Renting Bikes in Florence: Rental Services and Where to Ride

Tired of Florence’s city center? There’s only one solution – rent a bike! Yes, we know, there might be more than one solution… but what could be more adventurous, fun, and green than renting bikes in Florence?

Tourists in Florence drag their suitcases across a famous piazza in Italy with bikes near them
Grab your rental bike and head on an unforgettable adventure around Florence. Photo credit: Kamilla Isalieva

Considering bike rental in the center of Florence?

Renting bikes in Florence is the perfect choice for adventurous travelers and it’s a fast way to move around. For example, there’s a beautiful bike path that goes along the Arno river from the Uffizi to Cascine Park.

But, when it comes to the dolce vita, you may prefer take it slow and walk around the city or explore parks in Florence to savor every moment. You should also keep some considerations in mind before renting your bike. Florence has small, crowded streets, and while cobblestones are great for aesthetics, they will definitely make your ride bumpy. And it takes time to figure out how the one-way streets work. You’ll soon notice that all the bike lanes are outside the city center.

That’s why we definitely suggest renting bikes in Florence to explore the surrounding areas. There are so many wonderful ways to get lost in the green Tuscan hills.

Two women wait outside of a building in the sun with their bikes on a street in Florence
A bike can be a great way to get to know Florence, but be prepared for cobblestones! Photo credit: Alexander Savin

Insider’s Tip: Renting a bike is one of our favorite ways to explore the world. Check out even more tips for sustainable travel in Florence.

On your marks, get set and…

Explore! Florence is so much more than the Uffizi Galleries and the Duomo. Here’s the real reason why you should rent a bike in Florence: to go outside the city center and discover the places where authentic Florentine life takes place.

Here’s a list of places to discover:

  • Cascine Park: it’s the perfect place to enjoy a warm afternoon. You can stroll along the Arno river, and it gets crowded with Florentines during weekends. If you bike far enough, you can even reach Ristoro dell’Indiano, a nice bar and cultural center.
  • Varlungo Park: on the opposite side of the city, this romantic area is the perfect option for a quiet ride.
  • Villa Demidoff Park (Via Fiorentina, 276) is another great place to enjoy a mix of nature and history. Get up here by bus, and admire the beautiful Appennine Colossus. The park is only open from April to October, from Friday to Sunday.
Sun coming down on a villa in Tuscany with many trees and long shadows
The incredible sunset at Villa Demidoff. Photo credit: Jacopo

Our list of places to rent bikes in Florence


One of the most flexible, easiest way to rent a bike in Florence is RideMovi. Just download the app, find your bike, and let the app take care of everything else!

Please remember that when you leave your bike, you can’t just leave it anywhere. Find a place where it won’t bother anyone.

Florence By Bike

Florence By Bike offers a wide variety of services. From touring to children’s bikes, they take care of all your needs. The price range may be higher than you expected, but it’s ok if you’re looking for something more technical.

Flo Rent

If you want to rend a bike in Florence, Flo Rent is another great option. Prices are lower, but if you need something really specific, you may have trouble finding it.

The best part? They also have tandem bikes!

A long line of bikes parked along the street with a river in the background
Bikes lined up near the Arno river in the center of Florence. Photo credit: hrvargas

So, are you ready? Put on your helmet, because now you know everything necessary for renting bikes in Florence!