Top Restaurants Open Late in San Sebastian

Many visitors will soon figure out that Spain truly comes alive at night.

They eat much later than we might be used to, but that’s not all. All around the country, locals pack into bars and nightclubs to keep the fun going all night long. However, what if you get hungry even after the typical Spanish (late) dinnertime? There are many great restaurants open late in San Sebastian. Here’s where to go when hunger hits in the late hours.

San Sebastian is a foodie's paradise, even after hours! Here are just a few of our favorite restaurants open late in San Sebastian.

Bar Sport

Pintxos might just be the best late-night food you can think of, and no place does late-night pintxos like Bar Sport. A down-home, rustic pintxos bar, this place is especially popular among locals who pack inside to watch televised sporting events (hence the name). However, you don’t need to be a sports fan to enjoy the lively ambiance and great food here. They’re open until 1 a.m. most days (1:30 a.m. on weekends), making it one of the most fun restaurants open late in San Sebastian.

AddressFermin Calbeton Kalea, 10

Bar Sport is one of our favorite restaurants open late in San Sebastian, serving delicious homemade pintxos until the wee hours of the morning.
Classic pintxos are a great late-night bite!

La Madame

With its sleek, Manhattan-inspired design and a kitchen headed by an American expat chef, La Madame will make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a posh New York restaurant. However, there’s just enough European flair to keep things interesting. Dishes here use fresh, local ingredients masterfully combined into internationally inspired dishes best accompanied by one of their fabulous wines from the extensive list. They also serve excellent cocktails and craft beer to cement their status as one of the best restaurants open late in San Sebastian (they never close earlier than 1 a.m., and are open until 3 on weekends!). On Saturdays and Sundays, you can even come back in the morning to enjoy brunch!

Address: San Bartolome Kalea, 35

With its American-European fusion, La Madame is one of the more eclectic and upscale restaurants open late in San Sebastian.
La Madame is a great choice if you’re in the mood for a sit-down meal complete with wine in a more upscale setting.


Sometimes when you’re starving, a good burger does the trick. That’s exactly what you’ll get at Vabene, where locals line up for burgers until the wee hours of the next morning. In a city full of gastronomic delights, this humble hamburguesería offers simple and familiar bites in a no-frills environment. This is one of the best restaurants open late in San Sebastian if you’d like to grab a quick bite in between bar- or club-hopping.

AddressBoulevard Zumardia, 14

Ambigú Estación

Fresh, natural and healthy products are the name of the game at Ambigú Estación. This lovely little cafe is one of the best restaurants open late in San Sebastian if you’re looking for something refreshing and healthy even at late hours. Open as late as 1:30 a.m. on weekends, they’re home to a young, friendly team serving up delicious homemade dishes using only the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, they also offer delicious homemade cakes and pastries!

AddressAldamar Kalea, 12

Ambigú Estación serves up delicious food and sweet treats at all hours. It's one of our favorite restaurants open late in San Sebastian!
Who said coffee and pastries are for breakfast only? Sometimes they make a great late-night snack!


If you’re looking for a simple, welcoming little cafe and bar serving good food until the late hours of the night, Bideluze is the place for you. There’s nothing pretentious or elegant about the place, but it’s cozy and friendly and may even remind you of your favorite hometown bar. The family-friendly atmosphere makes it one of the best restaurants open late in San Sebastian for families traveling with young kids. From pintxos to larger plates to delicious breakfast options, there’s no shortage of fabulous food to be had here.

AddressGuipuzkoa Plaza, 14

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