My Barcelona: David Sarrau Sanchez

There’s nothing like seeing a place through a local’s eyes, and that’s why we’ve started a new series, My Barcelona, where residents of the Catalan capital share their favorite foods, places and secrets– read on!

David at his family's restaurant, Can Tosca.
A family affair: David works at his family’s restaurant in Gracia, Can Tosca.

We decided to get things started in the most authentic way possible, with a local barman who was born and raised in Barcelona, or more specifically, the charming neighborhood of Gracia. David Sarrau Sanchez has, until recently, lived in the same house his whole life, which is also conveniently right above the restaurant his family owns, Can Tosca.

During the week, he works along side his mother and aunt in their traditional Catalan restaurant, but on the weekends he turns into superman, or should we say, cocktail man. Converting his family’s old-school restaurant into one of Gracia’s most hopping cocktail bars, he’s become an expert in the world of mixology, from mojitos to daiquiris, and of course, gin-tonics.

What do you do, and how long have you lived in Barcelona?

¿A que te dedicas, y cuanto tiempo llevas en Barcelona?

I work in hospitality. And I’ve lived in Barcelona all my life! I grew up here, in my mother’s house. I have always lived in Gracia.

La hostelería… Y en Barcelona…toda la vida! Me he criado aqui, en casa de mi madre. Siempre he vivido en el barrio (Gracia).

Tell us about your history with Barcelona.

Cuéntanos sobre tu historia con Barcelona.

Well, I grew up here…I spent my whole childhood here in Gracia, and now I moved in with my partner, and we still live here in Gracia.

Pues, me criado aquí…toda la infancia pasaba aquí en el barrio, y ahora de hecho me he juntado con mi pareja, y seguimos viviendo en el barrio.

One thing you wouldn’t leave Barcelona without doing?

¿Una cosa que harías antes de dejar Barcelona?

A big goodbye party, a big meal with all my family!

Una buena despedida, una buena comida con toda la familia!

David's cocktail creations
A few of David’s favorites..gin and tonic, strawberry daiquiri and a mojito!

Favorite food in Barcelona?

¿Comida preferida en Barcelona?

Something simple…a dish of fried eggs with pork loin and potatoes, for example.

Algo sencillo…un plato combinado de huevos fritos con lomo y patatas, por ejemplo.

Favorite restaurant in Barcelona?

¿Restaurante preferido en Barcelona?

The seafood restaurant, Botafumeiro, on Gran de Gracia.

La marisquería, Botafumeiro, en Gran de Gracia.

What would be your ideal night out in Barcelona?

¿Como sería una noche ideal en Barcelona?

Around here with friends, have a drink around Gracia, and then go out in a club around Balmes street, for example, where there’s a great atmosphere.

Pues, con los amigos a tomar alguna cosita por aqui en el barrio, y luego irse de fiesta en algún discoteca en calle Balmes, por ejemplo, que hay mucho ambiente.

What about your favorite day trip from Barcelona?

¿Cuál es tu excursion preferida desde Barcelona?

It would be Castelldefells to spend the day on the beach. Or, to the mountain as well, for a picnic…around La Rabassada, for example, where there are many places you can stop and eat. It’s a beautiful road that takes you up the mountain, and very close to Barcelona.

Sería ir a Castelldefells a pasar el día en la playa. O si no, a la montaña también, un picnic en la montaña…por la Rabassada por ejemplo, que hay muchos sitios apartados donde se puede parar y comer. Es una carretera preciosa que sube la montaña aqui cerca a Barcelona.

What do you like most about living in Barcelona?

¿Por qué te gusta vivir en Barcelona?

We have everything we need, it’s very convenient and central… and I’ve spent my whole life friendships, friends, family, everything is here!

Lo tenemos todo muy a mano, es muy céntrico…. Y he pasado toda la vida aqui… las amistades, los amigos, la familia y todo lo tengo aqui!

What is your favorite secret spot in Barcelona?

¿Cuál es tu lugar secreto preferido en Barcelona?

In Joanic Square, there are some big benches, and people coming out of the clubs, they sit there, some people with guitars come, they sing…I love it.

En la plaza de Joanic, hay unos bancos muy grandes, y la gente al salir de las discotecas, se ponen alli, vienen gente con guitarras, cantando…me encanta.

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  1. Allen Dodson says
    August 6, 2015 at 4:23 pm

    Thanks Renee, I am still remembering the taste of that botifarra sandwich! We told a couple of our California friends about the tour, they did it with you when they visited Barca and loved it as well. Cheers!

  2. renee says
    August 10, 2015 at 11:27 am

    Hi Allen! Thank you so much for referring us to your friends! So nice to see they enjoyed it as well 🙂 That botifarra sandwich is pretty spectacular. Looks like you’ll have to come back soon before you forget the taste!! –Renee

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