10 Ways to Know You’re Completely Obsessed with Rome

Roma. Caput Mundi. Romanitas.

Modern day Romanitas requires and reflects the same kind of virtues that Romans valued a few thousand years ago, and we’re guessing you’ve made them a part of your life, too.

You probably find yourself having to explain to your less Rome-obsessed pals what it means to be Roman. Things like who makes the best carbonara and how you take your coffee are fiercely debated.

Have you completely fallen for this chaotic and beautiful city that still reflects its ancient history? If you answer yes to any of these 10 examples then the answer is probably yes—you are completely obsessed with Rome.

You might be obsessed with Rome if you can agree with any of these 10 statements.

1. You are very particular about your pasta

How it is cooked and what day of the week it is are just the start of things you think about.

Your pasta must be cooked al dente and you would never dream of adding garlic to your amatriciana. Gnocchi is on your table on Thursdays and you serve meatballs as a second course only.

If you're obsessed with Rome, you know not to add garlic to your amatriciana.
There are two ways to make amatriciana: without garlic, and the wrong way. Photo credit: Luca Nebuloni

2. You never leave the house without a scarf

Even in the summer.

You don’t want to run the risk of the dreaded colpo d’aria. Cold breezes are dangerous things be they from a fan, an air conditioner or an open window! A scarf wrapped tightly around your neck will keep you safe.

If you're obsessed with Rome, you'd never dream of heading out and about without a scarf.
You know better than anyone how deceptively chilly Rome can get.

3. Your vocabulary is peppered with exclamations like Daje! and Ammazza!

Italians don’t only speak Italian.

There are at least 34 different dialects spoken in Italy, and Romanesco is the Roman one. When your friends are slow to leave the house or your team needs encouragement, you shout Daje! which means come on.

In Italian ammazzare means to kill, but what you mean when you say Ammazza! is “wow!” You probably also say Salve, which is actually Latin, more than you say Ciao.

4. The only things on your Netflix watch again list are “Suburra,” “Baby,” and “On My Skin”

Dark and twisty Roman dramas about political corruption, endangered teenagers and tragic police violence are your jam.

You know all of the complicated details behind the real-life scandals of Mafia Capitale and Baby Squillo and have had long, late discussions about the complicated friendship of Lele, Spadino, and Aureliano.  

5. You have a Moka coffee pot in every size available

And you use them regularly.

Each size of the iconic Moka is designed to brew exactly that amount of coffee, so you really do need a variety, you find yourself explaining to doubters. The teensy tiny size is perfect for a solo afternoon espresso and the large twelve cup makes coffee for crowd.

You also have Never. Ever. Washed any of your Moka pots with soap.

If you refuse to drink coffee at home unless it comes from a Moka pot, you might just be obsessed with Rome.
Step aside, fancy newfangled coffee pod machines—this is the way to do it.

6. You eat dinner at 9:00 pm

In summer it might be even later.

Now you understand the importance of late afternoon espresso breaks and gelato snacks.

7. You have an out of office reply for the entire month of August

When the city empties out starting in mid-July you have your il solita posta at the seaside (or the mountains) to escape the summer heat. Your Ferragosto plans include a day at the beach, a very long and lazy lunch and endless slices of watermelon.  

If you're obsessed with Rome, you're familiar with the lazy summers spent by the shore.
Nobody gets between you and your summer travels.

8. You know your history

Ancient history is part of your daily life. You walk past the Pantheon on your way to the grocery store and stop in to say Salve to your favorite Caravaggio after the school run. On the Ides of March you not only watch the re-enactment of the famous betrayal, but shed a tear during the funeral procession.

9. You go shopping every day

Food shopping that is.

Your local butcher sings you songs and dispenses cooking advice. The fruttivendolo on the corner always throws in a fragrant bunch of parsley or basil with your tomato or artichoke purchase, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you're obsessed with Rome, food shopping is probably part of your daily routine.
Seriously, how could you not fall in love with all that colorful, fresh, natural goodness?

10. You order a (glass) bottle of Aqua di Nepi at a Restaurant

It is a paradox of Roman life that the water that flows from Nasone fountains all over town is lauded as the best water in the world—and yet you always request a distinctive green bottle of leggermente frizzante water from the natural springs north of Rome when out to eat.

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