The Lowdown on Lunch in Seville

In a city with another bar around every corner, how will you ever decide where to have lunch in Seville? 

From charming traditional bars with handwritten menus hung up behind the counter to chic, modern establishments with a flair for interior design, your options for lunch in Seville are limitless. To help narrow down your search, we’re here to give you the lowdown on lunch in the city and insight into our top five spots to grab a bite.

If you're after the best lunch in Seville, you've come to the right place. Here are six spots we love, plus some tips for lunching like a local!

How to lunch like a local in Seville

Lunchtime in Seville is typically from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., although most bars and restaurants will open their doors by 1 p.m. so guests can sneak in a caña or two before their meal. Make sure to prep for this later lunchtime by embracing the Spanish meal schedule, including a leisurely breakfast and a post-breakfast, or pre-lunch, snack to tide you over. 

Most places in Seville don’t take reservations, so you’ll want to check the restaurant’s hours beforehand. Try not to arrive right in the middle of their lunch schedule unless you’re prepared to wait a little bit at the bar or outside the restaurant, albeit drink in hand, for a table!

If you look around you at other diners, most will have either a small beer, a tinto de verano, or a glass of wine in hand, but it’s just as common to order a soft drink or sparkling or still water. 

A glass of tinto de verano makes the perfect accompaniment to lunch in Seville.
Nothing hits the spot better than tinto de verano on a hot Seville summer day.

Local’s Tip: Ask for a vaso de agua, or tap water, if you don’t want to pay for a bottle. When it comes time to order, you’ll usually have the option of either handpicking an array of tapas to share, or the menu del día, which is a daily set menu with a wallet-friendly price that usually includes two different dishes, a dessert and a drink.

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5 best spots for lunch in Seville

1. Bodeguita Antonio Romero

A Seville mainstay through and through, Bodeguita Antonio Romero is where you’ll find a perfect sampling of all of the city’s most traditional dishes, including their two most renowned montaditos, or small sandwiches: the pringá and the pirípi. While you playfully argue over which is better, be sure to also order a tapa of tortilla al whisky and espinacas con garbanzos, as well as a plate of the chocos fritos (fried cuttlefish). 

Heads up: They’ve got multiple locations, but we prefer the one tucked away into a corner on Calle Harinas, with its jovial waitstaff and authentic ambiance.

Tapas, like spinach and chickpeas, are perfect bites for lunch in Seville.
Espinacas con garbanzos, or spinach and chickpeas, is one of the tastiest ways to get your veggie fix.

2. Las Golondrinas

The neighborhood of Triana is essentially a city inside of the city—with enough restaurants of its own to be worthy of an article dedicated to it—but if you can only eat at one place, go to Las Golondrinas

The bar’s specialty is its punta de solomillo, a thin slice of pork atop a piece of fresh bread. While it sounds simple, it will delight your taste buds in ways they’ve never known. (You’re going to want to order more than one per person, trust us.) 

To accompany it, grab a tapa of the mushroom caps topped with a flavorful green garlic sauce, and the chipirones a la plancha (grilled squid), too.

Grilled pork sirloin tapas in Seville
It’s hard to pick a favorite tapa in Seville, but the puntas de solomillo at Las Golondrinas are definitely up there.

3. Salsamento

Your trip to Seville wouldn’t be complete without trying a variety of quesos, chacina, and conservas—or cheeses, cured meats, and preserved seafood—at Salsamento

Veritable experts on charcuterie and wine, this stylish restaurant’s menu has something for every type of palate, from tame to adventurous. Our favorites include the cured payoya cheese with rosemary, the chili-spiced goat’s cheese, the chicharrones de Cádiz (slow-roasted pork belly) and the spicy preserved sardines.

Mussels and sherry wine at Salsamento in Seville
Salsamento is our go-to spot for classic tapas with a gourmet twist.

4. Al Ajibe

The feel of an upscale dining experience, but with bargain prices, Al Ajibe is the place to go for Spanish food with a twist. This restaurant, located in Seville’s bohemian Alameda neighborhood, is home to the city’s tastiest risotto and barbecue ribs. But we also love the tataky de atún, grilled salmon with avocado mayonnaise and pork shoulder served with potatoes, mojo picón, and pimientos del padrón

Local’s Tip: They have an upstairs terrace, but you can’t order tapas if you sit there, so grab a seat outside or inside on the main level to get to taste more of what they have to offer.

5. Cigala de Oro

If you’ve come for for seafood, look no further than Cigala de Oro

Situated between the city center and the main train station, Santa Justa, this family-style restaurant is great for groups, serving up big plates of both fried and grilled seafood at modest prices that will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief. 

Start off with the salpicón de marisco, a seafood salad served cold, before diving into generous plates of shrimp fritters, cazón en adobo (marinated fried fish), garlic shrimp, puntillitas (baby squid) and more of those crowd-pleasing chocos fritos. Given its off-the-beaten-tourist-path location, you’ll get a bona fide Spanish dining experience—and likely be the only non-locals in the entire place.

Fried fish
Despite its inland location, Seville still enjoys some of the freshest fish in Spain.

Insider’s Tip: If you fancy a change from Spanish cuisine, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered there, too. Dig into finger-licking-good tacos at Mano de Santo, the city’s best burger at Atticus Finch, homemade pasta that will make you forget you’re not in Italy at La Locanda di Andrea, and the generous menú del día of Japanese cuisine at Hiyoki.

You know how and where to enjoy lunch in Seville like a local. Now it’s time to step up your game and head out to lunch with a local. On our Tastes, Tapas & Traditions Tour, you’ll spend the morning exploring the Andalusian capital with a foodie guide who knows the city like the back of their hand—as well as a small group of fellow curious travelers who will soon start to feel like lifelong friends. Come hungry!

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