See Seville from Two Wheels: Guide to Renting Bikes in Seville

Seville grows more and more bike-friendly every day, and could soon become the unofficial cycling capital of Europe.

Bike usage is increasing at an astounding rate, as more sevillanos and visitors alike opt for this healthy and environmentally friendly option for getting around. In fact, with more bikes rolling through the city every day, Seville might even soon give Amsterdam a run for its money! Want to join in on the fun? Here’s our guide to renting bikes in Seville!

Renting bikes in Seville can be one of the most enjoyable ways to see the city! Here are our favorite services.


Without a doubt, the best service for renting bikes in Seville is the citywide rental service, Sevici. As the city’s premier bike rental service for more than a decade, renting with Sevici is a streamlined and easy process, even for visitors. If you’re visiting the city for a week or less, you can get your Sevici pass directly from one of the 250 bike dropoff points (longer rental periods require you to register online first). From there, simply type in your passcode (for short-term users) or swipe your card (for long-term users) to unlock your bike at any one of the terminals!

Renting bikes in Seville is a fantastic way to discover the city.
Discover the best of Seville by bike!


Want to learn even more about Seville while riding around? Centerbici is one of the city’s leading bike tour companies. With nearly a dozen unique bike tours (including a riverfront tour, a craft beer tour and more), they have an experience for just about everyone. If you prefer to explore the city at your own pace, they also rent out bikes from their centrally located office. You can estimate how much you’ll pay using their handy online price calculator.

AddressCalle Espronceda, 5

If you're considering renting bikes in Seville, you're in luck! There are so many great rental services in the Andalusian capital.
A bike can take you faster than your own two feet in a shorter amount of time. It’s a great way to discover hidden corners of the city!

Rent a Bike Sevilla

The passionate local team at Rent a Bike Sevilla prides themselves on sharing their passion for cycling with all visitors to the city. Their commitment to providing only top-quality bikes from the best brands makes them one of the best value options for renting bikes in Seville. Explore the city’s 160+ kilometers of bike lanes on your own, or join one of their excellent guided bike tours for a bit more context as to what you’re seeing along the way.

AddressPlaza de Santa Cruz, 4

Renting bikes in Seville is cheap, fast and easy! There's no better way to see the city.
Biking around the city allows you to see Seville at your own pace.


With BajaBikes, you can comfortably reserve your bike online ahead of time without paying a cent in advance. This great flexibility, along with excellent customer service, makes them one of our favorite services for renting bikes in Seville. You can rent their top-of-the-line bikes for anywhere from four hours to one week, and all rental periods are priced fairly. They also offer kids’ bikes as well as child seats for adult bikes, so the whole family can get out and about!

AddressCalle Santas Patronas, 29

Renting bikes in Seville can be a great way to experience the city like a local.
Even locals love getting around by bike!

Sevilla Bike Tour

Headquartered right between Triana and the city center, Sevilla Bike Tour offers a convenient and easy-to-use service for renting bikes in Seville. Their dedicated team is passionate about sharing their love for the city with guests, so their bike tours are another popular option. No matter whether you choose to ride at your own pace or join a guided experience, Sevilla Bike Tour makes cycling around the city an experience you’ll cherish forever.

AddressCalle Arjona, 8

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