Our Favorite Cozy Cafes in Seville

Although Seville is blessed with almost 300 days of clear skies a year and a wonderfully mild winter, there’s still enough of a chill in the air to need some warm spaces to curl up in in winter – and nothing beats a cozy cafe!

Be it a rooftop terrace or a lively square, there are plenty of spaces to enjoy a drink with friends in Seville. But when the winter months arrive, even though the stand-alone heaters and winter terraces help, a cozy cafe is essential. Here are our favorite cozy cafes in Seville, the perfect places to sip some coffee among locals.

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Gigante Bar

One of our favorite unique cafes in Seville is the artsy Gigante Bar. The inviting atmosphere in this cafe is what makes it so appealing. With a quirky interior and unique furnishings, this is a hipster hotspot in the Alameda neighborhood. They also have a great selection of craft beer to boot!

Address: Alameda de Hercules, 17


Naima is one of the ultimate winter spaces in Seville. Dark furnishings, heating and gentle jazz music playing in the background make it the ultimate cozy cafe. The nightly live jazz music performances may be what this cafe is best known for, but drop by for a coffee during the day and soak up the atmosphere. Naima is also a great spot to surf the net, as it has a great WiFi connection – what’s not to love?

Address: Calle Trajano, 47

La Señora Pop

Another one of our favorite cozy cafes in Seville is La Señora Pop, also found in the Alameda neighborhood. With dim lighting, comfortable couches and an impressive selection of lamps and fixtures, it feels like you’re sitting in your own front room. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try one of their cakes with your coffee and swing by on a Sunday evening to catch a great open mic night.

Address: Calle Amor de Dios, 55

What would the cozy cafes in Seville be without something delicious and sweet to have with your coffee?
The delicious cakes at La Senora Pop are the perfect accompaniment to a delicious coffee! Photo credit: La Señora Pop

La Cacharrería

One of the most popular cafes in Seville, La Cacharrería is a great spot to get breakfast in the city. Not cozy in the conventional sense (note the steel stools by the bar), the welcoming staff and brick wall decoration make it feel homely. Make sure and arrive early, this cafe is tiny and tends to fill up very soon after its 8.30 opening time. You’ll also find a great selection of juices and alternative breakfast options, even serving gluten free options.

Address: Calle Regina, 14

One of the best things about this cozy cafe in Seville is how it combine soft furnishings with modern fixtures - so unusual!
A unique combination of quirky furniture and cozy vibes, only found at El Gallo Rojo Photo Credit: El Gallo Rojo

El Gallo Rojo

Just over the road from La Cacharrería, El Gallo Rojo manages to feel cozy and inviting in spite of its overtly modern interior. You’ll see the occasional art exhibition and live music event and a host of craft beer to pair with the experience, but its a great spot to sip some coffee too. Crash into one of the leather couches and enjoy one of our favorite cozy cafes in Seville.

Address: Calle Madre María e la Purísima, 9

Want to ensure you’re ordering your coffee like a true local? Check out this video from Devour Tours expert, Luke, to get some tips on how to get your coffee in an authentic way.

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    Hola! Just wanted to say that thanks to your excellent article – concise, informative and enticing, I was able to spend a wondrous last day in Seville just chilling and cafe hopping. ^_^ La Cacharrería has mojitos at 2 for €5 and Gigante has a delightfully buzzy vibe!
    Muchos gracias!

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