Where to Find Luggage Storage in San Sebastian

Nobody wants to carry around their bags while enjoying their last few hours in town.

Planning on spending the day in San Sebastian but have an early check out from your accommodation? Or maybe you’ll arrive early and would like to explore before you can check in to your hotel? Trust us, a pintxos crawl through the city’s tiny, busy bars while dragging your luggage with you is anything but comfortable. 

Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case! Here are our recommendations for places to store your luggage while enjoying San Sebastian. 

Useful luggage storage spots in San Sebastian

Ask at your accommodation

San Sebastian is a small city, so there isn’t a luggage storage location around every corner. Our first recommendation—and the easiest option—is to ask your accommodation about the possibility of leaving your luggage there. 

San Sebastian locals are usually very helpful, and most hotels and bed and breakfasts will happily store your bags free of charge, though some offer the same service for a small fee.

If storing your luggage in your accommodation isn’t possible, no worries! There are a couple of other options, too, depending on which part of the city is easier for you. 

People sitting on some steps in San Sebastian
Making your way through the streets of San Sebastian is much more enjoyable without luggage in tow.

San Sebastian Lockers

San Sebastian Lockers is the luggage storage service offered by the Estación Donostia Geltokia, the biggest bus station in San Sebastian. This is the easiest place to drop off your bags if you’re coming from the Old Town or from the Gros neighborhood, and as San Sebastian is a small city, the distances are normally walkable, even with your luggage. 

The simplest way to find San Sebastian Lockers is to follow the Urumea River until Puente María Cristina, the third bridge away from the sea. You will find the bus station and the lockers right next to the bridge. 

Thanks to its location right next to both the bus and the train station of San Sebastian, this luggage storage space is also the most comfortable option if you’re leaving by bus or train. 

Storing your bags in San Sebastian Lockers for a day will cost you €5 and the size of a locker is 60 x 50 x 85 centimeters, so even a bigger bag shouldn’t be a problem. 

From the bus station you can walk to the Old Town, and to the starting point of our Ultimate Pintxos & Wine Tour, in 15 minutes.

Zurriola Beach walkway in San Sebastian
San Sebastian Lockers is conveniently located in the Gros neighborhood near the city center.


Another option, and an ideal place to leave your belongings, is Nannybag: a network of local shops and hotels that offer the possibility of storing luggage in their premises. In San Sebastian, there’s one Nannybag location right next to Plaza Easo, making it a great option if your accommodation is in Amara or the Centro area of San Sebastian. 

Leaving your bags at a Nannybag location for the maximum of 24 hours will cost you €6, and after that additional 24 hours will be €4. Keep in mind that this luggage storage has to be booked and paid in advance online, through the website.

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