Time to Celebrate: Best Restaurants for Groups in Seville

Here in Seville, we’re all about getting together with the people who matter most and using any occasion as a reason to celebrate.

More often than not, however, that calls for a larger space than most restaurants or bars have readily available. No worries, though—there are plenty of excellent restaurants for groups in Seville that are just waiting to play host to your next big group event. Let’s get the party started!

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Restaurante ConTenedor

Here in Spain, nothing exemplifies the local foodie culture more like slow food. While it’s a relatively modern concept, it holds true to the values that Spanish cuisine has exemplified for ages. ConTenedor is one place that does slow food particularly well, cooking each dish slowly to perfection in order to create the most divine blend of flavors and textures. Plus, everything they use is organic and locally sourced as much as possible, so you can truly feel good about what you’re eating. With a whole host of cultural activities ranging from live music performances to artistic demonstrations, it’s one of the most dynamic restaurants for groups in Seville, and perfect if your crowd is looking for something more than just a sit-down meal. Be sure to reserve online before you go!


Part tapas bar, part terrace and part sit-down restaurant, Salvaje is a force to be reckoned with. The 700-square-meter space, run by the same masterminds behind modern favorite Sal Gorda, offers a revolutionary dining experience that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Seville. Needless to say, the massive amount of space easily makes it one of the best restaurants for groups in Seville, but the food itself is obviously worth a mention as well. Think Andalusian favorites reinvented in pleasantly surprising, modern ways that will keep you happy until the very last bite.

One of our favorite restaurants for groups in Seville, Salvaje, comes from the masterminds behind local favorite Sal Gorda.
Salvaje has plenty of space for a crowd! Photo credit: @salvaje_sevilla on Instagram


The nature-inspired decor at SEIS might make you feel like you’re dining in a tropical garden, but at the same time, it’s cozy enough to give off the sensation of being at a close friend’s home. The two-story space on the bottom two floors of the Hotel Inglaterra truly has it all: it’s a sleek hotel bar, trendy tapas space, contemporary restaurant and performance area all rolled into one. The fun and lively atmosphere coupled with the fabulous food make this one of our favorite restaurants for groups in Seville. No matter whether you’re craving classics like patatas bravas and fideuà or internationally inspired fusion dishes from half a world away, you’ll be able to find it at SEIS.

SEIS is one of our favorite restaurants for groups in Seville, plus they serve some seriously amazing cocktails!
Cocktails at SEIS: just the start of a fabulous evening! Photo credit: @thetripyoudoit on Instagram


Antojo provides the same commitment to quality and service as its sister restaurant SEIS, but with just enough of a twist to make the experience feel like new. Open from 8:30 a.m., it’s one of the best restaurants for groups in Seville if you’re planning a celebratory breakfast or brunch event. The cozy, modern space also serves lunch and dinner, with every dish bursting with fresh Mediterranean flavors and ingredients. As is the case with SEIS, this space is quite popular, so we strongly recommend reserving online before you go (especially with a big group).

SEIS's sister restaurant, Antojo, is another one of our favorite restaurants for groups in Seville!
The scene is set for a fabulous meal at Antojo. Photo credit: @marilodc on Instagram


The Alameda neighborhood has experienced a complete resurgence in recent years, and perhaps no place represents the reinvented neighborhood better than Sidonia. The low lighting and minimalist decor play host to a creative, innovative menu where classic croquetas stand side-by-side alongside gorgonzola gnocchi and yakisoba noodles. We suggest washing it all down with a wine from their excellent selection, but they also cater to beer fans as well—you’ll find everything from artisanal craft brews to old standbys like Heineken and Alhambra.

We love the wide selection of menu choices at Sibarita, and it's also one of our favorite restaurants for groups in Seville!
From Spanish favorites to international fare, Sibarita has it all! Photo credit: @ladygastrocritic on Instagram

Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo

The word abacería refers to something along the lines of an old-fashioned grocery store, maybe with a small bar. If you’re wondering how in the world such a seemingly small space can be one of the best restaurants for groups in Seville, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo. This family-run bar feels like it’s been around forever, despite having only opened its doors in this millennium, and the friendly service from owners Ramón and María will make everyone in your group feel at home. Order up a round of shared plates and keep the sherry flowing for a truly authentic Andalusian experience.

Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo feels like it's been around forever, but it's only been open for a few years! It's one of our favorite restaurants for groups in Seville.
Just looking at this hearty homemade stew from Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo makes us feel nice and cozy! Photo credit: @fhuidobrorein on Instagram

El Pintón

A relative newcomer on Seville’s dining scene, El Pintón has made a name for itself in the few short years it’s been open. Set in a gorgeous Andalusian-style patio that’s actually a converted old textile warehouse, the eclectic space complements the unique menu options well (and lends itself beautifully as a backdrop to group photos you’ll cherish forever). The food are quite varied here and sure to keep everyone happy, but everything is as fresh as can be and comes from top-quality ingredients.

La Azotea

A revolutionary force combining Spanish classics with new favorites, La Azotea has become so popular in recent years that its owners—a young Spanish-American couple—have since opened several locations throughout Seville. However, the location on the corner of Calle Jesús del Gran Poder and Calle Conde de Barajas is your best bet when it comes to restaurants for groups in Seville. The lovely open space and carefully selected menu items—including unbelievably fresh seafood dishes—will make everyone happy and help create an event to remember.

Home to some of the most exquisite seafood in the city, La Azotea is also one of our favorite restaurants for groups in Seville!
We can’t get enough of La Azotea’s fabulous seafood! Photo credit: @whatlunthefood on Instagram

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