Our Guide to Seville for Foodies

Seville is slowly becoming recognized as a haven for food lovers.

We have amazing tapas. We have great local wines. We have access to excellent local produce. What’s there not to love? So for you food lovers who are coming to discover everything about Andalusia’s capital, and more, here is our guide to Seville for foodies!

Our Guide to Seville for Foodies: Seville is slowly becoming recognised as a foodie haven, and this guide is a must for any food lover planning to visit Andalusia's capital city!

Tapas in a traditional bar

Seville is synonymous for tapas, and the first stop on any food lovers itinerary to Seville should be a visit to where it all began — a traditional tapas bar. There are some bars in Seville that truly tell a story of history. El Rinconcillo dates back to 1670, and while the cooked food can be hit and miss, the experience makes it worth it. Order yourself a glass of manzanilla sherry, along with some slices of cheese and Iberian ham and prop yourself up at the bar.

Casa Morales is another oldie — this one from 1850, and is well known for its montaditos (snacks on bread). Don’t miss seeing the old concrete wine vats that line the wall  in the back room. Two other great options that, while the bars themselves are from more recent years, serve up high-quality traditional tapas are La Taberna and Taberna Aguilas.

Check out more info about Casa Morales, along with a few other iconic stops, in this video by local expert, Jaimie. It’ll leave you eager for more!

Tapas in a modern bar

Once you have learned about Seville’s traditional bites, it’s time to check out Seville’s modern tapas bars to understand the complex tapas scene of the city. It feels like there is one on every corner, with new offerings popping up on a monthly basis, but there are some really standout ones that you should consider visiting. Often the dishes are based on typical and traditional dishes, however, they are executed in their own unique way. Otherwise, there are usually several dishes on the menu that are influenced by international cuisine.

We have so many favorites that it’s hard to pick just a few, but La Pepona is a great choice, if not just to sample their epic wine list. We also love La Brunilda — there’s usually a queue but the wait is definitely worth it, then of course, a new favorite of ours is, a lovely little spot called Zarabanda. Check out this Gastro Guide to Seville for many other great recommendations.

Our Guide to Seville for Foodies recommends trying modern tapas like this amazing solomillo (pork loin) with mojo verde at La Bartola in Seville.
Tapas in Seville: Solomillo (pork loin) with mojo verde.

Take a cooking class

What better way to learn about the food that learning to make it yourself, all under the guidance of someone who really knows their stuff? We love taking cooking classes when traveling, and we really loved the class at Taller Andaluz de Cocina. Victor is a professionally trained chef who developed his skills in a Michelin star kitchen in Gijón, but he is now expertly guiding visitors through a three-hour experience inside the Mercado de Triana.

The experience combines a visit to the Mercado de Triana, working in the kitchen with Victor to help prepare the dishes, learning some new culinary skills, and of course, sitting down to enjoy lunch at the end — the perfect end to a great experience.

Our Guide to Seville for Foodies recommends taking part in a cooking class where you could learn to make wonderful salmorejo (cold tomato soup) like this!
Making salmorejo at Taller Andaluz de Cocina cooking school

Buy some foodie souvenirs

Our favorite types of souvenirs are of the edible variety, and we love buying them from somewhere that we know is selling good quality produce and from someone who really knows their stuff. Oleo-le is a great little store in the center of Seville specializing in olive oil, as well as stocking a great range of other souvenirs and gifts for food lovers, including locally produce vino de naranja (orange wine) and vino de jerez (sherry).

Our Guide to Seville for Foodies says that you absolutely must buy wonderful foodie souvenirs like this delicious acorn-fed Iberian ham!
Acorn fed Iberian ham – one of our favorite things!

Have a snack in an Abacería

These grocery stores which double as simple tapas bars have popped up all around Seville’s food scene in recent years, and are a great way to try simple but great quality products such as Iberian ham, cheese and other local specialties like mojama (cured tuna loin). A wonderful – albeit very small – spot is Casa Moreno, where you will squeeze the tiny space alongside the local clientele A more comfortable option with tables to sit down at is Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo in the Alameda neighborhood.

Visiting an Abacería is an age-old concept in Seville. It's a great place to try amazing locals cheeses like this! A must do in our guide to Seville for foodies.
Amazing cheese board at Abacería de San Lorenzo in Seville

Explore a fresh produce market

If you really want to get an understanding of the local way of life, pay a visit to a market. We love the Mercado de Feria. This is the oldest produce market in Seville and really is a true, local affair. Whether you intend to purchase anything or not, it is still worth a visit, to see the different kinds of products available and get a glimpse into life on Calle Feria. As well as the stalls selling all kind of fresh produce and ingredients, there are are several bars lining either side of the market, meaning that the trip is not wasted if you aren’t interested in buying anything! Just pop in for a cold cerveza instead.

Seeing the fresh local produce like this in the local markets has it's place in any guide to Seville for foodies!
Fresh produce in the local markets in Seville

Take a food tour!

Perhaps you would like to be shown around by the experts? We love sharing Seville’s traditional dishes and local bars and taverns with hungry visitors, so join us on one of our foodie adventures through Seville. Our experiences take you through some of Seville’s most iconic neighborhoods trying the city’s finest food and drink along the way.

Not sure which experience is best for you? You can’t go wrong with any of them, but if you’re totally new to Seville’s food scene, our Tastes, Tapas & Traditions of Seville Tour is a great primer. You’ll experience a bustling market hall, lively tapas bars, and so much more as you discover the city’s best bites with the help of a passionate local guide. We hope you’re hungry!

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