing San Sebastian in June will have you well on your way to starting off your summer on a perfect note.

Make the most of your time in San Sebastian in June with these fabulous suggestions for things to do.

1. Experience the Olatu Talka festival

One of our favorite festivals in San Sebastian is still going strong in June. A true event created by the people, for the people, Olatu Talka is more than just your average cultural festival. It’s a magical weekend that brings the community together through workshops, organized activities, concerts and so much more. If you’ll be in San Sebastian in June, you’ll definitely want to add this to your itinerary.

2019 dates: May 31–June 1

Be a part of something special at Olatu Talka, one of the best festivals in San Sebastian in June.
The spirit of community is present throughout Olatu Talka. Photo credit: Donostia/San Sebastian 2016

2. Celebrate summer on St. John’s Eve

Summer is the best time of year here in San Sebastian, so it’s no wonder why we like to welcome it in a big way. On the night before the feast of St. John the Baptist, bonfires and fireworks mark the arrival of the summer solstice. This event, known as St. John’s Eve or la noche de San Juan, is celebrated throughout Spain, but comes with a special Basque twist here in San Sebastian. The biggest celebrations take place on the beach, so head down to the shore around sunset and get ready to party all night long.

Date: June 23

3. Try txakoli at a massive tasting event

You can’t leave the Basque Country without trying our local pride and joy: txakoli. This semi-sparkling white wine is produced just outside of San Sebastian and makes for a perfectly refreshing option for what to drink in San Sebastian in summer.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of going into a bar and ordering it for yourself, give it a try at the huge txakoli tasting event that takes place on the Boulevard in late June. More than 20 proud local producers will be offering samples of their wine that morning, giving you the perfect excuse to forgo your usual coffee. You don’t need tickets or anything to get in—just grab a glass and a pintxo from the tent in front of Bar Reloj and you’ll be on your way to txakoli heaven.

2019 date: June 29

If you're visiting San Sebastian in June, you definitely don't want to miss the txakoli tasting event.
Txakoli is one of our favorite Basque drinks. Topa!

4. Hit the beach

Anyone who’s visiting San Sebastian in June will definitely want to set aside a day or two to just chill out along the shore. After all, the beaches in San Sebastian are world-class, and among them is one of the best in Europe (that would be the sophisticated La Concha). But even if you prefer the surfer’s paradise of Zurriola; the calm, laid-back atmosphere of Ondarreta; or the secluded cove at Santa Clara Island, you’re sure to have a perfect day enjoying fun in the sun.

Going to the beach is easily our favorite thing to do in San Sebastian in June.
San Sebastian’s beaches are some of the best in Europe—maybe even the world!

5. Get moving

Summer is one of the best times of year to get out and experience the kilometers of stunning natural beauty that surround San Sebastian. Basque Country residents tend to be on the active side, and who could blame them—with lush green mountains on one side and sunny shores on the other, this region is just begging to be explored. Go for a jog along the beach, spend a day hiking up one of the mountains around town, or make the picturesque stroll to nearby Pasajaes—if anything, you’ll work up an appetite and give yourself an excuse to eat plenty of pintxos when all is said and done.

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