Our Favorite Spanish Cooking Blogs

This blog post was originally posted on June 2, 2015, and was updated on November 25, 2017.

Let’s be honest. There’s only one thing that’s better than eating Spanish cuisine, and that’s cooking it. Read on for some of the best Spanish Cooking Blogs.

But no matter how much we love to cook, we are always searching for more inspiration. So if you’re looking for fantastic Spanish recipes in English, look no further than these Spanish cooking blogs and create the flavors of Spain in your very own kitchen, no matter where in the world you may be!

Love to cook? Find dozens upon dozens of delicious Spanish recipes in our favorite Spanish cooking blogs!

Tapas, tartas, stews and soups…you name it, you’ll find it in one of these awesome Spanish cooking blogs! There’s enough material to keep you busy in the kitchen for months! What’s your favorite Spanish dish to make?

Annie B’s Spanish Kitchen

There is so much to love about Annie B’s Spanish Kitchen, and it goes far beyond the wealth of knowledge available on every corner of the website, from sherry 101 to great travel tips. Try the ultra-decadent chocolate and almond cake, and make sure to share!

We love Annie B's Spanish Kitchen, a delicious Spanish cooking blog with traditional and unique recipes!
How many of these dishes do you want to devour?

La Tortuga Viajera

La Tortuga Viajera, or the Traveling Turtle, is an American-turned-madrileña, writing about Spanish lifestyle, culture, traveling and of course, food. She has some great recipes up her sleeve, including this one for some seriously mouth-watering pimientos rellenos.

La Tortuga Viajera is a great Spanish cooking blog filled with delicious recipes in English!

Spanish Recipes by Nuria

What can we say? We love this blog! There are so many delicious, varied and unique recipes here that we could go on for days. Just take a peek at the tapas bar to get an idea of what we’re talking about!

Tortilla? Croquetas? Nuria has loads of great recipes on her Spanish cooking blog!
Food porn alert on Nuria’s Spanish cooking blog!

My Kitchen in Spain

Chef Janet Mendel, the author of the blog My Kitchen in Spain, is also the author of several fantastic cookbooks of the like. What we love about her blog are the thematic posts, giving well-rounded ideas not just on how to make a dish but rather different techniques and methods with the same star ingredient. Check out her post on splurging with fish, for example, in this delicious and super quick soup recipe!

We love the thematic posts on this delightful Spanish cooking blog.
A thematic post on using pine nuts in your kitchen!

Spanish Sabores

Lauren Aloise, our very own co-founder and one talented foodie from the US, started her blog years ago while soaking up life abroad in Spain. Little did she know it would lead to the eventual founding of this very company—Devour Tours! Spanish Sabores (Spanish Flavors) is chock-full with all types of Spanish recipes, though much of her inspiration comes from her Andalusian mother-in-law, who, judging by the looks of it, must be an amazing cook.

Spanish Sabores is one of the best English language Spanish cooking blogs out there! And there's a reason why...she learned from the best...her Spanish mother-in-law!
Pinchos morunos…yum!

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