Feel the Love at These Romantic Restaurants in San Sebastian

With its captivating scenery and passionate culture, San Sebastian is the ideal place to write the next chapter in your love story.

And what’s a romantic getaway without the quintessential candlelit dinner? As one of Europe’s best foodie cities, San Sebastian delivers on all culinary fronts, especially when it comes to elegant places to share a meal with that special someone. Here are our picks for the most romantic restaurants in San Sebastian for your next date night or couple’s vacation.

No matter what the occasion of your trip to San Sebastian, we're pretty sure that you can come up with an excuse for a meal at a romantic restaurant! Anniversaries, birthdays, Tuesdays—next time you're asking yourself where to eat, take a look at our guide and feel the sparks fly at any one of these places for the best food in town. #travelideas #traveller #foodie #foodblog #spain #europe

Bokado Mikel Santamaría

Located right in the modern Aquarium building with stunning views of La Concha Bay, Bokado Mikel Santamaría tops our list for the most romantic restaurants in San Sebastian. In addition to the dramatic views and elegant decor, the food here is top notch as well. The menu draws inspiration from the Basque Country’s iconic cuisine, with exquisite attention to detail. Their innovative, mouthwatering offerings are sure to delight lovers of both traditional and modern fare.

AddressJacques Cousteau Plaza, 1

With its amazing beachside views and innovative cuisine, it's no wonder why Bokado is one of the most romantic restaurants in San Sebastian.
Relax and enjoy views of the beach while you enjoy your meal at Bokado.

Restaurante La Perla

Another one of the most romantic restaurants in San Sebastian features a privileged location right on the beach as well. Restaurante La Perla‘s gorgeously decorated, intimate space is perfect for a romantic meal with that special someone. They feature not just one, not two, but three lovely terraces, each with varying degrees of elegance and formality. No matter where you enjoy your meal, though, you can count on excellent service and incredibly delicious food.

AddressKontxa Pasealekua, s/n

We can't get enough of the views from La Perla (or their carrillera). It's easily one of the most romantic restaurants in San Sebastian!
The exquisitely prepared meat dishes at La Perla are to die for!

Ni Neu

Serving up dishes that fall pleasantly between bistro fare and haute cuisine, Ni Neu‘s delicious and innovative menu helps make it one of the most romantic restaurants in San Sebastian. Additionally, the unique views of Zurriola Beach from inside their contemporary, tastefully decorated space make for a relaxing, comfortable meal for two. Their prices are more than fair for the incredible quality of food, making it a great option if you want to treat yourselves without hurting your wallet.

AddressZurriola Hiribidea, 1

We love the rice and fresh seafood at Ni Neu, one of the most romantic restaurants in San Sebastian!
Ni Neu makes some fabulous rice dishes, many of which include freshly caught local seafood!

Mirador de Ulía

No matter how many times you return to Mirador de Ulía, you probably won’t eat the same thing twice. And that’s a good thing! Their menu changes regularly in order to adapt to the freshest seasonal ingredients available. Located in a beautiful 1930s villa on Mount Ulía, the restaurant features unbeatable views of the entire city from up above. From its cozy interior to the elegant terrace, it’s easily one of the most romantic restaurants in San Sebastian.

Address: Ulia Pasealekua, 193

We love the wine menu and delicious food at Mirador de Ulía, one of the most romantic restaurants in San Sebastian.
In addition to incredible food, Mirador de Ulía features a fabulous wine menu, too!


One of the most elegant romantic restaurants in San Sebastian focuses almost exclusively on traditional Basque fare rather than the modern, avant-garde cuisine popping up all over the city. However, Lanziego is proof that sometimes going back to basics can truly make a place stand out. From the glittering chandeliers to the classy white-linen place settings, you can’t get much better than this for a classic romantic meal.

AddressTriunfo Kalea, 3

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