Top 10 Tapas Bars in Madrid (And What to Order)

A night out on the town for tapas is one of the most fun ways to eat like a local in Madrid! But where should you go… and what exactly should you order? This guide to the best tapas bars in Madrid will walk you through the can’t-miss spots in the Spanish capital for an […]

Where to Eat in Madrid: The Ultimate Guide

Be it traditional Sunday lunch with family, tapas crawls with friends, or hours spent at the markets picking up the freshest local produce, Madrid’s culture revolves heavily around food. If that sounds like the kind of lifestyle you can get behind, read on to discover where to eat in Madrid! In Madrid, there’s a dining […]

Top 14 Things to Do in Madrid for Kids

If you’re a parent who’s traveled with kids, you probably know that going sightseeing with little ones can be a bit of a challenge. After all, kids might not understand the historical or cultural significance of many attractions, meaning they’ll get bored more easily. And the last thing any parent wants to deal with is […]

What is a Spanish Omelet? All About Tortilla de Patatas

A whole Spanish omelet on a blue and white plate.

Apple pie is to America what the tortilla de patatas is to Spain—a national culinary icon. While paella and gazpacho may have more international recognition, ask any Spaniard what dish best sums up the essence of all things Spanish and they will, without a doubt, say tortilla. But what is a Spanish omelet, anyway? Does […]

Prado Highlights: Famous Paintings & Hidden Gems

Exterior of the Prado Museum in Madrid decorated with columns, with a statue out in front

If there’s one must-see attraction in Madrid, it undoubtedly has to be the Prado Museum. It’s undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest collections of art—but with over 2,000 paintings (and hundreds more sculptures, prints, and drawings), it can be hard to know where to start. For that reason, planning what you want to see in […]

Madrid with Kids: How to Plan the Perfect Family Trip

A little girl carrying a clipboard while walking through a busy city with a young boy and two women

With its glamorous palaces, plentiful parks, and sweet treats galore, visiting Madrid with kids makes for a memorable vacation that everyone will love. This guide will help you make your dream family getaway a reality. Madrid—and Spain in general—is the perfect place for a family getaway. There are plenty of things to do for kids, […]

What to Pack for Madrid: A Guide by Season

7 adults and 2 young boys standing in a leafy green plaza in front of a large white hotel.

If the thought of Madrid makes you conjure up images of endless blue skies and perfect sunny days, we have a surprise for you. While the weather here is generally pretty great, it’s also known to be quite unpredictable at times. But don’t fret—we have some suggestions on exactly what to pack for Madrid in […]

How to Order Drinks in Spanish Like a Local

Red wine being poured from a bottle into small chato glasses

Your bags are packed, your tickets are booked, and you’re counting down the days until you arrive in Spain. Now, all that’s left to do is brush up on those important Spanish phrases—and no, we’re not talking about “¿Dónde está el baño?” Serious matters only—you want to be sure you know how to order drinks […]

Our Top 14 Travel Tips for Madrid

View of the central building of Madrid's Plaza Mayor with a statue of a man on horseback in the foreground.

Like all great cities, Madrid has its secrets. But with a little help, you’ll be able to unlock the mysteries of this vibrant metropolis! From unraveling the intricacies of the siesta to finding the best tapas in town, these travel tips for Madrid will help you experience the Spanish capital in all its glory. Madrid […]

Where to Drink the Best Sangria in Madrid

Person's hand holding a wine glass of sangria garnished with fruit and fresh herbs

You might think that sangria is to Spain what ice cold beer is to the States—quintessential. But not all sangrias are created equal, and finding the best sangria in Madrid requires a bit more than just popping into any old bar and ordering some. If there’s one drink many visitors to Spain seek out, it’s […]

The 16 Best Places to Eat in Cordoba

Two small metal plates of snails in broth next to a basket of bread.

Poor Cordoba. Too often it’s simply tacked on as a day trip from Seville, or left off the Andalusian itinerary altogether. But for that reason alone it’s well worth a visit. Because having fewer tourists around just means you’ll have the winding white-washed streets and gorgeous tumbledown squares nearly to yourself. Additionally, for the gourmand, […]

A Complete Guide to the El Rastro Flea Market in Madrid

Crowd of people walking by clothing stalls at a flea market.

Sundays in Madrid mean one thing: the El Rastro market. Over 100,000 people come to this sprawling open-air market every weekend to treasure hunt their way through more than 700 stalls. The Rastro is a flea market, but it’s so much more than that. It’s true that you can find centuries-old antiques, vintage furniture, war […]

10 Best Boutique Hotels in Madrid

The best boutique hotels in Madrid combine location and design with just the right dose of elegance. Looking for a classy yet comfortable home base for your time in the Spanish capital? You can’t go wrong with any of these spots. There’s so much to see, do, and eat in Madrid. Having a comfortable place […]

9 Best Cafes & Specialty Coffee Shops in Madrid

Two lattes in white mugs on a table beside a small potted plant and a pastry on a white plate.

Finding a café in Madrid is easy, but finding the perfectly cozy coffee shop of your dreams is another story. You know what we’re talking about: that perfect blend of a warm and welcoming atmosphere, tasty food, and of course, excellent coffee. These are the best coffee shops Madrid has to offer, which check all of […]

7 Best Places for Afternoon Tea in Madrid

Overhead shot of a cup of tea on a saucer with a lemon slice and a plate and tiered tray with small sandwiches.

In a country that loves its cañas, vermouth, wine, and coffee, tea probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of popular drinks in Spain.  But believe it or not, afternoon tea in Madrid is getting increasingly popular. Today, tea rooms absolutely have their place here in the Spanish capital! Once […]

15 Best Day Trips from Madrid

View of downtown Valencia, Spain from above.

As much as we love Madrid, sometimes a change of scenery is nice. Luckily, Madrid is located right in the center of Spain. From there, it boasts easy public transportation connections to all corners of the country. In short: when it comes to day trips from Madrid, you’re spoiled for choice. The beauty of Spain […]

Toledo Day Trip: Top Things to See & Do

Panoramic view of Toledo, Spain at sunset taken from across a river.

Toledo is a journey back in time and a feast for all five senses—both at the same time. Centuries-old buildings line streets that the ancient Romans once walked. The story of Muslims, Christians, and Jews lives on around every corner. Rustic family-run taverns cook the hearty regional recipes that have sustained locals for generations. It […]

Sustainable Tourism in Spain: What It Is & How to Help

Woman purchasing cured ham at a deli shop.

As mass tourism continues to have negative effects on local businesses and homes, sustainable tourism in Spain takes on increasing importance. But what is is sustainable tourism, anyway? If you’re on our website reading this article, you’ve already started off on the right foot! Here at Devour Tours we promote and encourage sustainable, responsible ways […]

10 Best Things to Do in Madrid When it Rains

People walking with umbrellas on a busy city street.

They say that the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plains. Unfortunately, though, Madrid is smack-dab in the middle of those plains. The normally sunny Spanish capital gets, on average, five rainy days per month. Generally, it’s little more than a light drizzle, but that’s still not ideal for seeing the sights. But don’t […]

20 Madrid Hidden Gems: An Insider’s Guide

Group of people from behind facing storefronts with green awnings.

Just about every visitor to Madrid hits up the Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor. Many may also tour the Royal Palace and dig into churros and chocolate at San Ginés. But Madrid has so much more to offer. Paintings by artistic masters in unassuming chapels, a stunning outdoor paradise crisscrossed by hiking trails, tapas […]

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