My Seville: Pedro Sierra

There’s nothing better than getting to know a city through the eyes of a local.

As you may remember, last month we launched our My Seville series in order to catch a glimpse into local life here in Seville in the best way possible – through its own people who live and work in the city! This month we are back, and we are really happy to introduce to you our guest this month, Pedro Sierra, who runs a great little coffee shop called Virgin Coffee, just behind Metropol Parasol, Seville’s large modern monument known to locals as “Las Setas”.

We discovered Virgin Coffee in the early days of Devour Seville, as it was (and still is) a favorite of ours to stop for a coffee before our tours. We love that the coffee is made with care, it’s incredibly flavorsome, and that the coffee beans hail from all over the world. In fact, the morning we decided to ask Pedro a few questions as we sipped on our coffee, the coffee on this particular day was from Kenya.

Pedro Sierra, the man behind this great little cafe, Virgin Coffee.
My Seville with Pedro Sierra, the man behind this great little cafe, Virgin Coffee. Photo Credit: Virgin Coffee

Who are you and how how long have you lived in Seville?

My name is Pedro Sierra, and I’ve been in the city of Seville for 10 years.

Soy Pedro Sierra, y en Sevilla capital llevo 10 años.

Tell us about your history with Seville

I’m from a village of Seville, but for reasons to do with my wife’s work, I had to leave the village as well as my work there, in order to come to Seville together.

Yo soy de un pueblo de Sevilla, pero por motivos de trabajo de mi mujer tuve que dejar mi pueblo y mi trabajo, y vinimos juntos a Sevilla.

What was your first impression of Seville?

Before I came here, I had already been to Seville to go out, so I’d already had a good impression.

Es que ya había venido a Sevilla a salir por aquí y tenía muy buena impresión.

What’s your favorite food in Seville?

Of Seville?… gazpacho! Gazpacho and salmorejo.

De Sevilla? … gazpacho! Gazpacho y salmorejo.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Seville?

There are many, but there is one that I’ve never been to, however it could possibly become one of my favorites, called El Pintón. I really like La Linterna Ciega that is just here on Calle Regina, it’s really good even if I’m not that into beer, but the food is very good. I also like La Maquila, another place with craft beer, and the food there is amazing.

Hay muchos, pero hay uno que quiero ir y no he ido y posiblemente seria unos de mis favoritos, se llama El Pintón. Me gusta mucho La Linterna Ciega que está aquí en la Calle Regina, está muy bien y aunque no sea mucho de cerveza, la comida está muy buena. También me gusta La Maquila que tienen cerveza artesa y la comida está genial.

What would be your ideal night out in Seville?

Go to out for tapas! What would be the best is a concert followed by tapas.

Salir por ahí de tapas. Lo mejor sería ir a un concierto y después de tapas.

What is your favorite excursion in or around Seville?

I’ve never been inside the Cathedral, I walk by often but I’ve never been inside. However the best thing is the streets of Seville, to take a wander through Seville and get lost in the streets.

Yo no conozco la Catedral, no he estado nunca, paseo mucho pero no he estado. Pero lo mejor son sus calles, pasear por Sevilla y perderte por las calles.

What do you like most about living in Seville?

Everything that is Seville – the climate, the people, and the streets of Seville! It’s got something special.

Cómo es Sevilla – su clima, su gente, sus calles, eso es Sevilla! Tiene un color especial.

Don’t forget to stop by Virgin Coffee and have one of Pedro’s excellent coffees when you are in Seville.

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