Our Favorite Florence Restaurants by Neighborhood: Duomo and Old City

Finding the best restaurants near the Duomo in Florence is tricky. In the city center, tourist traps hide on every corner. 

And even learning to behave as a perfect Florentine may not get you the authenticity you’re looking for. Sometimes it’s just too hard to tell the good places from the bad ones. 

Close up of a red cathedral dome with the city of Florence, Italy in the background
You can find great food near the Duomo—if you know where to look! Photo credit: Alex Zhernovyi

You don’t have enough time to make mistakes! Enjoy your stay in Florence and some high-quality food by following our tips. Here’s our list of the best restaurants near the Duomo in Florence—the places where you may actually happen to find some real Florentines! Each of these spots is less than a 10-minute walk from the iconic cathedral. 

Trattoria Mario 

Trattoria Mario (Via Rosina, 2r) is one of Florentines’ favorite restaurants. The restaurant is just behind the Central Market in San Lorenzo.  

The place is nice, but it’s open mostly for lunchtime (they’re open for dinnertime only from Thursday to Saturday). Try their bistecca alla Fiorentina and order their incredible pasta dishes! 

Rigatoni pasta with meat sauce on a white plate.
The secret to Trattoria Mario’s incredible ragu is its 5-hour cook time. Photo credit: Trattoria Mario

Brunellesco Caffè e Bistrot 

Want something truly Florentine? Brunellesco (Via degli Alfani, 69) is part of the University of Florence, but you can enter even if you’re not a professor nor a student 

Their menus are really cheap, yet delicious. It’s the best restaurant to recharge your batteries before a study session—or a visit to the Duomo!  

Here, you’ll surely find some traditional dishes with a fresh, young twist (and you must also try their panini!). 

Trattoria Zà Zà 

Trattoria Zà Zà has been discovered over the years by tourists visiting the city, but the increase in international customers has done nothing to decrease its quality. 

It still excels in the meat department: everything grilled is made in heaven. 

Close up of Florentine steak on a wooden plate
Zà Zà’s incredible bistecca. Photo credit: othree

Bar La Pergola 

We know: if the name of this place contains the word bar, how can it be one of the best restaurants in Florence near Duomo? 

Well, there are two main reasons: 

  • First, because Bar La Pergola (Via della Pergola, 37/41) is one of the best places to get dinner after a whole day at the nearby University Library (want to find some art history students? Try here); 
  • And second, because Bar La Pergola offers the best place to dinner before the evening performance at the nearby theater, the Teatro La Pergola. 

It’s simple, but very nice. 

Buca Mario 

Don’t mix them up! Buca Mario and Trattoria Mario are two different things—and yet, two of the best restaurants near the Duomo in Florence. 

The restaurant is in a buca, an ancient wine cellar (like many others in Florence). Soccer players, singers and other Florentine celebrities are often seen here dining. Now is your chance to get your autograph from your favorite player! 

Grilled steak on a plate beside cubed potatoes, with other dishes visible on the table in the background
A Florentine feast at Buca Mario. Photo credit: Darren & Brad

Fishing Lab alle Murate 

Fishing Lab alle Murate is your best choice for a seafood restaurant near the Duomo. It’s in a beautiful 14th century building, and the frescoes will make you reach a whole new level of “wow.” 

Eating here is the treat of a lifetime: you absolutely have to try their incredible menus. A unique experience, and less than a five-minute walk from the Duomo! 

Yellow Bar 

Yellow Bar (Via del Proconsolo, 39r) is a huge restaurant with authentic Tuscan cuisine. The service is nice, and the pasta dishes are just unbelievable. 

We don’t recommend the pizza—there are better places to taste a good pizza or even a better schiacciata. But everything else is just delicious. 

Il Mandarino 

Tired of Italian food? Have a change, and try Il Mandarino (Via della Condotta, 17 R), one of the best Chinese restaurants in Florence. 

We can’t guarantee its Chinese authenticity, but it certainly meets the Italian standards of high quality food. And the value for money is more than fair. 

Chinese chicken dish with peppers and sesame seeds in a glass dish
Il Mandarino serves some of the best Chinese dishes in Florence. Photo credit: Israel Albornoz