All About Natural Wine in Rome: What It Is & Where to Drink It

If you’ve never tried natural wine before, you couldn’t possibly know what all the fuss is about. 

While there isn’t an official definition of what natural wine is, what we can tell you is that it’s wine that’s been produced with almost no intervention in the vineyard and cellar. 

Translation? It means the grapes are grown naturally (with no chemical fertilizers) and then taken to the cellar to ferment in a natural way, without any additives. In other words, natural wine has almost no, if any, chemicals and added sulfites that are found in commercial wines (a.k.a. no hangover headaches caused by sulfites). 

Sounds interesting, right? Too bad not all wine bars have natural wine on their list. But if you’ve never tried natural wine before, it’s time for us to point you in the right direction and help you hunt down the best natural wine bars in Rome. 

Guide to the best natural wine bars in Rome


If you find yourself in the Monteverde neighborhood, don’t miss out on Litro, one of Rome’s top natural wine institutions. This wine bar and bistrot only serves natural wine, proudly offering a selection of some of the best Italian natural and biodynamic wine labels out there. Their mission is to offer customers wines that have had no intervention in the vineyard or cellar, making their selection unique.

To accompany your natural wine, order a cured meats and cheese board. And if you’re in the company of a cocktail lover, Litro is also an excellent place to order a great cocktail! Whichever option you choose, be sure to enjoy it outside on their terrace if the weather is nice.

Wine with charcuterie and cheese
Is there anything better than natural wine paired with the perfect charcuterie board? We think not.

Enoteca Mostò

Located in the Flaminio neighborhood, just a stone’s throw from the MAXXI complex, Enoteca Mostò is surely one of the best natural wine bars in Rome. Once you’re seated, let the owner, Ciro, guide you through the selection of your wine. Mostò’s excellent wine list is worthy of the most demanding enthusiast, and they have a preference for Italian and French natural wine. Stop by for aperitivo or dinner to enjoy a glass (or bottle) paired with some delicious food.

Enoteca Bulzoni

This wine bar and shop in Parioli dates back to 1929, when Alessandro and Riccardo’s grandfather started selling wine and artisanal products. Now in its third generation, Enoteca Bulzoni has become one of the best wine bars in Rome, offering a selection of amazing natural wines and labels from small producers. You can drop by to purchase an amazing bottle of vino or sit down and enjoy a meal paired with great wine. Either way, some of the best natural wine in Rome awaits you!

Group of people sharing a meal with pasta and wine in Rome
The only way to make a meal in Rome even better: plenty of great wine.

La Barrique

This charming enoteca in the Monti neighborhood is the ideal place to indulge in natural wines. Step inside and grab a seat at one of the wooden tables; look around and admire the vast collection of wines that fill the shelves. As you go through the wine list and talk to one of the sommeliers, you’ll notice the wide variety of natural wines, both by the glass and by the bottle, of different price ranges. La Barrique is definitely the perfect place to enjoy a glass of natural wine!

Bottles of wine on a shelf
We can’t get enough of the wonderful world of natural wine!

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