Easy Luggage Storage in le Marais: Where to Leave Your Bags in Paris

It might be your first day in Paris, or maybe it’s your last (for now), but one thing’s for sure—you’re not going to want to drag your suitcase around all day. 

Even for the hardiest traveler, the narrow streets and sidewalks of le Marais were not designed for roller suitcases or massive backpacker-style backpacks. As you’ll discover while wandering through this exciting and historic district, passing fellow pedestrians single file is a must, and constantly negotiating space for your bag, yourself, and others becomes annoying fast. 

While you might feel more secure keeping all of your belongings with you, trust us when we say you’ll be happier dropping off your bags for the rest of the day. But where should you go? Luckily, Paris entrepreneurs have stepped up with several options to accommodate visitors. 

A guide to luggage storage options in le Marais in Paris.

Ask at Your Accommodation

First things first: ask the front desk. 

The easiest option at your fingertips, whether you’re checking in or checking out, is to see whether your hotel or hostel has free luggage storage for their guests during this interim time. Most hotels and hostels offer this as a standard, free service to their guests.

If you’re staying near le Marais or have time to double back to pick up your bags after a day of touring, this is definitely your easiest option—especially as you most likely won’t have to pay an extra fee. Plus, you won’t get lost along the way since it’s an address you’ve been paying keen attention to while navigating the city. 

Small tour group walking through Paris
Leave your bags behind and explore le Marais like a local!

Storage Lockers

With the rise of apartment rental services, however, keeping your bags behind a concierge desk might not be available to you. Luckily, storage locker companies have your back. 

While lockers might feel like a throwback to your high school days of stashing extra notebooks and heavy textbooks to pick up after school, luggage lockers provide the same relief. Eelway and City Locker are two storage locker services easily accessible from our Marais tour meeting point. Book your locker online, drop your bags, and get ready to sample your way through some of the best classic, French cuisine. 

Storage at Gare du Nord

Heading out via Gare du Nord? You’ll definitely pass by this busy station—whether you’re grabbing the Eurostar or hopping on RER B on your way to the airport. Located a short 30-minute walk from le Marais, storing your luggage at the station can be an excellent option for your peace of mind. 

Located on level -1, beside the exit towards the taxi rank, left-luggage lockers are available for up to 72 hours. Fees vary from €5.50 to €9.50 per day, depending on the size of the locker. Worried you’ll get lost? Ask at the information desk for left-luggage, or “consignes à bagagesen français, to avoid wandering around the station.

Gare du Nord station in Paris is a great option for luggage storage.
Gare du Nord is an especially great option if you need to catch a train to get to your next destination. Photo credit: Carl Campbell

Bespoke Drop-Off

Looking for a more bespoke luggage storage service? There are new companies offering alternatives that could be the easiest way to stash your bags. Similar to booking an Airbnb or arranging package delivery to a local pickup location, new services like NannyBag and Stasher are offering a similar option for your luggage. Scroll through location-based listings to select a hotel or small business willing to watch your bags. While you do have to adhere to the opening hours of the business, using this kind of service offers the same grab-and-go ease of picking up a package!

Insider’s Tip: The last stop on our Marais tour, L’Etiquette, is a Nannybag left-luggage point. If you need to grab your suitcase and leave right after your tour, it doesn’t get more convenient than this!

Exterior of a brasserie in Paris
Many local businesses offer luggage storage in Paris through third-party apps.

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