7 Reasons to Take Our Ultimate Paris Food Tour with Kids

Traveling with your whole family? Our food tour in Paris for kids is the perfect activity for all ages—here’s why.

It can be a lot of pressure to organize the family vacation, and to find activities that everyone will enjoy. Keeping younger children, teenagers and parents entertained at the same time is no easy task. But at Devour, we know there’s one thing that brings everyone together: food! Our Ultimate Paris Food Tour is a fun-filled morning of interactive experiences and delicious local treats that will captivate kids and adults alike.

Take our food tour in Paris with kids to learn about this city's culture and history while sampling delicious treats!

Top 7 Reasons to Take our Food Tour in Paris with Kids

If you’re looking for a great family activity in Paris, look no further; we’ve got a tour that your kids will enjoy just as much as you do.

1. It’s an adventure!

Paris is full of interesting architecture, ancient buildings and fascinating legends. But how can you connect your kids with this heavy-duty history? It’s all about balance. The Ultimate Paris Food Tour is packed with educational value, but each story we tell is punctuated with something delicious to eat. We don’t want to give you a lesson; we want to take you on an adventure, down narrow streets and off the beaten path, with food—and history—your kids will happily eat up.

2. Plenty of stops along the way

While 3.5 hours of walking might sound daunting, we promise that done the Devour way, it’s entirely family-friendly! We’ll weave through Le Marais, a vibrant neighborhood with a lot to see. We’ll never walk too far at once; the longest walk is less than 10 minutes and the shortest is less than 30 seconds! 

Explore the streets of Le Marais with us on a food tour in Paris for kids!
Walking around Le Marais is the perfect way to work up an appetite.

All along the way, your guide will point out interesting things to see and taste. There’s the 17th-century market with its legendary crepe stand, and the iconic Jewish quarter, teeming with history and delicious food to be discovered. In total we’ll walk about 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles), but you’ll be amazed at how much ground we cover—both literally and figuratively.

3. We cater to all tastes

We know that kids can be fussy. And we’ve encountered our fair share of picky eaters! At Devour, we’re proud to say we can adapt to almost any dietary requirement, allergies included. No gluten? Not a problem. No meat? All in a day’s work. No tree nuts? We’ve got a delicious alternative already planned. No “weird” foods? It’s under control.

We want everyone to go away happy and full, so we’ve found ways to cater to a variety of tastes and needs. That said, we’ve also found that pain au chocolat—served in a family bakery that’s almost a century old—rarely presents a problem!

Pain au chocolat is the perfect way to start a food tour in Paris for kids.
Who can say no to chocolate for breakfast?

Local’s tip: If you’re looking for amazing gluten-free bakeries in Paris, we’ve got you covered! And even meat-eaters will be pleasantly surprised by the city’s best vegetarian restaurants.

4. Meet the locals

Taking our food tour in Paris for kids isn’t just about the food itself, but also the people serving us. We value the input of our local vendors, restaurateurs and shopkeepers, and they never hesitate to speak up and participate!

Our amazing vendors add a local perspective to a food tour in Paris with kids.
Our local vendors are the heart of every tour.

Along with our local guide, your kids will get to meet Nicholas, a passionate chocolate purveyor; Xavier, a local celebrity and farm-to-table spokesperson; and Dominique, who will serve up delicious cured meats and cheeses while taking the chance to practice her English. Meeting people from other cultures, and interacting with them in different languages, is one of the most valuable and eye-opening experiences you can give your little ones.

5. Sweet treats

We know that lots of kids have quite the sweet tooth (and they’re not the only ones). On our Paris food tour for kids, we’ll sample five different sweet tastes at three different stops—none of which France would be France without. In our experience, even the pickiest eaters will willingly munch on a macaron! There are certain things that no one, no matter how old they are, can resist. And French sweets are definitely among them.

Macarons are just one of the many sweet treats we'll sample on a food tour in Paris with kids.
We’re willing to bet that even the pickiest eater will fall in love with French macarons.

6. Kid-friendly guides

Our expert guides love having kids on tour! At Devour, we only hire the most passionate foodies to join our guide team, with an infectious excitement for their city and culture. We love sharing that passion with whoever will listen, but we especially enjoy seeing the eyes of our youngest guests light up with understanding. 

This special moment might be sparked by something delicious they’re trying for the first time, someone new they meet, or a certain part of history that they never knew existed. Being able to pass our excitement on to the younger generations is one of the very best parts of our job.

Our expert guides are what make every food tour in Paris with kids truly special.
We love sharing the secrets of French cuisine with curious kids!

7. Tradition in action

There’s no shortage of things to do in Paris with kids, thanks in part to its many incredible museums. But no one wants to feel like they’re in school on vacation, and all those masterpieces can start to take a toll. That doesn’t mean you have to stop learning, though! Our tours are designed to show you culture in action, whether at a bustling local bistro or among the stalls of the neighborhood market, making them the ideal family activity in Paris.

Our mission is to bring culture to life and connect people through food, and we believe the best way to do that is to put you right in the middle of it all! That’s why we’ll take to you family-run businesses and give you a firsthand experience of how Parisians actually live—and eat. Our small group sizes will help you blend in and feel like one of the locals. 

Bonus tip: Did we mention that we offer a special discount on our Paris food tour for kids? We know that family trips can get expensive, so we have a reduced price for younger guests. But that doesn’t translate to a reduced experience; they’ll get to enjoy all the same tastes as the grown-ups!

Sound like something your kids would enjoy? Check out our Ultimate Paris Food Tour, and get one step closer to planning the perfect family trip to Paris.

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